Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 - A New Rai

A new year has come - does not mean that the past year should be forgotten.

2011 is certainly a large number, well not if you compared to a billion but it is without a doubt a pretty large number, and you know that it grows bigger every year. 2010 is about gain another year and its brithday is less than 4 hours by now. 2010 has certainly brought many sweet and sad memories, that I will not forget. Never. If He let me.

Insya Allah, a new year would be a new Rai. Yes, I want to be better. i want myself to not become just the best better but the BEST SPECTACULAR. Insya Allah I will write my azam tomorrow on the 1st day of 2011. just wait for it, I hope my azam will inspire all of you wonderful peeps :DD

And remember that new year means the world is growing older.


Buck Up, Rai!

Why are you doing this to yourself? You chose to be hurt by your own feelings. Pegh. Buck, up girl. You can do better than this. Happiness is always in your hands, it is the matter how you are going to use it. If you want to let it fall between your fingers, then it is your fault. You just have to lose your happiness, aren't you Rai?

The Silent Pray

" Ya Allah, ampunilah dosa-dosa hamba Mu yang banyak melakukan khilaf ini, ampunilah dosa-dosaku yang telah banyak menzalimi diri. Ya Ghafur Ya Raheem. Sesungguhnya tiada yang mampu untuk mengampunkan dosa-dosaku melainkan Engkau Ya Allah. Ya Allah, jika PLKN ialah tempat yang terbaik untukku, maka Kau izinkanlah aku untuk meredhainya. Ya Allah, kau jadikanlah tempat itu tempat untuk aku makin dekat padaMu. Mudahkanlah urusanku dan usrusan kawan-kawanku yang turut serta menjadi pelatih dalam PLKN nanti Ya Allah. Mudahkanlah kami untuk menunaikan solat dengan sempurna dan bersih, yang khusyuk dan terimalah segala amal ibadat kami Ya Allah, dimana saja kami berada. Ya Allah Ya 'Alim, peliharalah kami daripada lalai dari mengingatiMu. Mudahkanlah kami untuk meneruskan pembacaan kitab Mu setiap hari seperti selalu. Peliharalah kami meletakkan perkara lain menjadi keutamaan kami selain daripada Mu Ya Allah. Ya Allah, lindungilah kami, peliharalah kami, selamatkanlah kami, dan tolonglah kami daripada segala bencana, malapetaka, kezaliman di dunia dan diakhirat. Jadikanlah kami hambaMu yang taat pada perintahMu dan soleh dan solehah. Tolonglah kami menghadapi dugaan dan cabaran yang bakal kami hadapi dan tempuhi. ya Allah sesungguhnya segala perkara itu mudah kerana Mu dan aku yakin akan kekuasaanMu Ya Allah. Dan Kau tutupkanlah 'aib kami dimana sahaja kami berada didunia mahupun di akhirat nanti. Dan Kau tinggikanlah martabat dan maruah kami Ya Allah. Bersihkanlah hati ini yang kotor, dan ampunilah dosa-dosa kami, sesungguhnya, Engkaulah sebaik-baik penerima taubat. Ameen Ya Rabbal 'Alamin.. "

Thursday, December 30, 2010

This Is The Right Time - I guess 2

Wooh seriously like penat gila. Today my feet have walked many miles ! :P HAHA exaggerate much? well yeah probably. Oh well, so today I'm out again with my mom and my sisters. We went to KL. And I got myself new more tudungss and head scarvess. We also went to SOGO, haha the sale haven't ended yet!
Anyway PLKN is near and I'm going to start packing tonight. Aimisya pun dah like pack (?!) OMG haha. So since I couldn't like bring more than a bag full of clothes and a bag sandang so I asked mama how to solve my so many bajus -.-" Fortunately, mama asked me to open one of her cabinets at the top cupboard and she got me a very huge luggage! HAHA seriously that would certainly solve my problem. Mama said that she bought that during our holiday to Australia last time. HEHEHE I can't wait to pack!

Balance yourself with the bag(:

Oh btw, for all my peers yang pergi PLKN, here are some lists that I would love to share (:

> Trackbottoms and shirtss (mencukupi and banyak)
> Vicks, minyak cap kapak, plasters
> Tudung and headscarves - yang banyak and enough
> Your phone - a must!
> Some foods - just in case you're hungry
> Socksss - PLENTY!
> Sportshoes
> Cleanser, Toner, Sunblock, Lip balm
> Toilettries including sabun, shampoo, floss! toothbrush toothpaste semuaa
>Flip flops and sandals
> Laundry bagss
> Detergents and berus baju, hangrerss and sepit baju okay jgak kalau bawak
> Medications - if needed.
>Pictures of your love ones -HAHA ;')
>Baju kurung
>Pens and a notebook - there'll be like classes.

