Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Beloved Seniors

To My Beloved Seniors:

(Cousins / Relatives)
Nadiatul Afifah Ismadi
Ahmad Khalis Khuzaini
Ahmad Syafiq
Muhd. Razan
My Twin Aunties ; Che' Cha and Che' Chik

(Best Buddies)
Fatin Atikah Hasbullah
Muhd. Rizwan Saiful Raslin
Mohd. Danish Rahfidi
Mohd. Aizat
Ehsan / Ethan

All Form 5 SPM 2009 SB
All Form 5 Puteri SPM 2009 SMKAKL

(Kakak Dorm; Dorm JAUHARI ROCKS)
Kak Dayah
Kak Aufa

All Form 5 SPM 2009 Malaysia

I would like to wish all of you all the best for the BIG WHOOPPIE! Day on the 11th.
May your do'a 's been accepted and granted.
And if you don't achieved what you've expected, DO NOT regret because you will have you chance in the future, after all the usaha and doa, you guys should not stop tawakkaltu 'alallah. May Allah blessed all of you always( : With love from your junior, friend, best buddy, adik dorm and cousin, Raihana ; )