Friday, July 16, 2010

And So ...

There are like LOTSA LOTSA stories to tell you peeps! Ohmegosh! Ohmegosh! Ohmegosh! Hahah! (it's not easy for me to be this hyperactive -,-")

Okay so July is here! And I'm in fear! Because my pre-spm trial is near! (err -.-")
Well, yeah. My exam is like seminggu je lagi so what am I doing now exactly (apart from writing, eating non-stop, watching tv, sleeping hideously and etcetera) is studying my butt off. Pfft.
Well, it's just that I don't want to disappoint my Mama and Baba and my teachers. So I'm studying like heck apart from praying to Allah. Pray for my success yeah? All of our success (:

Many things had been going on thsese three weeks, really and there are just soo fascinating! I'm in glee! hehe. We get to meet Fatimah Syarha, fyi, she's like "The Bomb" now, just in case you are out of date, do read her writings please, she is just fab. (err why am I talking with such gedikness?) But seriously, she really had opened my heart when she gave her talk during Minggu Puteriku Sayang ;') Alhamdulillah and Subhanallah, the feedbacks were just too amazing. Although she wasn't well due to food poisoning, she came t give her 1 and a half hour talk. And fyi, when her husband, also the current "The Bomb" (haha ;D) came to fetch her almost 99 % of puteris usher her 'till her car and wave her a bon voyage. Ooh it's just so heart-gripping thing ever!

And we had our Girls Night Out aka GNO aka Malam Lipur Puteri. (err yg GNO tu was my own choice of word). That night was so fabish, girlish and partyish! Haha! We all dressed up and the performances were awesome. I would like to ask if any of you peeps have the video of it oh don't worry I won't put it in my blog, just want to have it as memory to cherish. All in all, I had a blast that night. Thank you girls for the memory(:

So ALPHA group is back again for a gathering. It was awesome, and I truly love the foods. We had spaghetti and mushrooms by Syed, fruit cocktail by Sobah, nuggets and fries by Nailah, jellies by Fira, fruits by Cika, bihun by Nurin, KFC bucket by Aleip and Jamak, Donashi by Khaliq and I brought 3 bottles of healthy carbonated drinks, 100 plus (ta-da! -.-") and oh I almost forgot, Andy and Que brought along their tummies! heheh. I really hoped that we could gather again and guys wait and see I'll bring coloured carbonated drinks this time okay. Haha

Oooh I've participated in ELS debate competition and apparently I don't know whether my debate team won. Oh well. So we challenge boys team; Fazil, Syazni, Qua, and Aimran (this debate consists of four debaters per group; Miss Rabiah wants it to be easy going and fun and so that she could hear more students speak in English and get to participate in this kind of comp). My team were Nabilah, Saffana, and Sasha who had replaced Pah. Our opic was about International is Better Than Locals, and we were in the govt. When we thought that we had prepared (literally) but seems that the boys managed to beat us, especially Syazni and Aimran, mann their way of debate really slammed us right at our faces -,-" Oh well, at least we had the experience of being a debater, fyi, none of us, my group member, who have joined debate before, so at least we know how it works and how a debater get to be slammed once in a while. But I really have much fun because I can speak using the mic! Heheh pathetic me ;P

My jubin collage and Su's apparently were not "up" to win the kebangsaan. But alhamdulillah, being the wakil for Kuala Lumpur PPI in collage competition did made us proud and have at least gave us something; an experience being an artist! heheh. I've always adore arts. Although I haven't even been to a arts gallery or fair but someday I will set my foot into one of those prestigious art gallery,. It's not like there are few arts exhibition going on in kl it's just that my parents won't bring to an art exhibition just like that i mean, we can but there is always lots of other priorities. Oh well. But really, congrats to us Su, at least we had made SMAKL proud and also to Pn Hamiliya thatks for the frame and the support! Ooh did you know that she put my masterpiece inside the dewan?

Wooh! See, I told you there are lots of things to brag, err, to tell. haha. And there is more. Just that I'm too tired to write~

Ohmegosh I'm Baaaaaaack!

Alhamdulillah, finally, I'm back after three whole weeks at asrama! Wooh! :D Just be prepared of my stories, can yah?hehe