Sunday, October 30, 2011

'It's Reality' is Driving Me Nuts


Okay, nuts? NUTS?? Well literally :P 'It's Reality' is my sister's blog. I had a good long look at it just now and what I can comment is : Ugh, you irritating-annoying-'terror'-english-writer hmph :B Terror bukan maksud terror as in seram, but terror as in 'tererrrr gilerrrr'. And yeah maybe I copied this a bit from kak Maria Elena. (err you don't mind I call you kak right or does it sound a bit ollldddd to you?? Or maybe I should call you sis?) (get a grip babe, maria elena won't be reading your notsointeresting blog btw) (Oh yeahhh I forgot T_T) Btw, yeah I just have to admit that my sister's blog is way cooler than mine minus the hundreds of viewers! *GASP (Sayyy WHAAAAATTTTT??) * picturing me with my mouth wide open and hands on the cheeks and eyes wide open macam nak terkeluar biji mata (sorry for being so disturbing to yah people) - -" Hoho I'm so devastated! *picturing me buat buat pengsan with a gedik hands on forehead then baru 'ter'jatuh

Haha. I know maybe that sup tulang I had just now for lunch caused me to be soo .. (weird?) no, no so...
(annoying?) no, so.... so (freakin'weirdandannoying? DOES THAT HELP?? mann!) ha yes! Of course. That's the word! Nyihihi

Maybe you guys will going on like : Rai ni dari dulu dok english tak betul2 and tak terror2 mcm adik dia pasai apa? Takde motivasi ke or insiatif nak jadi lebih baik dari semalam?? (aiseyman, sarkastikus nampak? Tikus sarkas pun tak sarkastik mcm tu) (*sarkastikus = sarcastic = Hlovate style) Well, I'm sorry but I really am trying my best to read as much good english novels as I could and watch english movies but still, my sis's is more daebak-er than mine. Hmmph D': (*daebak = terbaik in korean)

Ahh well. I hope YOU sis , yes YOU tak payah tgk kanan kiri belakang! could help me to write and speak english better so that I could prepare myself for any future interviews :3 risau neh haigoo T_T-- doakan akak Ryn so that I could pursue my dreams. Doakan akak, ma, ba, rauhan, azeen so that I could pursue my dreams. (well, my dad sometimes has a peek on my blog) (yeah go ahead, don't believe me :P)

Just an entry full of babbles. Hope you guys don't mind ehe. Take care peeps <3

ps. yeah now I'm on twitter (after soo longgg, after soo like dah berjanggut whatsoever) and I really hope you guys could understand I'm trying to change for the better? Yeah, that's include not twittering with kawan2 lelaki unless we have strong reasons to do so. Oh thank you . No, I don't blame you guys, I blame myself. I am big enough to know which is strong reason and which isn't~

Friday, October 28, 2011

Eeeeeeeeeeeppppssssss :S 2

Bismillah. Assalamualaikum people! :D Just a short post.

Alhamdulillah, finally I get to opened my student portal. And alhamdulillah wa syukurillah, all praise to Allah for our results. Thank you friends for praying for me. Alhamdulillah :D

To my friends, like what I posted before, if we don't achieve our target, please let's not give up and still strive and work hard to get to the top. Insha Allah, niat kita utk menjadi penolong agamaNya. Whatever that we will be in the future; doctors, engineers, accountants, lawyers , etc all of that is to be His caliphs in this world. Insha Allah dengan niat sebegitu, Dia akan menolong kita utk capai impian kita.

I texted with my friend Nisa earlier tonight, and seriously I was awakened. Awakened because I haven't been using my time wisely during my holiday. Now lagi 5 hari ( ok we have to register by 1st Nov), nak masuk campus balik and I know that I'll be taking comp this short semester and I've heard wayway before that comp is quite tough if you don't struggle to read and understand the verybigandheavy book, besides the assignment and quizzes. And lecturers will be teaching us quite fast in order to finish the whole book within two months, and we only have 2 classes per week ! T_T yeah I know. And tonight, baru nak bukak buku and buat pre-study comp. Why Rai? Tak sedar ke selama ni nikmat yang Allah bagi? Waktu sihat sebelum waktu sakit. Waktu lapang sebelum waktu sempit. Sepatutnya masa holiday, kalau tak nak belajar academic sekalipun, buku agama satu pun tak dapat khatamkan. Kalau baca novel, laju je. Sehari dua boleh habis. Padahal novel tu boleh tahan jugak tebalnya.Astaghfirullah. I'd wasted my time a lot.

Insha Allah I'm trying my best to be more careful with my time. I should, I must use my time and health wisely. Macam mana nak jawab nanti dgn Allah ? If I'd spent it without giving any benefit to me and masha Allah if towards sins, macam mana nak jawab dengan Allah? Aku dah kufuri nikmatNya! Ya Allah ampunilah dosa dosa ku.

I realized how our teen years are precious. Baba ada pesan, masa muda ni la kena rajin beramal ibadat, nanti bila dah tua susah. Masa muda ni la biasakan diri dengan buku agama, biar diri tu terisi, biasakan dengan quran, jangan jadi orang yang kufur nikmat. And when I think of it, bukan saja dapat dosa dengan Allah sebab buang masa macam tu je, dengan baba jugak. Sebab baba dah bagi nasihat, in fact mcm teguran and suruhan, so kalau anak tak buat, itu tandanya derhaka. Wa na'uzhubillah. Astaghfirullah.

To my friends who still have time and lots of holidays, gunakan masa kalian sebaiknya. Take care buddies ~

30 Days Down, 3 More Days To Go

Bismillahirrahmanirraheem. Asslalamualaikum peeps! :D

Aaah look at the time, look at the date! My my, time passed so quickly and without (trying to) noticing, I'll be going back to campus this 1st Nov :P Aigoo. Btw, I still have the problem to open my student portal. Tak tahu la nape portal tu mcm dengki semacam je dengan aku >:P

Anyway, my friends - who apparently get to open their portals :P - told me that we, students who will be taking short sem, will have to register at repective colleges oh err hostels by 31st Oct or 1st Nov 2011. The thing is both days fall on working days, how am I going to go back there? Hell-looooo! Although I have got my driving liscence someone still need to help me to carry my bags and stuff, and that someone is of course no other than my mighty hero - my DAD! Fyi, my dad works five times per week, yeah so the days include Monday and Tuesday just in case the campus cannot notice. Well, I think that most of our working parents work on weekdays starting Monday, so yeah. Actually I don't have a problem if they allow us to start 'moving in' by this Sunday, sebab senang sket, mak ayah adik beradik atuk nenek sume kalau nak hantar boleh datang, Monday Tuesday traffic will be like congested especially in that area of Petaling Jaya. Oh well, sapelah daku untuk mengcomplain complain macam ginih. Haiyoo = ="

Anyway, I shall need to start packing my bags and stuff I think starting today. Hmm just thinking about it makes me still don't wanna change the current mood from lazybumpholidayhooyeah! to energeticlasketkandahstartsem -_______________-"" Yeaaaaahh, I know sometimes I can act a bit weird. So anyway, (ERR, aku rasa dah banyak kali dah kau duk beranyway nih) (SOOOO?? L.I.C!) (L.I. Whaatt???) (Aigoo, Like I Care lahhhh itupun tak tahu kaa??) Hahaha ok ok sorry.

Additional to that, I still don't know what's my final result. Memang diri ni rasa teruji. Mana taknya, patut keluar semalam after 5 pm, tapi until now, I can't even catch a glimpse of it! D: Mama jap jap g tunggu masa je nak bertanya soalan yang sama. Saboo je laa. And we, arts programme students still cannot register our thrid semester yet! Seriously, I'm getting more and more annoyed wth student portal. Budak sains sume dah register before cuti sem lagi !! Ni yang risau jugak ni. Oh but friends - who apparently get to open their portals :P - (AGAIN!) - ugh- told me that the group lists had already been informed in the portal. And thanks to a friend of mine, Maryam Jamilah, she posted the name list in our group wall in FB and unfortunately, I don't really well, a bit excited with my new group members because I shall be one the newbie again. Tapi, alhamdulillah, ada lagi beberapa rakan yang sama kelas so okayla. But Pah, babe, I shall miss you. And all of you guys who apparently not in the same group as mine anymore -tsk tsk- ;'( I really hope our study groups are still on though. Seriously, I love us haha. I mean I love how all of us were so keen on helping each other on every subject and making study groups, trying to form our own thesis (ehem kan Bell? - err I'm referring to ILH and LS of course)  and from my perception, the way I see it, I could see how all of us want to help each other to achieve success :D And this , my friends, is the true success indeed . (cehh
macam nak tulis buku motivasi la pulakk)

So, yeah. Nanti bila dah ada short sem will I be busying myself writing new entries? Most probably. Insha Allah ada masa, okay je. Untuk my beloved GUESTS jugak :P hihi. Btw, I'm taking only Comp 1 this semester, so tak banyak kelas pun (tak banyak sangatttt) but I want to make sure my two months are not wasted on k-dramas, eatingeating and enjoy every minute of life without good cause (ehe), Insha Allah the only way for all us to be discipline is to make a schedule. Insha Allah I want to start focusing also on BTQ and other third sem subjects that I could get my hands on. Ok, so JOM BUAT STUDY GROUP LAGI? :D hehe. Oh, and you guys ingat kan yang Hanan ada suggest nak buat group discussion more often? The main focus is that we must be fully aware of what is the current issues, and we have to start practice speaking proficiently insha Allah. yepp, for future benefit people, for zee futureeee!