HEHE. So, bawak like a huge bag to throw all these stuff and a bag sandang or whatever bag. Make sure there are only TWO bags. I called JKLN this morning and the abang said that especially to those who 'll be going this sunday, bag tak nak bawak banyak because you guys are flying there, mcm tu lah alasan dia. Oh well. ++ This SUNDAY , please PAKAI FORMAL ATTIRE. Abang tu ckp tht guys should wear t shirt bercollar and shoes. Girls pakai formal jugak and tak nak baju kurung. Baju sukan pun boleh(:

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best friends forever, can we?

4 Ali 2009 and 5 Othman 2010. In memories. I'm sorry for all of my wrong doings and I hope all of you would never forget me. Take care and keep in touch always Insya Allah :DD

4 Ali 2009
Seoul Garden, Near Mid Valley.

Courtesy from Dr. SNNL (:

The Baju Kurung Babes :D


^ ^





The ;P Table HAHA

Pah, Nab and My hands :P HAHA at Forever 21.

5 Othman 2010
Kenny Rogers Roasters, OU.
Pics Courtesy from Pah :D


Monday, December 27, 2010

The DQ-ians :)

Bismillah. and alhamdulillah. I'm so prod of those who managed to enrol to Darul Quran. Congrats! And for those who did not, do not be sad, because I'm positively sure that Insya Allah you guys will get to a much better place. Adelah tu himah di sebaliknya :DD

So, I would like to bid BON VOYAGEEE to Saff, Nailah, Ummu, Norain and I know that you guys have left today :"( and I heard that you guys' phones like kena simpan for a week, so I guess, this is my only way to bid all of you wonderful peeps :/ But Insya Allah when I reached there - there where? there Sibu :P I'll contact you guys. On weekend lah. Hmm. I'll be missing all of you guys. All of us smaklians :(


This Is The Right Time - I guess

Bismillah. Okay, I guess I haven't exactly uar-uarkan in my blog about my going to PLKN. Yeahh, I got it.

At first, it was hard to acknowledged that I'm like compulsory - duhh - to go for PLKN and surprise surprise I got at Sibu, Sarawak :P Yeah, I know, it is so darn far. I mean, at first I wasn't prepared for PLKN, then I got to go to Sibu. How great is that? -.-" But I've prayed about it. So if this is where I should be going then there's no doubt I shouldn't go.

So if there is no halangan or anything, I'll be going this 2nd of Jan -yeah that early - and my parents will send me to Wangsa Maju, here for those who are going to Sabah and Sarawak have to berkumpul here. And I guess, after that I won't be 'seeing' all of you peeps for another THREE months! pfft. Oh well, just pray so that I won't get tanned so much!

I went to OU twice last weekend and apparently my stuff for PLKN is not well prepared yet. Mama asked me to packed my things the latest this Wednesday. Because this is Sibu we're talking about, its not like we could travel there for ten minutes. Oh my camp is at Bumimas, so anybody who would like to visit me, PLEASE COME will you? Heehee.

But I'm sick right now. I've got terrible cold and coughs, so do pray for my health, not just my health but OUR health :DD These are the names that I could remember would be going to PLKN - note that NONE of my buddies got the same camp as mine :P

> Aimisya, Aisyah Zailan, Rai, Syed, Kamil, Hakim, Nublan, Naim, Zaid, Keyya, Ane, Waniman, Wanimer, Shekkey, Mushi,  I'm sorry but I can't remember other names but there will be 6 of my buddies going to Sabah- how cool is that? And total pelajar smakl that got it is 33, if I'm not mistaken. sorry ^ ^"

Anyway, I'll update more about my buddies yang pergi. So, pray for us all the BOMB :)

I'm the Blue one. I shouldn't be that way, shouldn't I?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Perfect Two

Grenade - My latest fav song :D Thank you.

Flashbacks by Raihana Nadhira

I remember how everything was perfect. You told me you will be there whenever I needed you. You told me how beautifully amazing I was when we met for the first time. Then, you told me that, you will never left me alone, because, you said you are my guardian angel. Reminiscing that night when you said "I have to go away. I'm sorry" and you left without no more words spoken, you left me speechless, and you made me pouring down hot streaming tears. You are unforgiven.

