Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 30th

#np the last time

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Why hellooooo there!! It has been awhile now since I last posted here. Sorry, things kept piling up and I've got myself involved with almost everything everywhere, well not trying to imply that I'm that busy, but just that busy in don't have that much time to update a new entry, or at least any posts that would benefit you readers. Some of my good ol pals have been anticipating me to post new entries, and knowing that I'm just so enthralled (lol x payah nak enthralled sangat) to write again. I just wished that this mood of blogging of mine could hang on there with me for awhile because whenever I felt I want to blog something, there're always something I would love to share with all of you :D I hope after few entries I could get myself addicted to blogging like I used to *ehem instead being addictive to twitter (I cannot escape from joining the 'fun of following the trends' . So anyway, on this blissful morning of Tuesday, with myself take care of the house while my parents are away for work, Razeen is at school, Rayyan and Raihan at asrama, and myself waiting for the murtabak to defrost itself before I heat it up, insha Allah I will start 'dusting' this blog. Seriously, sorry for all the cough you'd got, I understand that the dusts couldn't get any dustier than this (2 months plus of not dusting, that's why) .

So, lots and lots of important things that I would like to share with all of you wonderful peeps ; )

1. Jan 28, Marks the Real Battle

It's October 30th, and today is equivalent to a week of holidays already gone from my holidays until Jan 28th. Yepp, I've got that long of holidays! Alhamdulillah just finished my final exams, and the final exams, are the final exams that I'm ever going to take at CFS IIUM, PJ. Yepp, I've graduated. Alhamdulillah I'm officially no longer a foundation student who shall return and carry weighty and mighty bags to the fourth floor! =.=" Our last paper was Introduction to Islamic Law, alhamdulillah, I managed to answer the questions, but right now we just cannot stop praying, our result is coming out this December, I think. And after that, applying scholarships shall be the next important thing. Please pray for us, and I would love to try in some of the interviews -.- So this long holidays of mine, you guys might think I will be spending my days with the typical sleep-eat-pray-tv-blogging-twitter habits, although I myself expected myself to spend them that way (eheh) but I thought that I need to boost myself a bit, no, boost myself as much as I could, curbing the laziness that could envelops me until I can't breathe (ahah exaggerate much) . No, seriously, if I don't make a myself a what-to-do list, won't I become among le lazy bump until Jan 28th and would find myself eventually, hard to stand from the couch, and would eventually gain more weight? (I gained 2 kg already! :O *stress stress ) So her goes my so called what to do list:

- belajar masak (last two days I was at my Tok's house, and I learned the basic menus, plus Nasi Kerabu ;D (hehe my bonus!) )
- finish reading at least 1 book either from the late Fathi Yakan and Dr Yusuf Al Qaradhawi - Mazha Yakni and Fiqh Al Alawiyat - 2 books that I think shall prepare me mentally, physically, and spiritually by the Real Battle. Insha Allah
- keep posting new entries (especially for all of you wonderful peeps)
- less sleeping and more exercising (less jumping unnecessirily, my height is already 5'7" ! And besides, my ankle could not fit into any jumping activities T_T) (less eating? No, I don't think so)
- less tv and less watching korean series - -"
- finish doing chores at most 1 and half hour before my parents arrive home ^^"
- do something about my face
- improve my desperate-need-for-improvement english
- read at least one John Grisham book (any law students should have a dib from this author)
- update with current issues
- revise foundation law subjects , sort all the notes and stuff

And the list keeps going on and on. But the above list are just some important things I should conform to. The tarbiyah of not being lazy is a must for me this hols, I could not afford any culture shock after Jan 28th.