So my friends who are going with me to enrol in 2nd semester, don't forget all the important things! Especially your matric card T_T ! IMPORTANTE! Hehe. Well, see you guys : )

ps. to my friends yang holyholiday tu, hope you guys manage your time well ! Three months are longggg dudeeess. Longgg. (oookay. I'm exaggerating) (hahah being me )

Oh and these are for my buddies, for all of you who have lots of days to do something right. Your holidays can be as close as perfect for the RIGHT TIME .

During your holidays, try to be the person who ease other's burdens. Try : )
For those who have the hands of creative and fun, create something that could
motivate others, that could enlightened others with your own inspirational works and words : )

To those who are hoping that this holiday is going to be the right time for you
to ease your own burden or making out solutions for your troubles,
just remember that He is there for you. Troubles are not permanent : )

I know this is a strong quote. But looking at the bright side of it, the words are true.
Why don't spend some time to have a quality time with others. Even if they're strangers? :D
Let's hold on to this quote too. You can do anything while you're vacationing or on holidays.
But doesn't mean that you can start smoking, or do anything that is wrong in Islam.
Whatever we do, remember always that Allah is watching us. He is always watching.
Forever and always.

Take care peeps <3

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Eeeeeeeeeeeppppssssss :S


Asslamualaikum peeps! Just a short post. Well, insha Allah tomorrow is D-Dayyy! D-Day of whatta??

Yeahh, I'm being over dramatic! But it's true! Insha Allah esok result final keluar kt our student portal. Just want to tell you guys how berdebar-DEBAR I am, thinking about it! Mama pun dah tanya lamaa dah bila result nak keluar. So I guess tomorrow will be the day He answered her prayers. Please do pray for our keputusan terbaik. Insha Allah whatever that I'll achieve and we achieve, my pals, insha Allah is the best for all of us. And we have to be prepared, emotionally and physically. Let's just keep praying, and tawakaltu 'alAllah, insha Allah He will answer our prayers. And, just to remind all of us, if we happened to achieve not as what we've targeted, let's don't give up and keep on working hard. Always remember the saying; Usaha itu tangga kejayaan. The only way for us to climb to achieve success is by using the ladder of hardwork and being deligent and discipline. What I meant by discipline is that, I must control what I eat, what I wasted my time on. Just that foundation studies or matriks are not the playing place for all of us. Holiday is wayy over friends , let's work hard to achieve our dreams. Insha Allah with lots and lots of D.U.I.T, we can be on the top, together :D We don't want our future to be ruined because of ourselves, don't we? Nope.

For everyone who yearns success ; )

RYN! You Deserves VIEWERS!

Just a short post to all of my beloved viewers, friends and GUESTS. Please, have a dip in my sister's cool blog : Trust me, you guys could improve your english, and if you viewers happened to still schooling, I guess her posts can also aid you guys to improve your essays, and I'm pretty sure you guys could enjoy yourself reading hers as much as you guys did with mine. (Okayyy, you guys takde cakap pun korg enjoy reading my blog - -"" PERAAHHSANTANN!) hehe = ="

Oh kalau nak cepat lagi view blog dia, go to my 'I SPY THEM', my sister's blog is entittled "IT'S REALITY"


ps. RYN, babe, sorry la, akak kena bagi tau satu dunia. I know you never told me to do this, but it's devastating just by looking at your teeny-miny viewers! Although it is still sucks with the reality that your english is better than mine, and you can 'pull-off' I mean,tell good stories in fun and sassy ways,
I'm still you kakak and RYN,yes, you deserves VIEWERS.
Lots and lots of them : )

Belajar sungguh sungguh! Get excellent results okayh!
Ehem bukan senang akak nak post pasal adik akak neh :P

# 2 My Chatbox and I

Bismilllah. Asslamaualaikum GUESTS <3

Hihi just a short post to give a tribute for you guys who suggested songs for me :D Thanks GUESTS for still wanting to layan me and read my posts ! I hope if not all, but at least one or two posts of mine could benefit you all. Please comment to add more infos or if you guys want to share some interesting and beneficial knowledge also facts to all of us. Reading is always the best way to increase one's knowledge, a saying goes. So it'll be great if all of us could help each other to be a better person ~^_____^~

Btw, hope you guys are in good health and please, do take care of yourselves; your health, your solat, your ma'thurat, your dzikrs, your selawat (at least 10 times in the morning and in the evening), your iman (don't listen to bad songs, don't watch eyes hurting movies - if you know what I mean-, don't browse bad channels or webs, don't curse, don't gossip, don't waste your time, we don't have much time left -  for everything that is important), take care of your hearts, don't let the devils and nafs control your precious hearts, insha Allah banyakkan dzikr, sebab itu sahaja cara utk membersihkan hati yang kotor and so that He will always remember us. Insha Allah, if He remembers us always, He'll take good care of us in the world and akhirah.

Take care : )

Both of the songs are easily moved, but of course in different ways. Thanks guys for suggesting. I really like the song by Opick :D And the song by Dadali, hihi another suggested love song, may I know my dear GUEST, why'd you suggested this song? Any stories that you would like to share with us ? I would like to hear them ehe. Anyway, I've listened to this song too before this, and yes, it's a sad love song, hmm. Anyway, I suggested you guys to listen careful;y the lyrics of Tombo Ati, sangat2 bermakna :D Oh and Beribu Sesalan, thanks to you GUEST, lagu ni first time pernah dgr, and the lyrics are sad, again another suggested love song. Hihi. Tapi best jugak lah.
Btw, one of my dear GUESTS also suggested Smile by Avril, but I don't think I want to post either the music vid or the lyrics here, ada unnecessary words and Avril's clothing tak berapa nak elok dalam video tu. But, I also would like to take back my word, the one I said, 'yeah lagu ni pun best jugak', I meant, best as in music dia, but when I viewed the lyrics, I'm sorry guys, lagu ni just contain many string words! Anyway, I'm open with any of your suggestions :D Aaah suggestion buku ke, web ke etc. Anything great ~

Byebye and take care GUESTS : )

For my GUESTS :D

A Day of Exhaustion, Yet Fun

Bismillah. Assalamualaikum peeps :D

How do you do? Hihi I've got loads of things to write about. More importantly yesterday was a fun and enjoyable day for me although I'd to bear with blisters and sweaty body. Seriously, if you guys happened to bumped into me semalam, mesti you all akan kata, 'maaakkk aiii raiii! muka tak leh berminyak lagi ke? besides babe, your body stinks! mannnnn'. Haha yes, maybe your other meaning for aigoo. Anyway, semalam saya pergi ZOO NEGARA (hakhak) and visited UIA Gombak with my SB friends; Nani and Aisyah <3thanksguysfortheday;) , and seriously, yesterday was worth it!

So it's like lamaaa gilaaa tak melawat SB, my form1-form3 secondary school, sure miss the school, the people, badly. Alhamdulillah, I got to meet some of my favourite teachers, seriously muka2 cikgu tak berubah langsung! awet mudaa hihi. Cikgu Marziyana, Cikgu Latifah, Cikgu Azmi, Cikgu Faiza, .. all of the teachers I am familiar with since form 1. As Hanani and I walk technically aorund the school, suddenly memories and flashbacks played inside my mind, especially when my eyes caught at certain places that I'd good memories with. Aaaaah those days. Then we started talking about our fun days when we were peeping at the pool, (semakin cantik la pool korang) and I suddenly realized how long I haven't been swimming. Aiyaa, dah la swimming ni like the best calorie-burner EVER. Anyway, bukan senang nak cari enclosed swimming pool yang asing laki perempuan , ever since I left SB, I practically never swim, sebab kalau nampak pools pun, kat hotel, and hotels in Malaysia manade swimming pool tertutup and not unisex kan. Hmm, I'd been thinking about UIA Gombak punya pool, but then, masa pulak tak mengizinkan. (Alah, banyakla alasann) Hihi then the canteen. Well the way I could sum about it is that the menus are different than last time when I studied there, but I think now is better, with more additional food stalls. Tapi the environment still sama, like you're eating at a food court, well not as much variety, but still lots to choose from. Aaah those days!