I remember how everything was tough. I remember I was at the stable, taking care of those horses that you and I use to rode. I haven't heard of you since that night. At that time it was almost six months since you left me, without calls and letters, I couldn't know how you are, where you are and why you left me. I was angry and frustated because all you said to me before was a lie. My heart was torn, throbbing in pain. I couldn't endure it, and my eyes kept welding up tears. I remember when I came to your house the other day after you went away, I knocked once, then twice, then many times, hard enough to break it down. I shouted your name, but there was no response. Of course, I was knocking at the door of an empty house.

I remember how everything was troubled. I remember when I was walking at the park from my college to my apartment in King's Street, I stumbled upon you. All of my college assignments strewn everywhere. You helped me to pick up all of the papers. It was three years after you left me, and suddenly you showed up again. Why? You made my heart torn again. We just stand there, looked at each other, studying each others' faces. You looked different. You looked somewhat, paler, and weaker. You looked at me, but I could see that your eyes looked through me. You were studying your beloved face. I smiled, my eyes weld up with tears again and I tried to touch your face but you looked away. Suddenly, you turned and you ran. I could see your feet brought you away from me as fast as if I was also running, trying to catch you, trying to reach you. But I was just standing there, where you left me, feeling dumbfounded what I just did, to make you go away, again.

I remember when I was busy. Busy looking up names, searching your name in the internet. I googled, and your name suddenly popped up in the centre of my computer. I plastered a smile. I finally found you. My housemate said that I was a fool, trying to find you when you're the one who left me. But somehow, although I was still mad at you for breaking your promises, deep down I felt as if you weren't purposely left me. I could tell when I looked into your soft hazel eyes this evening. Are you alright? I wrote down your address, and that night I walked out of my apartment, determined to see you and put away the memories of three miserable years of my life behind me.

I remember when I rang the doorbell. I rang many times, I called your name, I cried. I reminisced how I felt when I knocked your door last three years. I didn't bear to fail this time, no not this time. Just after a few moments, the door opened, and a familiar looking woman was standing in front of me. It was your mother, looking beautiful like always, like you. She was surprised to see me, and I was surprised even more when she quickly hugged me. She asked why I never called them and send letters. I was puzzled, I told her how you left me that night without telling me why, without telling me where you will be going. She wasn't prepared for this and she broke down. I helped her to sit in the kitchen. And then she said, "Oh honey, I thought he has told you. I'm sorry." I said to her I don't want an apology but an explanation. So, she told me your story.

I remember when my cheeks are wet again.  I remember I was in a ward, your ward. I walked into the room with a heavy heart, because I couldn't bear seeing you like that. You turned to look at me, and you let your tears fall. You said, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I couldn't take care of you anymore." I broke down beside you. And I remember I hugged you and finally I'm in your arms that had always been guarding me. "I love you. So please, don't leave me again. Never." And we remained quiet to capture that moment, that soon will end.

I remember when I read your letter, that you has wrote for me the day before you left me. A special letter for a special someone, you said. And to me an explanation that I have been trying to find. You wrote; ".... You are my one true love, and you can never be replaced sweetheart. I could never stop loving you because you are truly a special woman in my life. You brought happiness in my life and you should know that your laughters has always been my favourite. I am really lucky, to have you inside my life. I would never regret that I had lend you my heart.
I'm sorry. But I have to go. I couldn't live beside you anymore because I 'm not strong enough to see you cry. I'm sick. And it is killing me slowly. I've diagnosed with brain cancer. And you could tell that I'm dying. I must let you go because I don't want you to see me like this. I'm sorry. And I love you. Please take care. And please.... forget me." My lips trembled. And I cried again.

I remember when the air was windy when you has gone. I remember I walked towards your grave and kneeled down to lay the flowers. All of your family were there. I could see your mother and her red rimmed eyes. She has cried enough. And I thought that I had too. I'm ready to let you go. And I want to tell you that my sweetheart, your love could never be replaced. I will always cherished our memories that we have shared together and I promise I will take care of myself. And I'm going to miss you. Badly.Thanks for the memories. Thank you for letting me be part of your life. And in your heart is forever I'll be.

I remember when I wrote this story. I remember when I told the New York Times publisher that I would like to share my story. I said, "Hi, my name is Rachel. And I've got story to tell."


