Saturday, April 23, 2011


Okay maybe some of you will think that this post is alahai gedik gilaa - -"" But I really really am looking forward for these things ! Hehe. Especially the roses and the teddy : D

Yepp, I'm looking forward for someone to give me a very big cute teddy bear : ) tapi taknak bunga tu sekali. Bagi seperately ye. HAHA :P (i know i know- demanding gila)

Aaaah. A bouquet of fresh red roses. This, also something that I won't buy to fulfill my own desire.
Hehe. Anyone care enough to give? ^ ^

iPhone 5. Yeah, dah keluar dah pun. This is absolutely a smart phone that I'm looking forward to.
But I won't ask my parents to buy this for me. Because in our family in order to earn something is to succeed in our studies. Rasa segan nak mintak sebab result SPM not good enough. huhu maybe later.

Mac Book Air :D AAAAH I'm soo looking forward to this thing. hehe but now ada VAIO pun oklah kan. But still, in the future, this genius creation must be minee! hahah XD

iPod Touch. Haha, other thing that I really hope to own. And if I get to own this thing I wish to have the whole surahs in Al- Quran and hadiths in it : ) Songs? Alah, phone ada, youtube ada. Dengar and tengok je from there. ;)

Adidas runners - very light one. But my sports shoes is still quite new because I bought it for PLKN last January. But after it has worn out, a pair of this beauty must be mine :D

Benefit cosmetics. It's not like I wear make up outside. Inside my bag are the normal deals ; Nivea lip balm, Maybelline Compact, and Maybelline eye liner. Celak sometimes je pakai. But Benefits, is like another deal to buy. Hehe. I love how they commercialised their foundations. But Mama never believe in wearing foundation at young age, because you'll look older later. But the way they camouflage our faces are just simply flawless ! : )

Ballet flats is a must must for me. But don't get yourself wrong by looking at this picture. Hehe. Even if I'mm soo rich, I won't spend RM 5K and above just for a ballet flats. So Chanel is absolutely out of topic :P And ballet pumps and flats are my favourite because apart that I am tall and some of my girlfriends wouldn't except me wearing heels - -""" , the effects that I'll get after walking at the malls or wheresoever is that I don't feel uncomfortably in pain. Tapi itupun sometimes kenaletak plaster kat belakang, sebab kalau jalan jauh2, the skin would peel = ="

Gladiators. This is also another thing that never fail to make me fall in love just by looking at it! Haha. This beauty is absolutely painless and comfortable when you wear it. That's why gladiators are one of my favs too

This kinda watch - me like. Haha, tak kisah brand apa pun. But Fossil absolutely captivates me. Especially this watch that I searched in the net. Haha. Tapi harga dia mahal lah - -"" Never mind, maybe later later I'll own one but not now. My swatch still functions perfectly and the watch tak sampai setahun lagi pun guna. In fact, my grandma just went back from Umrah and she bought me a watch. Heehee, a Guess watch.
Thanks Mak Wo :D

Clinique Facial Treatments. Is another thing that I would love to try. Haha, because you know why? I love how their models' skin look in their adds, so fresh and flawless - -""" But my cleanser that I'm using now is still fine, I use Simple, and it has no perfume, no harmful chemicals and essential vitamins that are good for the skin. It is also made in the UK and still cheaper than Clinique.
In fact, I love their motto; Smile, it's Simple !

Ipanema sandals. Hehe, I absolutely love the Giselle Bundchen collections. Simply adorable. But I haven't own any of them yet. Wish to own at least a pair sooner or later ^ ^""

A goldfish. I've always wanted a pet and Mama can't stand a Persian cat, Baba can't stand it's poo, Rayyan is allergic to furry pets so I guess the suitable pet for me is a goldfish! And I absolutely adore goldfish! :D heehee they're shiny and .... err cute? Tapi apapun ikan emas terbaik :)

Raybans :) If you ask me about sunglasses, shades, I choose Rayban. Hehe, but belum ada lagi lah :P I really hope to own one but Mama said that 'what for nak beli sunglasses? Bukannya nak pegi anywahere panas pun' Well, actually Mama do has a point. And besides, Rayban is quite expensive. MNG or Guess has cheaper range. Oh well. Last time my dad lost his Rayban at the ATM machine :/

Paul Frank. PAUL FRAAAAAAAAAAAAANK. haha entahla, sekarang ni brand ni macam phenomenal je. Tapi phenomenal pun, harga pun phenomenal, yang ori lah :P Oh well, I love their iPhone cases though.
If I get the chance to own any Paul Frank's collection, I would absolutely adore this cheeky monkey with red background, tak kisahla, tops or handphone cases. heehee.