Then we headed to the zoo. I haven't been to Zoo Negara since I was a kid. So I think it's a good change then go wandering about in a mall :P We got ourselves adult tickets for RM 20, but kalau you takde mykad, extra RM 10 ! yepp lebih2 la pulak. Anyway, to sum up our visit yesterday we missed Orang Utan, and some other interesting looking animals, well maybe because we haven't got any much time left, we arrived there around 10. 15 and Hanani's mother is fetching us at 2 pm, but then we don't really had the energy to walk more. I've got blisters already and I was stinking myself :P We  sure do took crazy photos with the animals like : the giraffes, elephants, tigers, lions, monkeys, baboons, penguins, beautiful colourful birds, emus, hyaenas, and got a bit terrified looking at the many different kinds of snakes and crocs, oh and don't forget the many kinds of frogs - -" Then there was also a sea lion show, and the show was actually nice and cute, the sea lion kept clapping and kept eating besides entertained us with his many tricks. Then we had our lunch there and we decided to pray at the UIA Gombak mosque. Anyway, my suggestions for you guys who going to spend a day at the zoo, please,

>wear sports shoes or any comfortable sandals and not flats. Of course, heels are unforgiven!
>make sure that you use plenty of deos
>the sun is shining bright and you guys need is good SPFs. Wear sunblocks or BB cream, a SPF compact powder is not enough. You still have to wear BB cream or sunblock first, then the compact powder.
>wear SPF lip balms. and brought along or buy mineral water.
>you can also bring along your cool sunshades or hats also, please bring hand towel to wipe the sweats.
>bring a good cash of around RM 50, or maybe a bit more, because you'll need them to pay your enty tickets, foods, if you must, souveniers. Oh yes, and the tram. It's a good thing if you pay extra RM 3 to get yourself a tram ticket, because at certain time, you'll need it.

Hihi hope I'm a bit helpful. So anyway, UIA Gombak has also its own interesting reason for us to go there. Ada bazaar yang sangat menarik, especially us girls, the bazaars are selling eye catching and having promotions on tudung, selendang, bajus, jubah et cetera! Seriously, at that we were thinking, nanti masuk main campus ni tak yah susah2 nak cari tudung sampai pegi Jalan TAR or wheresoever, sini pun dah memadai. Hihi, we were like rambang mata especially on the pretty tudung and bracelets :D Btw, tudung bawal ada jual as low as RM 6! Seriously murah. So pratically, after zohor Hanani and I were wandering around and bought some of the tudung and cute pins. This promotion and bazaar has been going on for awhile now and their last day will be until next week! So, pegilah ramai2 ke UIA Gombak :) hihi.

We were very grateful that it wasn't so hot yesterday and in the afternoon it also rained, so I'm a bit grateful that I wasn't exposed to sun too long, because I have sensitive skin, especially with my acne problem, I cannot bear oily skin or too hot weather. (annnnd, I am not grumbling, just telling).

Hehe. Hope you guys enjoy your day today. Of course, everything is fine as long as we don't forget our obligations to Allah.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Some Explanations to "The 'Letter'"

Bismillah and assalamu'alaikum :D

Well well, seriously I'm quite surprised with some of my faithful reader's feedbacks on my current post, "The 'Letter'". Aigoo guys, no need to feel sorry for me. When I decided to pour out a little piece of my other-side-of-my-life story, I really want to share with all of you how I felt. And how some things that we thought it's the best for us, actually it isn't.

No, I don't meant that some of our meetings and the chances that we got to know someone is not the best for us. But what I'm saying is that it's not the best for us, yet, because now, we should just pray to Him for giving us the best person that we should share our future life with. Maybe we might think the person we met now and fall for is the best for us, but now, I am only eighteen. It is not possible for me to think about love when I'm still far from achieveing my dreams. We have our own dreams to catch, so we shouldn't let this dream go away.

Btw I think some of you guys pitied me because you guys didn't really understand the reasons why I posted it.  I wasn't being helpless and sad, but I'm actually picturing what I'd gone through in the past that is actually not according to our religion. Yes, we can only communicate or having to deal with our opposite sex when it's needed. Not, without any concrete reasons.
What I'm saying also is that whatever the feelings that I had, I'd sealed it and keep the enveloped heart aside for awhile. Insha Allah when time comes, I will open the sealed envelope of heart again.

But now, we shouldn't be thinking about this. We have our responsibilities. Our future is in His hands. So let's pray so that He will always grants the best for all of us. And about my recent post, I would like to re-emphasize that, we must always follow His path. No other. This is the only way for us to achieve true happiness, in the world, and in the Hereafter.

Yes, thanks guys, I'm being patient :D

ps. please re-read the "The 'Letter' " post. I assure all of you, it's not a sad post.
pss. the current songs in my mixpods are korean :D hope you guys tak kisah. you guys should spare 5 minutes to listen to them. They're beautiful though.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The 'Letter'

I've done a lot of mistakes.
Mistakes that brought me miseries.
Miseries because I can't find the true Light.
The Light that will bring me to the neverending happiness.
Of course, the Light from Him.

When I hit rewind,
I could see myself trying to 'create' my own happiness.
I could see myself walking on a path that leads me to a bogus trail,
a trail that camouflage its dark destination,
a false trail that signed REAL HAPPINESS,
but actually hidden behind it is eternal despair.

Ahh I am writing in riddles.
Let me share some of my melancholic stories.
Let me share some of my,

I thought I found love when I am happy.
I thought I found love when I never stop smiling.
I thought I found love when I kept glancing the sky, and never stop laughing.
I thought I found real happiness when I found the so-called love.
But apparently no.
The true happiness that I've been seeking,
not from the so-called love that I seemed to have found.

Parents, teachers, friends,
all of them had played their roles in teaching me what can be done and not do,
All of them have been spreading the message of Islam to me for the last 18 years.
I am truly grateful.
I am truly thankful.
To Him, for granting them to me.
So I could find my way to real happiness.
But somehow when my heart is darkened by guilty desires,
I could find myself trying to conceal the true acts,
by replacing it with erroneous acts.

I remember I promised myself to stop.
Promise myself to no more texting,
no more answering or returning calls,
no more unimportant YM-ing.
I remember I said,
'Enough is enough, Raihana.
You know pretty well the Laws of your God!'
I remember I was 18 in the month of March 2011.

But suddenly you turned up.
Well to be exact ofcourse I'd known you much much more earlier.
But the surrounding is different now.
Although we never call,
we never stop being supportive for each other through texting,
sometimes through chatting.
We never stop being best buds.
I remember when we never talked before.
I remember when we never become friends before.
And I also remember when all that changed.

Then pieces of puzzles seemed to form in my mind.
The puzzles of our friendship.
Later somehow I could feel the atmosphere had changed.
I don't think I like you as a friend anymore.
But more than a good friend.
There were a number of messages that we suddenly felt brave enough to ask.
Asking questions more to answer the curious hearts.

This is where everything turned out wrong.
The continuous 'keep in touch',
led to feelings that wasn't meant to be there.

I was 18 in the month of September 2011.
I was awakened.
Masha Allah.
All praise is to Him.
For still giving me the chance to stop my feet from walking on the dusty road.
The dusty road of the bogus trail, remember?
Lots and lots of voices I heard.
Voices that speak out the real truth.
The real truth of the Laws of God,
that I had put aside because of the guilty desires that I had sealed in my heart.
How can I have such friendship with a guy who is not even confirmed yet my husband?
How can I be so friendly with a guy who may be not my future husband?
How can I be happy because of a guy who is not my soul partner, yet?
The only permissible relationship that I could have with a guy whom I can get married with
is only marriage.
Everywhere I go I could hear the voice that said,
'Batasan pergaulan antara lelaki dan perempuan'
The boundaries that I should always bear in mind.
The boundaries that I must take care of and not letting it broke down apart.

When I hit pause,
I re-read my 'letter' to you.
I said we should put a limit to this.
I said we had wronged ourselves.
I said we had put aside the real truth that we had learnt before.
Both you and I are well aware of the Laws of our God.
In my heart I was questioning myself.
 How can we hoped for His help to give us success to achieve our aspirations,
when we make things not according to His ways?
 How can we achieve real happiness?
I told you my reasons.
I told you we must only possible to communicate if urgent calls turned up.
And I was grateful that you understand.