Forever and Always

Friday, December 24, 2010


Alhamdulillah, all praise for Allah. I would like to congratulate all of you 30 000 PMR candidates for getting straight a's in your Big Whoopie! and no, not just you guys, all of you that although didn't make it to get straight but still, you guys had did the BOMB~~

Congrats Rayyan, and all of SB PMR Candidates. Nabihah, Fazi, Aziz, Moden, and all of SMAKL PMR Candidates :DD Akak bangga sama korg! Haha. Keep up the good work!

All the best always(:

I - WANT - IT - ALL 2

- stationaries peaceful life friends forever cute pink umbrella vacations to Europe run a mile jump on a trampoline for an hour non stop go bungee jumping ice-skating learn karate-do play chess with my husband hug a Chinese panda bake delicious cookies never be frustated sing a happy song everyday giggle at every jokes make everyone happy be a professional dentist wall- climbing be a best friend to my children give a shoulder for someone to cry on khatam all 40 hadith ride a horse by the beach breathe in fresh air walk on the road of Paris singing while skipping play a piano professionally a persian cat singing while playing a piano a goldfish eat rambutans everyday collect seashells learn to play a guitar be good in maths speak fluent english without grammatical errors become an idol to my siblings smile when times are rough Paul Smith clothing line wear braces bring my parents for hajj again laughing with my friends all the time never failed to selawat to Prophet Muhammad s.a.w every day make Makkah and Madinah as our second home touch a tiger ride on an elephant own a special bracelet think positive all the time have a creative and artistic mind have my own fashion line go to a funfair play all of Monopoly games series take a picture on top of a mountain go fishing have healthy and beautiful kids marry a man that can lead me always in Islam ways

Insya Allah. Ameen ;D

Two Talented Dudes ;D

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Are you ready? I WANT ;  spring summer fall winter rainy days sunny days rainbows Ray Bans walking down the beach sunsets Ipanema flip flops laughters Cybershot T - Series camera DSLR jumping on a puddle during rainy days haute couture dentistry in London umrah every year hajj at young age iPhone 4 chocolates Baskin Robbins climb mountains beautiful sceneries Juicy Couture MacBook Air straight A's student sweet movies animals to be saved from extinctions green environent be artistic ballet flats every shopping bags biodegradable save the planet see stars through telescope ride horses swimming every day scuba dive my husband to sing me Just The Way You Are become a good daughter a good wife a good student a good woman be healthy sing to Taylor Swift every single day read good novels eat good food Volkswagen Polo big furry cute teddy bear the new iPod Touch eat Famous Amos cookies every day not miss qiyam every morning never forget to read the quran every day to shop many accessories e - Book gladiatorish wedges never forget to drink water 8 times a day sing to my husband Perfect Two by Auburn get engaged by 22 get married by 24 have many wonderful kids have my own clinic major in arts do fencing learn to play chess rollerblade a full collection of Hans Zimmer Album professional photographer smile every day have many friends worldwide have my own orphanage help muslims and my religion make my parents proud become a useful person become rich and donate to many be a good cook watch a football game take beautiful pictures have an art gallery

Just The Way You Are ♥


This is my new yahoo mail so, add lah okay? Hee ;D


Rayyan, all the best for tomorrow sis! I'll always pray for your success. Insya Allah, you will achieve your goal. Tawakaltu 'alallah always okay? Banyakkan zikir ya haleem and doa so that Allah will permudahkan all of your urusan. 9 A's insya Allah.

Best Wishes,

Akak :D

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Old Time Favourite - GARFIELD! :DD

Helium Hearts :DD

The 101st Post :D

Wow, this is my 101st post and alhamdulillah. Of course since this post have a special tittle, I supposed that this post should be one of my special post that I would love to share with all of you wonderful peeps.
Firstly, what I would like to emphasize now is that, I was wrong last night. I was wrong because I said that I'm not happy, I was upset on something that when I thought about it today is ridiculous, I should not, ever, sacrifice my happiness just because I wanted it to be, you know, get sacrificed. I was of course entirely happy before I put myself into a situation that you can find mostly were the sadbugs. I can be happy if I want to and I can be entirely otherwise if I want to also. It's all depends on me. It's all depends on what I chose. And last night I had chose that my life is a downturn. And not just last night, but also the other nights. I didn't realize that I had forget about one most important thing. I had forget - Him.