The Real Battle on Jan 28th, is entering main campus at Gombak. I heard from my friend who's her friend has already entered there, she said that the life there is quite tough, especially for law students pursuing shariah *gulp beribu kali and for those who aim to pursue shariah law after finishing civil law degree should always always put high concern with arabic language. But among other news, the life there couldn't be more awesome :D Excited-nervous feelings at the same time really bug me, but I really hope to have a smooth sail at Gombak, although I shall expects some challenges, I shall need to be toughh. Huhu. Support and motivations from all of you would help. And I realized that I won't be able to update my beloved blog after Jan 28th so often *tsk tsk :'/ Whatever it is, I seek all of your prayers, to pray for my friends and I, to become a successful student, who aim for success for the sake of the betterness of our ummah, for Islam. Insha Allah, doakan kami istiqamah dengan perjuangan kami. And never forget that usrah is part of our list, and not something that we could tolerate to not to attend or conduct.

Insha Allah I'll enter IIUM Gombak this Jan 28th, with new resolutions. Degree life would be much tougher, and I should always expect that. For my dear friends who are still struggling at CFS, all the best always, Insha Allah see you at Gombak, we'll be welcoming all you ! ;D

#np everything has changed

2. Le Wedding

Soo,  Nov 10th marks a magical date (I've got no other magical words) and I shall be the bunga telur girl ^^" Insha Allah my oldest cousin, Kak Nabihah, will get married. Alhamdulillah, finally, after a few months of engagement, they will finally tie the knot insha Allah. The two wonderful doctors finally get to experience the bliss of marriage (huhu gaya macam dah kahwin)~ I think after this few days, I'll head over to my Pak Long's house, to help them with anything, and I know everyone is pretty busy these days. The wedding reception will be held at two different occasions after the solemnization, and I shall be one of the important 'charaders' . If I have the permission, I would be importing pictures at Raiot! So just wait ;D

3. SPM

Dear Rayyan,

All the best dear. Don't stress yourself! Banyakkan zikir, doa, solat sunat. baca quran, macam semua orang pesan. Take care of your health. Buatlah qiyam, try to wake up early, so meaning that you have to sleep early. Sleep early to rise early. Ingat, buat exam ni bukan semata-mata aim to get straight A's or A +, but to achieve them so that you could contribute for Islam. Getting excellent results but your aim just to get the pleasure afterwards won't be enough. Insha Allah, whatever your ambition is, I will always support you. Nak exam ni, read fast notes je if you know what I mean. Insha Allah I will try to visit you before your exam, and if I could, during your exam. You will see some of your friends' parents will be there during the exam days, supporting them, but bear deep in your mind, mama and baba are always there supporting you, just that both of them cannot spend that time because other things must be put as priority. So don't get discouraged, but banyakkan zikir, until masuk dewan. Banyakkan selawat. May Allah ease everything for all of you. Your family here will aways pray for you and your friends. I'm sure mama already ask tok to perform sunat hajat for you and husna already. Take care dear. Be strong. It's just another battle that you have to pass through, just like you had encountered PMR and UPSR, UPSRA a few years ago, except that this battle is tougher, and need lots of your guts.

With Love,
Akak xoxo

4. Le Love Story

A Husband Like My Father Part 2 coming soon!

5. On Fiction

Did I mentioned that I could be so head over heels when it comes to writing? Well, just in case I didn't, then I could be so head over heels when it comes to writing. Hehe. So, I'm currently writing a fiction, but I cannot confirm the tittle yet cause currently cannot think of any suitable, eye catching tittle. So anyway, the genre is not, romance (what?! eww) and not even thriller (oh I wish I could own a genius mind) hmm, I myself couldn't make out the genre of my story, oh well, you readers could judge it yourself later. It is expected to finish as soon as possible (ehe, ASAP in my dictionary is quite late somehow) so just expects it to 'appear' here sooner or later.

So I hope all of you are in good condition. Please take care of yourself. Keep praying and reciting qunut nazilah for our brothers and sisters out there, Palestine, Syria, Rohingya, Chechnya, Filipina, Guantanamo Bay, wa fi kulli makan wa zaman. Got to end now. Tummy grumbles already, got to have breakfast. And it's murtabak pisang ! yay! Sayonara for now :D