When I hit fast forward on my 'another- side- of- my-life- story tape',
I re-read your reply 'letter' to me.
You said you were glad finally I told you why recently we don't text.
You said you understand and you acknowledge that what we've done before is wrong.
You said that you were hoping for a everlasting relationship.
And I remember I smiled to that.

I'm not saying I'm only put a stop to only one guy.
I'm aware that I have got many guy friends which includes my classmates and schoolmates.
My group mates and my juniors.
I'll never stop calling you guys as friends.
But friends with a guy is unlike friends with a girl.
You don't friendly 'hey I miss you how are you',
you don't friendly high-fives,
you don't friendly kiss and hugs.
You have a boundary that shall give you true and real happiness.
The boundary that He had awarded to all of us.
Trust me, if you follow His path,
you will be granted with His Heaven.
It's also noteworthy that Heaven is our eternal place.
Eternal means forever and ever.

And the boundary,
it depends you know.
It's different if you have important things to deal with.
It's different if you want to ask about,
studies, work, projects,
any important stuff that requires you
to deal with men.
Then it is alright.
Because it's undoubtedly that sooner or later our world will be surrounded by men,
if it's not now.
Sooner or later we have to work with them.
But again,
the boundary,
take good care of it.

Allah has said in the holy Quran:
"Perempuan yang baik untuk lelaki yang baik.
Lelaki yang baik untuk perempuan baik."
Don't we want to become the good woman and the good man?
So that we could have a good partner that will bring His please?
If we want the everlasting relationship according to His wills,
so that we could last together until Jannah,
we should always, always,
bear this verse in mind.
Allah said in the Quran:
"..Boleh jadi kamu membenci sesuatu perkara, padahal ia amat baik bg kamu,
dan boleh jadi kamu menyukai sesuatu perkara, padahal ia amat buruk bg kamu.
Dan Allah Maha mengetahui sedang kamu tidak mengetahui"

No harm for us to change for the better.
No harm for us to improve and become as close to perfection.

When I hit stop,
I am 18 in the month of October 2011.

ps. Stop, as in stop writing this other -side -of -my -life story.
Stop as in THE END.

My Chatbox and I

Bismillah and asslamu'alaikum !

Heehee. The tittle.. hmm. Aren't you guys curious?? Well well this is an entry especially posted for you guys here, who never fail to stop making me smile after reading your comments in my new chatbox ! (bhaha, dah la baru ada chatbox :P) I really, really appreciate all of your non - stop supports for me to keep on posting new entries and try as hard as I could to entertain you guys with beneficial entries (pegh, cakap macam bg acceptance speech for an award jeh) (haha) Really, I'm honoured to have you GUESTS, who eventually still being my mysterious guests, sometimes this annoys me, I'm getting more and more curious to know, siapalah gerangan kalian. Hihi. But I bet you guys are someone I know, someone that I called as good buddies :D

Actually I decided to put a chatbox after viewing some blogs who got this shoutoutbox which I think it's quite cool. I mean, we could actually communicate and you guys who apparently a bit lazy to comment on my entry in the comment box below it could always give comments and shout outs in the chatbox. And I also could give quick responses. Anyway, I'm trying my best as I could to post interesting yet valuable entries for you guys to ponder and bear in mind. I would like to emphasize that I'm trying my best to make my blog advantageous for all of you, whether it for your additional general knowledge or as an aid for your campus aasignments and projects other than making this blog my virtual diary. Well, if last time I was quite emotional and more open to public on certain lovydovey experiences that I've gone through in my life, now I don't prefer my blog to be that way. I want my blog to be the melting pot of solutions to social problems, exchange of experiences and valuable knowledge, where we all of us could help each other to become sensible, successful and great human beings in this world.

Oh well, maybe I would still consider a number of my own personal deardiary-like stories that I could share with all of you, but not as much as I had done like last time : )

Btw, here are two songs that my GUESTS had suggested in my chatbox, I decided to post them not put them in my mixpod hihi hope you guys tak kisah. Lagu Stereo Hearts ni yeah I've listened to it before, my sister pun sibuk asyik pasang lagu ni je. And lagu Ungu - Percaya Padaku . Both of the songs are love songs. But I am moved by this Ungu song. Err, would you guys mind if I ask why'd you guys suggested these songs? Especially, this song by Ungu. Honestly, would like to hear the stories behind these songs ehe. Oh well, both are still wonderful sweet songs I must admit. Hope you guys enjoy these :D Oh fyi, I didn't put the original Gym Class Heroes ft Adam Levine vid, but someone else's cover who I think could draw all of your attentions as well .

Anymore good songs that you guys like to share? Tell me :D
Yeah, I'd prefer other meaningful songs as well.


Bismillahirrahmanirraheem , assalamualaikum peeps :D

Rise and shine people! Ehe. I am soo excited to continue to 'write' again. Last night I tried to opened the internet but somehow the network got some problem so macam tak boleh bukak tetibe (saboo je la). So now, here I am going to post an entry, an entry that I hope could add to your general knowledge; on PLAGIARISM and COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. How far do you guys know about it?

 'Ok, so kau nak kata kau ni ada banyak ilmu pasal ni la? :P '
"Eh manadeee! Manade! Ni adalah hasil ilmu yang aku dapat from Law and Society that I learned. Okay? I don't think we covered much about this area so most probably ni cuma sedikit sebanyak yang people patut tahu. Of course, if you ada more infos or important facts that I might left out, you are please, be my guest, to add in the comment box below :D"
'Okieee :D'

Hahah. Again, 'imaginary conversation'. Dunno why I am so obsessed to do that (pa-theeee-ticcccc) - -"

Okay so we, Law students, had came across plagiarism and copyright infirngement under the sub topic : Information and Cmmunication Technology (ICT), yeahhh, inipun ada dalam Law and Soc jugak. Don't ask me why. So before I study deeper about these two, I really cannot give people the real and exact definition of plagiarism , well when you translated it to bahasa malaysia, it is still, memplagiat, doesn't really being helpful :P hihi. And I thought that plagiarism and copyright infringement carries the same meanings. Yeah, saya tahu. (Cetek gilaaa ilmu kau) (T_______T---) Actually, it isn't. That's why I put P vs. C.I because they actually have different meanings and these unethical and illegal acts have different causes.


> Using someone else's works without giving proper credits to the author / originator.
>Fail to cite adequately
>Other sources from the Internet it also meant : "The use of another's information, language or writing, when done without giving proper acknowledgement of the original sources." However the critical elements of its final part is the one thing that ties plagiarism together is going beyond merely duplicating the work, and taking the materials for your own benefit.
> Generally, it is considered to be much more morally heinous act, as it involves deception (lying to others about the origins of the work).


>Using someone else's work without getting his or her permission.
>It is the unauthorised or prohibited use of works under copyright, infringing the copyright's holder's exclusive rights; such as the rights to reproduce or perform the copyrighted work. (       show one of the copyright's holder's rights. )
>Protected under Copyright (Ammendment ) Act 1987
>Other definition: "Occurs when someone other than the copyright holder copies the "expression" of a work. i.e. There are many movies about pirates but only one The Pirates of The Carribean.
>This can also occur even if someone does not copy a work exactly. i.e most easily apparent in music and art. C.I occurs if the infringing work is "substantially" (a lot) similar to the copyrighted work.
>C.I occurs when the copyright owner's rights ARE VIOLATED.


1) Right to Reproduce Works
- Only the copyright's holder (CH) has the right to reproduce, duplicate or transcript the work in any fixed form.

2) Right to Derivative Work
- Only the CH has the right to modify the work to create a new work.
-i.e Someone wrote a screenplay on his favourite John Grisham book or then he sold or distributed the screenplay. This is considered as C.I

3) Right to Distribution
- Only the CH has the right to distribute work to public by sale, rental, lease or lending.

4) The Public Display Right
- Only the CH has the right to show a copy of the work directly to the public by hanging up a copy of the work in public places, websites, films, etc.
- C.I occurs when someone offers a work of public display WITHOUT asking for the CH's permission and pay certain amount to do public display.

5) The Public Performance Right
- Only the CH has the right to recite, play, dance, act or show the work at a public place or transmit it to the public.

Pahe dok? Takpe2, meh sini kita bagi contoh.
Ok, so plagiarism ni kita boleh ambik contoh ni:

"Saya ni minat gila dengan blog kawan baik saya, Aimisya. Mana taknya, blog dia tu semua bagi nasihat yang sangat berguna. Siap ada ayat2 Quran dan Hadis. Huih terbaikklah. Disebabkan saya minat gila dan saya pun ada blog saya sendiri, saya nak la curi beberapa ayat2 best dia. Jadi saya ambik beberapa potongan ayat2 yang best2, saya postkan sebagai entry saya. TANPA memberi credit kepada Aimisya. Buat2, kononnya ayat2 tu memang original saya punya."