A good friend of mine told me, "you should go and search for joybugs", I plastered a smile when I read that. Yeah of course, a joybug would do the trick. And then I told him that I have to make a new post in my blog : A quest for happiness. When I think of that now I should have told my friend that I shouldn't be 'questing' for it because he doesn't know that I created my own sad ambience. I read sad novels, I watch sad movies, I guess all of it influenced me. So maybe, just maybe all of it makes me sad. But I could always put on a happy movie, I could always listen to a happy song. It's all my fault. I don't blame anyone because it's all my fault.

Do you know why I said that I had forget Him? Yes, I'd forget. And I was disgusted with myself. Baba said that why shouldn't you be happy? If I put on a sad face as if I had the biggest problems in the world and when I sighed at most occasions, he would say that " aren't you grateful of what you have?"  At first I would say to myself, why is it everytime I sighed it had to do with me being ungrateful to Him? I mean like duh! Why should I be sad because of stupid things when He had gave me a lot. I don't want to talk about my problems- oh wait, so called problems because it is not as important as my life that needs happiness and joy. I should always tell Him my problems, then I know that I'll have 100% happiness guarantee.

Yeah now you know how am I wrong. I've forgotten that Allah will always be there for me. I shouldn't be unhappy because when I'm sad, I must always tell him because then I'll be happy. It's like you shouldn't be sad all the time, because when you feel like you are having a downturn, you always turn to Him. The quicker you returm the faster you'll gained your happiness.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The BBQ Night

Salam. To all of my smaklians form 5, sorry because I couldn't make it. I'd try to talk this out with my parents but seems like they are busy. And because it is at night, lagi susah for me to attend. I'm sorry aimi, I know you had working on some cool vids, I hope you would post that on fb or in your blog or something. I'm sorry insyirah, jannah, nabilah, pah, auni, saff, norain, nailah,ayu, fasyark, anis wardah,anis azmi, and all of my dorm dodolians and girlfriends, I'm sorry because I couldn't make it and take loads and loads of pics with you guys. I'm sorry cikgu, because I couldn't eat my part of the kambing :P Speaking of it, you guys could have my part, heheh ^^"

I just hope that you lots have fun tonight! Keep in touch always.

With Love,
Rai XX

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sarah Naima ♥

A special post for a special person. Imydm  lah Sarah ;'( We must go out! We must talk! Gosh.

I miss you, cousin (:


So wohooo I'm back, again to tell, well no, babble to you about unimportant stuff. Well, now it is, I don't think telling you about my doings and goings is important but I just would like to write so I guess my only topic is talking about-

We didn't go to OU you see, because baba doesn't like traffic jam and fyi, lambat setengah jam je after 10, the road are packed with cars already, apart from OU being the Hottest Shopping Place ever, the Year End Sale is tumbling down right now, so many people would love to grab this and that, haha! So Rayyan keep on 'annoyingly' repeating that she has to buy stuff for her tukar2 hadiah tomorrow at Wangsa Walk, her primary schoolmates are making a reunion :P and she wanted to buy clothes so we went to Ikano and went to FOS. Before that we went to Brands Outlet and you should go there girls! The accessories are too fabulous! hehe and speaking of fabulous, the prices are too, fably cheap. Cute printed tees are sold 3 for rm50, the tops were latest in-thing and I haven't been to the next store yet, Padini, which I'm sure there are much much more to choose from. Oh well, I have to berjimat cermat, firstly because I still haven't buy my sister's headphone and ooh yes, we went to Popular and I viewed some of their mystery and crime collection, oooh very very deliciously captivating! You don't know how much I love mysteries and crimes stories Like Rayyan, I also adore John Grisham. My sister could finish the 400 pages book just one day! Oh well, just have to wait and make a cute bunny face to my mom or dad and they'll buy me one, heehee C=

Taylor said : Go out and  shop! ~

Okay so what I would like to press here is that: GO AHEAD GO OUT GO SHOP! YEAR END SALE IS COMING TO ITS ENDDDDD!!!! err too much? haha ^^" )

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Bit Pathetic But Whatever.

Why is that sometimes you feel you wanted to tell, no, scream to the world that you just fakin' everything up just to show the world that you are happy? Why is that you always have to fall for something that doesn't belong to you? Ugh. This is definitely pathetic. And this what I'm feeling right now.

I hope it would wash this feeling away already.