Juicy Couture. Is another brand that I really have been longing to own one. Haha, but the price of their items in Malaysia is quite expensive, besides, you can only find the shop in Pavi :P Last time I went to Pavi with my mom and sisters, I didn't even dare to walk inside the shop, hahah. Itupun pergi sana sebab Mama nak beli handbag kat Radley, then we had our lunch there and pergi Tangs. So each of us dapat one item from Tangs, Mama belikan and kebetulan on that day tengah sale so boleh la kan spend kat sana.

This is the most BIZARRELY GRUESOMELY GENIOUS ballet flats creation EVER! :D :Dhaha. This is Vansessa Beecroft Repetto - err yeah, a designer's flats. hmmph. Entah bila lah nak own one. Haha. But I really hoped to own this freaky genius thing one day !

Yeah, this camera, is the only camera that I trust, to be inside my handbag :P Haha. But for me, to own it, maybe later, if I get good results. Like I said before, we siblings don't own gadgets for free. We have to earn it by getting good and excellent results.

I've always love this kinda purse. And brand tu tak kisah la sebenarnya. But Roxy pun cantik2 jugak their purses hehe. But mine is still new, last time I bought one at Tropicana Life, so nanti2 lah bila dah teruk sangat2 baru tukar : ) Tapi kalau nak bagi for birthday gift, saya terima je :D

SWATCH. Is another watch brand that I really love to own. Hehe. And I'm still loyal to my Swatch, that I wear everytime I go out. Baru setahun umur dia ; ) hehe and I got a buddy who loves to collect Swatch watches. Kalau hang nak beli Swatch lagi, belikan untuk aku sekali tau ^ ^""

Okay gambar ni just a gambar. Haha, if I have lots of money, I don't think I want to spend $1000 K for my wardrobe, okay? Haha, this picture is trying to tell you that I love clothes so much. Tak kisahla brand apa asalkan selesa ; ) But to me, affordable brands like Dorothy Perkins, Forever 21, Topshop is okay. Alah, sometimes tu beli kat Brands Outlet, Ikano je. Seriously affordable :D FOS pun best jugak. haha.

Okay, I think panjang lebar cerita pasal my desires kan? Haha. But I'm telling you that to own these things is a great feeling but not as great as to own all of the nikmat that He has given me. Alhamdulillah : ) And like Baba said last time when I kept moaning because I want to eat Char Kuey Teow and Baba tak sempat beli sebab busy with meetings and work, Baba said "Kamu kena bersyukur, bukannya takde makanan pun kat rumah. Orang lain yang tak mampu, ada yang tak makan sebanyak yang kamu makan selalu. Nanti makan yang kamu nak tu Baba cari, tapi you must always remember that, it's not the end of the world if you don't get to eat Char Kuey Teow. And bukannya tak pernah makan pun " Hmm. That's true. If you sigh a lot, means that you are being ungrateful of what you have now. Apa apapun, kita kena sentiasa bersyukur, sebab nikmat yang Allah bagi terlalu banyak. Tak payah tengok duit dan kekayaan, tengok diri kita sendiri. Alhamdulillah, kita dikurniakan mata, telinga, dan anggota badan yang berfungsi dengan sempurna. Senang je kalau nak bersyukur ni. Jangan pandang orang yang bawak Merce, pandang orang yang tiada kenderaan untuk bergerak sana sini.

Haha, saje nak tunjuk gambar my love. Meet Muhammad Razeen Rafidi. He is nine years old going to be ten insha Allah this 17th of December. This pic was taken during our vacation at Sepang Gold Coast. (haha nama bukan main lagi :P )

This is the bag that I bought using my own money. Kan Mama tak bagi spend guna duit sendiri, oh well. Somehow I get to buy this bag during Umrah last year.

Okay so itu jelah kot. And siapa2 yang rase post ni melebih, hmm, I'm sorry that I didn't post a good post for you to read.


  1. la post hang ni :D muahaha....


    gambar sportshoe adidas yg hang nak tu kan, sebijik macam aku pnye ^ ^ hehehe

  2. :D :D :D Oh yeah? hahaha i thought yrs was nike.

    Anyway, hang pegi mana hahh???? :P

  3. I'm a little bit busy rite now :(

    huhuh.....I never had nike sport shoe

  4. bkan iPhone 5 kluar sept ni ke? :P