This act is absolutely wrong! Although Aimisya doesn't say 'don't take without permission', this act is considered as unethical because " involves deception (lying to others about the origins of the work)." and "..going beyond merely duplicating the work, and taking the materials for your own benefit." So, if you want to copy anyone's materials, GIVE CREDITS or TELL WHICH SOURCE that you obtained the materials or infos from.

Copyright Infringement boleh ambik contoh ni:

"Saya ni penyanyi. Saya minta gila dengan lagu Taylor Swift, The Story of Us. Saya nak jadikan lagu tu lagu saya. So saya ubah beberapa words from the lyrics tu then jadikan lyric lagu saya yang bertajuk : The Story of You and I. Lagu tu dah ada dipasaran, dan dapat sambutan yang menggalakkan! Lepas ni, saya nak curicuri sket lyric lagu We'll Be A Dream by We The Kings ft Demi Lovato sebab saya pun suka lagu tu. Saya nak tukar tajuk lagu je lah, jadi You and I Is A Dream."

This is definitely wrong! In fact, if you get caught doing this or violate other CH's rights as stated above, you will be subjected to sanction. You can go to JAIL! So these acts are only permissible if 'saya' got permission from the CH's holder, and of course pay some fees to reproduce the work.

Haa, pahe dok? hihi senang je benda ni. So sometimes we are unaware of these things. Actually P and CI occurs everywhere, and lots of people simply don't have deep knowledge about this and thet keep doing the same mistakes. I think I  have babbled enough. Masih kurang jelas? Comment ok :D

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Bismillah and asslamu'alaikum people ! How do you do? Fine? Good. How am I doing? NOT. FINEEEE!!!
To be exact I am actually pissed D:<

'Gosh, babe. Tenang babe. Tenaang.'
"Tenang kau kata?? Tenang??? I just cannot stand those EVIL 'SREKCAH' !!! UGH."
'Pebende hang ckp ni?? Satu bende pun tak paham. Apebende  EVIL 'SREKCAH' !!! tu? Sape dia? Dahsyat2.. Telinga hang dah berangin dah ni. Hidung pun sama ! Haigoooo! ' (sambil 'cuba' untuk kibas 'angin yang keluar dari' telinga and hidung kawannya yang sedang bad mood dgn tangan)
"I just don't get it. Those people patut pergi buat masalah kat tempat lain lah. Sbbkan tindakan dorg, kita jadi mangsa! EEE gerammm tau tak??? Geraammmmji!"
'Chill babe. Tak baik marah2 org mcm ni. Cuba hang cite dulu, pe masalahnya, kot kot cek boleh bantu hang ka, mana tau kan, lebih baik drpd hang dok buat perbualan ni yang sampai tak kesudah!'
"Fine. (sambil menghembus hingus kat tissue). Begini ceritanya.." (Maka bermulalah, alkisah,)

Ehe = ="""  Terover dramatic la pulak kann.

Okay, so. My comp kena itu virus. Yes virus. That's why I am so darn pissed! Sape punya angkara? Lah, dorg lah! Tu haa tu haaa. Sape? Itu diaaaaa. SAPE???!! EVIL 'SREKCAH' !!! ni la! Haigooo. Dari tadi org duk cakap, tak perasankah? I mean I think you guys are all aware that viruses are mainly came from hackers right? Yes, THEM. So conclusionnya, my comp kena virus and now it need to be reformatted in order to get rid all of the virus. Macam mana you tahu ada virus? Sebab lepas I bukak wiki answers je, suddenly the internet went jammed, then tiba2 je comp shut down sendiri, then after dia bagi sign welcome tu, dia shut down sendiri balik. And this thanggg happened repeatedly. Yes, REPEATEDLY. Don't you guys feel GERAMMM?? Dah la, hari tu ada masalah kt cpu, then peg baiki, now this. Ya Allah, ni memang ujian. At that time all I can think was picturing my mom's mad face! Hihi but alhamdulillah mama tak marah sangat. Tapi annoyed tu adela. Ok, so maybe it's kinda our fault for not putting kaspersky or whateversimilarthing to our HP, but still, my action was absolutely INNOCENT. Bayangkan, wiki answers boleh kena hack?

On thursday petang, I thought of wanting to post an entry on the effects of computers and other technology devices on our health, knowing that the statistics of users of these ubiquitous devices are absolutely high worldwide, without knowing, we are also the victims of these things. Good enough, I was about to search on it on Mr Google, then a virus attacked my computer. HA! This is actually one of the side effect of technology. But of course not on our health but on our computer system. Lah. So when I typed : the effects of computers on health, Google enlightened me with multiple choices of websites that could aid me with this issue. So I clicked a couple, opened them in new tabs, and one if them, is actually wiki.answers. That website happened to gave first response, so when I viewed the page, I was in shock of what I saw. This is definitely, absolutely NOT the answers to my questions. It was a vulgar picture of Emma Watson. Yes, Emma Watson. Astaghirullah, kejam betul manusia. Bayangkan, kita nak mencari ilmu, tapi tengok apa yang jadi? How could they do that? What if a school kid trying to browse on that topic to do his or her school assignments? So I quickly click back to return back to google, then suddenly the computer went jammed and shut down by itself. Then, it repeatedly do the same thing, over and over again. WHO IN THE RIGHT MIND WON'T BE PISSED BY THIS???? This is absolutely absurd! Preposterous! MONSTEROUS! >:(

'Whaa. Pastu pastu?? Kau buat ape?? Gilee lah!' (sambil mengunyah popcorn)
"Pastu aku..." (kisah bersambung lagi..)

I was absolutely speechless. The computer already went for couples of recovery due to some cpu problem, and now this? Aigoo. Then, I decided to text my cousin, Ahmad, to ask for his help because he and his bro is very good with this kinda thing. After a call, he told me to get whatever documents that are important inside the comp (semua important!!  D': Ada banyak gambar2 cantik - the tumblr quotes- and doc2 yang memang pentinglah!) and copied them into a thumbrdrive because then after reformatting the comp, all of the documents will also be deleted.

'Tapi kau kata comp tu asyik shut down melulu, start balik, shut down balik, pastu cane nak ambik doc2 tuu?' (popcorn # 2)
"Oh lupa pulak bab tu. Masa dia call, dia ada suruh..." (the story continues..)

Oh I forgot. So due to the irritating and annoying condition of my computer, (memang dah sah demam temp tahap maksima! Tak habis2 restart!), I had to open it through Safe Mode. Before it said the welcome sign, the comp would show the page where it said : 'the computer haven't been shut down properly blablabla, click to choose blablabla' (ala, yang background dia warna hitam tu.. yang biasa kita main tekan ENTER je tuuu) (Haa yang tuu lee) So instead pressing ENTER, choose the first Safe Mode. Note that you will be 'enlightened' with three choices of Safe Mode; (1) Safe Mode, (2) Safe Mode and Networking, (3) Safe Mode and Command Prompt. Ahmad said that since I'm not a computer genius (peghhh :P ) (Ok, xde la dia kata literally mcm tu. Well, it sounded like that ehe) (Ok, fine, dia kata dgn nada yang baik and ayat yang baik: "kan Raihana tak berapa tahu bab ni, so I suggest you better jgn pilih yang tu. Tekan Safe Mode sahaja" ) , so I shouldn't bermain dgn Safe Mode yang lain. So, to all of you who eventually senasib dgn saya ni nanti and memang tak berapa tahu bab ni, tekan je Safe Mode yang pertama. Then it will lead you to our windows back. Except that this one, the fonts will be slightly bigger than the normal, and they only have important criterias, all of our documents, microsofts, but Internet takde. Tak tahula, my comp je ke mcm ni, you all punya tak, but entah mine xde and I used Windows 7 Ultimate okeeyyy. (Ok, bukan nak riak ) Thus, from here, you can save your precious musicsdocumentspictures et cetera! Then the final method is to send your comp to the repairman for reformatting. I asked Ahmad, 'tak boleh ke kalau nak reformat sendiri. Susah ye?' He said, 'Sebenarnya senang je. But kena beli CD blablabla (masa ni mcm pening sket because he said about a couple of important of CD's especially for reformatting and some more steps)' 'Oh, takpela. Nanti Raihana bagi tau mama la. Mama tau nak buat ape. ' (Haigooo, seriously la, I have to learn how to combat this!! )

"So begitulah ceritanya... " (dengan nada termengah-mengah sambil meneguk air kosong - gelas ke 5 babe)
'Oh.... hmm. Bagusla. Syukurla cousin kau tu xde kelas hari tu. Kau kena la ada inisiatif! Pegi la belajar mcm mana nak baiki comp ni. Pasni tak yah pegi hantar kedai. Kadang2 bende ni senang je nak baiki, buang virus aje. Tapi kita yang baik sangat , pemurah kat tukang baiki, sebab tak tahu mcm mana nak handle benda2 mcm ni. '
"Amboiiii bebel pulak! Kau tak dengar ke penyesalan aku tadi?? Kan aku dah kata kalau dia ada masa, aku belajar la mcm mana :P Hish. Anyway, he did mentioned that we, as the computer users actually are at risk whenever we use the internet because benda ni memang unexpected. Tapi memang la, if you ada anti-virus tu, insha Allah kurang la risikonyee."

So, this is actually my story. Haha. Yeah I know, over la pulak eh. Anyway, I'm using my laptop now for awhile. Yes.. ada kaspersky. Hehe. Insha Allah ok. My mom pulak tak habis2 ingatkan the virus came from my blog -_____________-""" because I told her that I opened my blog and google at that time and I searched through wiki because I wanted to post an entry blabla, somehow my mom happened to hear only my blogg T_____T" And she was, actually almost 'banned' me from opening my blog again. But I get to explain more to my mom before she made an abrubt decisions (phewww)

Klah, mama suruh dinner. Happy reading pals :D

Friday, October 21, 2011

Some Somethin'

Bismillahirrahmanirraheem. Assalamualaikum peeps :D

Sorry la, terlajak la. Now dah after asar :P Hihi, tertidurrr maaa (again, I kinda said I want to post new entry after zohor TETAPI). Anyway, actually I wanted to write moreee but due to rain and I heard petir already, mama mesti suruh tutup laptop pasni. So this is a short post, and don't worry I'll write more after the rain stops or tomorrow. As soon as I can. As soon as I can.

So I found this article from Reader's Digest, October 2011 issue, and this one is about health care. Ehem, honestly I have been really 'into' taking care of health these days, don't know why suddenly boleh dapat awareness ni. If before I'm not soo keen with drinking mineral water as much as I can daily, now I am. If before I never really care about my weight increase, now I do. I've been doing half an hour exercises three times a week ever since I had my semester break. (Tiga kali je seminggu?? Mana cukup babe!) (Ye saya tahulah. Saya akan memperbaiki waktu exercise dgn lebih baik :P ) If last time I don't eat lots of veges, now, almost half of the veges bowl I ate :D hihi, sume complain nape sayur tinggal sket. (Teruk gila, selama ni kau tidak menjalani hidup y sihat babe) (Err yeaaaaaaahhhh. SORT of. Tapi kat campus, exercise je mmg susah nak buat. Bab minum air and sayur tu mmg wajib, so kire ok la kan?? Err KANN?) = =""""

So here some somethin' that I got for yah people. Wanna good health? It's a walk in the park.

"A review of 40 studies over the past four years shows that walking for 30 minutes a day can cut your risk of about 25 different diseases. (Masha Allah. WOWWWEEEE!) The more you walk, the greater the benefits. You can :

>SHED WEIGHT (hihi sape tak nak??) A person weighing 60 kg could burn 150 calories with half an hour brisk walking. (WOWWWWEEEE!)

>HALT BOWL CANCER A new study in the British Journal of Cancer shows that those who exercise regularly are up to third less likely to develop polyps, which can become malignant (cancerous). (WOWWWWEEEE!)

>SLASH YOUR RISK OF HEART DISEASE About 37 % of heart disease deaths are linked to inactivity. (wa na'uzhubillah) Walking decreases the risk. (WOWWWWEEEE!)

>STRENGTHEN BONES Walking helps guard against osteoporosis. All it takes is 180 minutes a week to maintain bone density. (3 hours jee) (WOWWWWEEEE!)

>PROTECT AGAINST COLDS You're less likely to pick up coughs and sneezes if you go for walks regularly because exercise boosts the immune system." (WOWWWWEEEE!)

Insha Allah : ) These are only human studies. Apa2 pun, Dialah yang memberikan kita kesihatan yang sempurna. So guys, do walk A LOT. There loads of other benefits besides these. Insha Allah, with our bodies healthy, we could do what Allah had told us to do more better. So that we could became more efficient in being His caliphs in this world. Of course, besides exercising there are loads more health cares that we should consider. Insha Allah I'll post articles on foods and health. Happy reading :D

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some Explanations to "Aigoo"

Annyeong Hye Syeo :D Assalamualaikum peeps ! I'm posting this entry to clarify some things regarding my current post "Aigoo". I've re-read the post a few times and I noticed some clarifications are needed so that there should be no misunderstandings about what I've written.

Thank you Shekkey for being the first to comment :D Siap dua comments lagi hihi I appreciate that. No, this entry is absolutely not my reply to your comments - mcm melebih la pulak kan nak reply dgn post baru berjela (mcm nak debate jeeh) - Nooo! Definitely not! (Your comments I'll reply later. Got somethin wrong with my acc so x boleh reply dgn baik = ="" ) However, this entry posted to , just like I mentioned above, for more detailed clarifications : )

Ok, here is one of the last passages that I wrote before in "Aigoo" -

"At the end of this drama, one could assume that US memang ustaz yang sesat and terpesong but one who doesn't truly understand Islam will never understood why so and so happened i.e the stoning scene, the usage of quranic verses and hadeeth in wrong occasions, etc . At the end of the drama, there was only a hadeeth quoting about the Prophet said that about one of the indications of doomsday. No explanations. Nada. I personally think that the director should insert explanations of the important scenes occured in every last shot of every episode so that the audiences would understand why and clearly explain about the wrong pictures of some of the scenes and then the image of Islam wouldn't be tercalar. It's true that the director's aim is to make an Islamic drama, which is absolutely 10 times better than other non-Islamic malay dramas. But we are betting on our religion. It's absolutely a crucial thing to be precised with when we are putting our religion at stake. They should learn more about Islam and its teachings so that they could make a very good outcomes from it. I'm just saying that we should be more careful when Islam is put as the 'main actor on the red carpet'. With the hot ongoing current issues of our country and hudud, of Islam and other religions, those who opposed hudud will never understand about the valuable Islamic Law and will look at it as vicious acts. Those who opposed Islam will look down on our religion if they know that some of our muslims who only have muslim names and not a true believer, who uses quranic verses and hadeeth as excuses for covering their mistakes"

Please re-read this passage a few times so that my next clarifications will make you guys more clear. Better if you guys read the whole entry (hihi kalau mahu la). Ok, honestly I felt wrong, because I mentioned at the beginning of the post : "....So this drama only have 13 episodes. This clearly explains why they only air once a week. (and it's good also because the more I watch this, the more frustrated I am). " I'm sorry but I shouldn't have said that. I know it's my opinion of the drama, but the word 'frustrated' is absolutely offensive. I'm truly sorry. Because the way I put it as if the drama is truly terrible, which is not 100 %. Of course there're flaws like what I've mentioned in that post, but there's also its good qualities that one can benefit from.

Next, I would also like to make myself clear that I really thought that the ending baru menunjukkan dgn jelas bahawa Ustaz Shauqi tu sesat. I mean of course to most of the Muslim audiences they would know from the beginning US tu sesat, terpesong. But to non-muslim audiences or muslims who are not well clear of Islam's teachings, they would be very confused. That's why I stated " ..I personally think that the director should insert explanations of the important scenes occured in every last shot of every episode so that the audiences would understand why and clearly explain about the wrong pictures of some of the scenes and then the image of Islam wouldn't be tercalar" . Because I think that by doing that people will be more clear and not confused. But again, it's an opinion. My opinion. You guys deserve to give your opinions as well. In addition to this, if it's really true the drama is portraying clearly that US is terpesong, then during the rejam scene, the wives or Soleh should point out that his action is wrong, because rejam bukan hukuman untuk berkhalwat. But there were no protests, so I assumed that this drama have a bit flaws in the aspect of Islamic Law. And actually banyak lagi la, sebab ada scene berpelukan, although in the drama they're supposedly husband and wive, but in real life they're not right? And dalam scene tu, siap bermain dgn hadis lagi. Sepatutnya jika kita nak menujukkan suasana Islam yang sebenar, walaupun kena memegang watak suami dan isteri, bersentuhan itu tidak wajar. Sebab dlm drama, kita berkomunikasi dgn menggunakan ayat suci Quran and Hadis, sedangkan it's CLEARLY stated in the Quran and hadis that toucing a woman who is not our muhrim is haram and vise versa. Also, showing the aurat to those who are not our muhrim is haram. So, these are some of the weaknesses of the drama. But, the consideration to produce this kind of drama should be supported. Cuma ada yang perlu diperbaiki. Of course, it's hard to obtain perfection.

Maybe you guys might also thought, 'dah kau rasa cerita ni mcm lain sket, x betul, yang kau pergi habiskan sejam kau setiap jumaat malam tu kenapeee?' Haha. Well, unfortunately everytime I go downstairs to watch tv at 9, my sisters and mom already infront there to watch TC. But then, after few episodes watched, and when I finally saw some shortcomings, I decided that I should watch until the end so that I could see how really 'Islamic' is this drama and so that I could make an entry and try to make clarifications on their behalf. (Macam lah kau banyak ilmu?) Oh tidak. Saya ni cetek je sebenarnya ilmu agama saya. Memang x layak sebenarnya untuk memberi nasihat atau membetulkan kesalahan. But, I've encountered a hadeeth of the Prophet (PBUH) , if we have the knowledge, we should spread it. So, whatever that I explained in my previous "Aigoo" post on some hukum2, it's not pandai2jesayabuathukum, the laws are based on what I've learned from what my ustaz and ustazah have taught. So, whatever that I mentioned about hukum2, of course its not an opinion of mine but it's the real deal .  'Aaaaah! Banyak alasan kau!' - Nak buat mcm mana?

Last but not least, I also tibaTIBA je mentioned about Klip 3G at the end of the post. 'Aiyaaa, lu kata kritik TC je, ni tetibe masuk klip tu nape?' Well, because I found it as a good example of movie that xtengokpunxpe. And I also mentioned a list of some good movies that we could benefit from. I know that from the Klip 3GP trailer wants to show that the hi tech smartphones right now should be used wisely and we must be careful. But entahla, memangla pelakon tu 'berlakon' je tetapi.. tetapi.. TETAPI !! I'm tired to explain more. Just that, from my point of view (MY point of view) , tak tgk pun tidak mengapa. Ada banyak lagi cerita berfaedah yang boleh ditonton. But again, it's MY point of view. I'm sure all of you have different point of views concerning this and other related malay movies.

Finally, 'Dah puas bebel dah?' Dah. Hihi. Klah, nak asar dah ni. Hope you guys would become more clear after reading this. And that you guys tak jump to conclusions melulu after reading my "Aigoo' post. Thanks again for taking your time to read my blogggg. merci beacoup <3

ps. I am soooo addicted to Josie kat bawah ni. Stop and Stare dia seemed to be better than One Republic (Ooops! Again, MY view)

AMAZIN' !!!! :D

Monday, October 17, 2011

Laugh All The Way :D

Assalamualaikum and hello peeps! Just wanna post a short entry of jokes! Here are some jokes that I found in Reader's Digest August and June 2011 and also from Mr Google. Hope you guys would like it because I assure you, these will tickle your tummies !

#1 A teenager lost a contact lens while playing basketball in his driveway. After a brief, fruitless search, he gave up. His mother took up the cause and within minutes, found the lens. "How did you do that?" he asked incredulously. "We weren't looking for the same thing," explained his mother. "You were looking for a small piece of plastic. I was looking for $150".

#2 My boss didn't come in to work today. He called this morning and said he was having a vision problem. When I asked what was wrong, he replied, "I just can't see myself at work today."

#3 After completing a jigsaw puzzle he'd been working on for some time, Benny proudly showed off the finished puzzle to a friend. "It took me only five months to do it" bragged Benny. "Five months? That's too long," his friend exclaimed. "Hey, come on, I did pretty good," said Benny, "See this box? It says '4 - 7 Years."

#4 A month after Donald MacDonald started at Harvard, his mother called from Scotland. "And how are the American students, Donald?" she asked. "They're so noisy," he complained. "One neighbour endlessly bangs his head against the wall, while another screams all night." " "How did you put up with it?" his mother asked. "I just ignore them and play my bagpipes." (!!!)

#5 High-Tech Shopping
Son - iPod
Daughter- iPhone
Mother- iPad
Father - iPay

#6 My father could never remember my name. "Frederick! Sylvia! Sheila!," he would always shout. I wouldn't mind, except that I was an only child.

#7 A grandpa left a gift for his soldier grandson, instructing him to open it only during a very fierce battle. While in gun battle, his grandson opened the gift. In it was written, "Run, my child, run!"

#8 A couple of hunters are in the woods when one of them falls to the ground. His eyes are rolled back in his head, and he doesn't seem to be breathing. the other guy whips out his mobile phone and dials the emergency number. He gasps to the operator, "My friend has fallen dead! What can I do?" The operator, in a calm, soothing voice says, "Just take it easy. I can help. First, let's make sure he's dead." There's a silence; then a shot is heard. The guy's voice comes back on the line. He says, "OK, now what?"

Hahaha :D

Ketawa hanya menunjukkan sedikit gigi dan gusi itu sudah memadai.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Let's Say This Together : "Eeeeewwwww. SAY WHATTT?!"

Bismillah peace to all of you :D

Okay so I read this article in Reader's Digest August 2011, and it's about hygiene which is a crucial facet that must be focussed on since there are many issues involving cleanliness in our country as we can see rubbish strewn practically everywhere near the dustbins in public areas, dirty picnik places, some public parks are just not meant for leisure anymore. Anyway, before I babble about this article I read - fyi, this touches nothing about rubbish and the environment but actually about toilet bowls (interesting aite? HEHEH) - I would like to apologize to my friends who commented on my previous posts, espcially, Eunsook, Nailah, Tawfiq, Shekkey, Kamkam, sorry guys, there's a problem with my google acc I can't really reply all of your wonderful comments. Yet. So yeah, sooorry ^_____^""

So in this article, pg 23, tittled, What's Down Your Loo? - which I find a bit disturbing because it goes without saying that poopies are meant to be down our loo- this article clarify very well in telling readers that we should be aware that not just our poopies under there but also lots and lots of harmful bacterias and germs. Ok, keep reading. It stated that " A survey from sanitation charity in UK Toilet Twinning reveals that only one in five people clean their toilets every day, as recommended (Let's Say This Together : "Eeeeewwwww. SAY WHATTT?!") That's scary given that your toilet bowl could be home to 3.2 MILLION BACTERIA PER SQUARE INCH!  (Let's Say This Together : "Eeeeewwwww. SAY WHATTT?!")
Below, we lift the lid on some of unsavoury guests lurking in and around your lavatory. Oh, and make sure you CLOSE THE LID WHEN FLUSHING - (Why?!?!?!) - germs can SPRAY UP TO 1.8 M, LIGHTLY MISTING YOUR TOOTHBRUSH. Yum!" (Let's Say This Together : "Eeeeewwwww. SAY WHATTT?!")
Noooooooooooooooooooooo ! T___________________T-----

Ze Germs:

> Shigella a prime suspect for severe diarrhoea, even dysentery

> Staphylococcus the little nasty behind MRSA

> Salmonella food poisoning anyone?

> E. Coli at best, a tummy upset; at worst, kidney failure or more

> Streptococcus throat infections, impetigo, and even meningitis

> Hepatitis A that's right: sickness, diarrhoea and jaundice

Wa nauzhubillah : (

Well just wanna share this because I presume that maybe not all of us are well aware of this shocking infos. Yeah, Let's Say This Together : "Eeeeewwwww. SAY WHATTT?!"

Toodles ~

Friday, October 14, 2011



Assalamualaikum peeps ! :D yeah I know, you guys must have said "kate nak update everyday.. everyday LA SANGATTTT " seriously, I am so sorry. Seriously, I'm ready to admit that I'm not a True Blogger Dude (TBD) like you Aimisya, and you Syekky, and you Nabil Afham, and you Azim Razak and also you Maria Elena (cehh, bukan kak Maria kenal I pun) anyway, yeah. I'm not like most of you guys who like to update your precious blogs like you guys update your Twitters (aah, Twitter saya pun dah berhabuk setebal 5 inci T___T"" ) haih. But fortunately, now I have ZE MOOD to write and let's hear what this lazy-trying to lose wight freak- eighteen year old-girl is going to say. (in case some of you catch up very slow on this, I'm actually referring to myself)

I don't know why I put the tittle of this post "Aigoo" because I'm actually gonna bring up the current on going quitehot drama series Tahajjud Cinta which airs every Friday, at 9 pm at TV3. Ehh no. Its final episode is actually tonight. Aiyya. So anyway, "Aigoo" is korean word for like "aiyyaaa" or "haihhh" in our bahasa pasar : ) So I'm actually going like "Haihhhhhh" - sighing A LOTTTTT after watching the drama series. Firstly, I'm no professional drama critique - well it means that I'm not a 'legal' drama critic, there're actually jobs for that. Secondly, my further comments might hurt some of TC fans (TC- Tahajjud Cinta) (Ye, saya sesuka hati je bg short form) (your welcome haha) because I think my feedbacks regarding this drama would include lots of critical remarks. 죄송 해요 - it means, I'm sorry in korean. (I'll explain later why I've been soo -almost- into korean langmusicdrama) (just couldn't help it O____o"" ehe-he)

So this drama only have 13 episodes. This clearly explains why they only air once a week. (and it's good also because the more I watch this, the more frustrated I am). It is directed by Eirma Fatima, and she even starred in this drama as the first wive of the U.S (Ustaz Shauqi aka ustaz sesat) who is Eman Manan, and also starring most of our top actors and actresses to include Fouziah Gous, Fazura, Remy Ishak. Ok, maybe I'm being too harsh to regard Eman Manan who played the role as a very pious ustaz as Ustaz Sesat right away without telling you guys why I actually named his role like that but seriously all of you who may be have watched this drama or maybe some haven't, should seriously acknowledge that this drama is ruining Islam being the true religion. There are already many critics about this movie and Eirma have said that audiences should watch the drama till the very end to fully understand what is the messages behind this supposedly religious-genre drama. But from my perception, it is absolutely disturbing when the actors and actresesses debating with each other using verses of the quran and hadeeth (it's absolutely not wrong to do that but of course one side of the party will be the wrong party and if the audience have cetek ilmu agama and clearly the non muslims who might watch this drama would be like "oh beginikah?" and become so confused, this is absolutely tarnishing Islam. People who don't understand Islam should be taught clearly. Disturbing when U.S kept giving absolutely false teachings to his wives and son- an episode where US  also very disturbing when Fouziah who wear fully covered hijab (which is undeniably good) could be touched by Remy in the first two episodes even though he touched her not directly on skin but still, boleh ke main pegang tanpa sebab? molek ke gambaran lelaki yang berjubah and berserban pegang wanita bukan muhrim yang bertudung litup siap berniqab and berjubah? It is also very disturbing when the final episode showed a scene of conducting hudud which is rejam on Foziah and Remy because they were caught being alone together in a house. One clear thing for sure the drama portrayed absolutely FALSE IMAGE OF HUDUD. Senang cerita bila kita kurang bab ilmu agama ni, kena la check dulu tanya ustaz ke apa patut. And I don't pin pointing at this drama per se, I'm also referring to myself. As what I've learned in PSI before, rejam is meant for those who BERZINA and there are absolutely STRICT CONDITIONS before one is subjected under this punishment. There should be 4 witnesses who clearly witness their actions of berzina and their statements must'nt contradict each other's statements. Then there are three conditions of this punishment where by if one is not yet married, he or she shall be caned for (I'm sorry but I actually forgot, pls refer to syariah books available worldwide. Thanks) and if one is married then he or she must be stoned to death. Other condition also I forgot when can this be regarded to, is that after the caning he or she dibuang negeri for a year. So stoning is not subjected for khalwat and this offence has its own punishment. Btw, in the drama, the condition of Fouziah and Remy were actually have been misunderstood and more like as if they were difitnah and they weren't berzina and there weren't any witnesses that could prove that.

At the end of this drama, one could assume that US memang ustaz yang sesat and terpesong but one who doesn't truly understand Islam will never understood why so and so happened i.e the stoning scene, the usage of quranic verses and hadeeth in wrong occasions, etc . At the end of the drama, there was only a hadeeth quoting about the Prophet said that about one of the indications of doomsday. No explanations. Nada. I personally think that the director should insert explanations of the important scenes occured in every last shot of every episode so that the audiences would understand why and clearly explain about the wrong pictures of some of the scenes and then the image of Islam wouldn't be tercalar. It's true that the director's aim is to make an Islamic drama, which is absolutely 10 times better than other non-Islamic malay dramas. But we are betting on our religion. It's absolutely a crucial thing to be precised with when we are putting our religion at stake. They should learn more about Islam and its teachings so that they could make a very good outcomes from it. I'm just saying that we should be more careful when Islam is put as the 'main actor on the red carpet'. With the hot ongoing current issues of our country and hudud, of Islam and other religions, those who opposed hudud will never understand about the valuable Islamic Law and will look at it as vicious acts. Those who opposed Islam will look down on our religion if they know that some of our muslims who only have muslim names and not a true believer, who uses quranic verses and hadeeth as excuses for covering their mistakes.

I'm sorry but these are my personal comments and remarks. You guys are welcome to give feedbacks. I am absolutely (ni dah ke 15 kali kot guna perkataan ni. haha) interested to know about your own personal opinions. I would also like to highlight that my words are not 110 % correct. There may be some errors. So if you see them, please, my honour to have your corrections ^__^"" I just hope that all of the dramas shown should be screened (??) I mean ditapis (filtered??) whatever. But should be make sure that the dramas are giving valuable messages to audiences. Now the latest showing movie is Klip 3GP pebende ntah. Iklan pun macam mintak kasut je director tu. Seriously pissed. Melayu sekarang semakin teruk. Tak malu berlakon scene yang vulgar. Fyi, dalam cerita TS pun ada jugak. Pandai2la korg cari. And nilai sendiri. Why can't we make movies like I Am Sam (starred Sean Pean, Michelle Pfeifer, Dakota Fanning) or The Secret Life of Bees and many more western movies that are meaningful, have loads bunch of messages that could benefit the audiences and also interesting to watch movies like Valkyrie or Forrest Gump and not focusing solely on teens, sex, drugs and rempit? I mean of course they are portraying the devastating actual events occured among our Malaysian teens but statistics show that the movies aren't playing effective roles being one of the solution that could combat the misactions of teens nowadays. Some actually were influenced by the characters played in the movies - bad attitudes, skimpy clothings, smoking, etc.

We should vote for worthy movies. Not to some movies that are responsible for wrecking our teens' lives.

Goodnight peeps. Sweet dreams ; )

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Assalamualaikum. And yeah, WHASSSUPPP? peeps? huh. This is a pathetic intro greetings right?

Ok ok. I know. After sooo long now I finally return to write a bunch of sadhappyfunnylove stories , eh no sadhappyfunny stories of me, afterrr sooo long? Well, apparently yes. And I'm sorry to all of my buddies who have actually 'waited' or maybe 'anticipated' to read my blog. (seriously guys, I'm soo absolutely touched) (and please don't mind my broken english. thank you) eheheh

So why? where? what? when? how? I mean WTHeck am I even babbling about?! aigoo, these fingers of mine started to prancing and dancing by themselves when they get on the keyboard! ahahahahahah you know what I'm sayin'?? OK. err what's with the lousy and pathetic 'joke'? Don't ask. HAIH.

Mr. Reporter: So WHY so suddenly you decided to start to write again Miss?
- Well, honestly days ago. But I suddenly have the mood to write just now.

Mr. Reporter: Oh. So WHERE were you just now that suddenly the atmosphere is changing to give you the mood, the chance to write again, Madamoiselle?
- Err. At home. In front of the PC. I was actually onlining my FB then something occured that somehow urge me to start writing again.

Mr. Reporter: I see. Very mysterious indeed. Very, very mysterious.
- Righttttt (whotheheck is this 'man'?)

Mr. Reporter: Aaah, WHAT are the types of stories that you are going to share to the world?
- To the world? Naah. Even my best bud have no time to read my blog. I just like to share some stories with my buddies thats all. And the stories, they vary from each other. It depends on the mood. If you will excuse me, I have other stuff to do than ansering your pushy questions. (seriously, I'm not even Kirsten Stewart. pfft)

Mr. Reporter: No aa oh ! Stay put because these questions are absolutely importante!! Please, last question. HOW are you going to share your stories?
- What are you? a MORON? What am I doing right now??

*moron: A person whose intellectual development proceeds normally up to about the eighth year of age and is then arrested so that there is little or no further development (wiki[edia)

Ok. Sorry. Mr. Reporter doesn't even exist. I'm getting pathetic more than ever.

So how do you do peeps? Hope you guys miss me  and my notinterestingstories :D ehe. and be prepared insha Allah I will be writing everyday starting tomorrow, and talk about loadssss of stuff. and yeah I know. I'm sorry for making this same ol same ol promise every time and only get to make up to it several months after I promised you guys. Sorry, really. I'm trying to be consistent with this blogging thingy (no offence to the bloggafanatica) but fyi, I only write when I have 'ze mood' ya know what I'm sayin'? Thaaat's right. ZE MOOD. It is absolutely undeniably important to me to have ZE MOOD. So let us hope that ZE MOOD is there everyday for me to write. Because one thing also that I would love to share with all of you is that, I love sharing. Sharing stories . Yepp. That's me. Thank you for being patient. May Allah bless ~^____^~