♥ Waiting Outside The Line

Another most favourite motivational song after The Climb, Grayson Chance's latest single(:

When She Has Started Talking Part 2

Helooooo people! I'm back again! Sorry,, still can't 'steal' those fab photos but sooner or later I'll upload 'em just for you :DD So wait and see okay? Patience is always a virtue. hee

So back to my story of my jamuan kelas at Kenny's. We had stuffed our faces haha the foods were good well mostly because we're famished because we had to wait for our 'prince charmings' to come. I presumed they were late because they had just finished their jumaat prayr and had to gosok those bajus haha really I thought Aidi looked nice yesterday~~ So then after makan makan it's our tukar2 hadiah time and I got my gift from Syed, thanks for the thumbdrive and the chocolate Syed! Haha ayah aku kata membazirkan duit kau je :P Thanks anyway. And I'm responsible for Ayu's gift, also a thumbdrive same as mine, Kingston 8 GB, hoothoot hope you like it! and the bookmark too!! The gift exchanges went well and was full of laughters, which couldn't really be explained why is that so haha but I really, really had a good time with all of you guys. II'll be missing all of you and I love all of you wonderful peeps ;')

Speaking of missing friends, I miss my old friends much much much. I hope we could reunite and share some quality time together babes! I miss you guys a lot and I hope you guys are too missing me.

So tomorrow insya Allah I'll be going to OU. Rayyan sibuk nak bershopping and besides, I have to ganti her headset, I left it in surau yesterday, pfft. oh well. I hope you guys don't mind this long post! I'll be writing back soon!!

We have fly away from each other. Keep in touch~

When She Has Started Talking

Bismillah alhamdulillah Allahuakbar. I'm done. With Mr. SPM. Dah sebulan date dengan dia. Heheh. Alhamdulillah I was thoroughly satisfied, but I admit some papers are pretty tough, I guess because its trial papes are okay. But what matters the most nw is I keep on praying, not forgetting that I have to tawakal to Him and istiqamah with my hajat, dhuha and tahajud prayers insya Allah. Rayyan keep on biting her nails (well, literally)  because you see her PMR results are coming this Thursday. Well, I wish you all the best sis! Insya Allah you'll get what you want! So what should I do now? I mean I'm free for like what? More than three months ofcourse! I just can't wait because there are loads of stuff to do and I haven't make any list yet oh dear! Speaking of lists, I'm thinking of Kam Kam already or Afiqah Kamal, yepp I know how you love to make lists and tick 'em!! hahah memories!

Speaking of memories, during SPM I'm a Dodol-ian you see because I'm in dorm dinamik with those wackiest dorm mates ahaha. I remember how we would stay up late at night burning candles (yeah right) and study our head off (well not during exam days okay! never! never stay up late during exam days!!) and I am proud to tell you that I suddenly became 'aware' of my figure and thought of jogging in the morning whenever possible because exercise is important,, you know? hahah. And my jogging mates are compulsory Norain and Nailah oh yes ofcourse Pah, also my bed mate, don't get yourself wrong she sleeps beside me at night oh yes, sadly replacing Insyirah ;'( Speaking of her I miss her already! And also Jannah and all of my Jauharians, my two year dorm!! Hah.. reminising back is just hard ;/ And i also would love to tell you that many things occured and of course memorable ever! I went to Pn. Azizah's daughter's wedding at Dewan Sri Endon, Putrajaya, it was hoooh grand and all, we girls (there was Aimi, I slept at her house just to attend the wedding pfft haha, Pah, Nabilah, Qid, Kam Kam, and many more including some of puteras) are wearing wedges! haha yeah I know suddenly I gained another 3 feet tall~~ I'll try to steal some of the pictures later from them okay? Just wait(;

Yesterday oh yesterday! Of course, a day after spm bhaha! But that's not what I emphasize for, it was 5 Othman Class Party (haha party sounded melebih la pulak, jamuan kelas jerr hee) But its not 'jerr' because I had so much fun hanging out err officially without parents supervision, kan saff?haha) at Kenny Rogers Roasters One Utama. I went home after PQS ended so which means I have to undergo a dad-and-daughter-please-let-me-go-out-talk and yes at first my dad don't let me go since he was thinking that me going out with them with a cab to OU was ridiculous, at first I thought like yeah? on a cab? but you know, my dad just love me so much and I love you too so much baba(: He then decided to let me go heehee thanks baba! So I went to Unie's in the morning and his dad sent us to smakl. Haha you should see how were everybody in my dorm, of course bersiap like wow! haha. I was prep and ready so I helped some of them to wear celak on and all and then off we go with two cars because there were ten girls following on the first trip (but there wern't any second trip) thanks to Encik Azmi, Anis's dad and his son in law (just new). Fatma our favourite class asst monitor and some other girls went a bit later with Mimi's dad. So we went and shop yesterday, well not al of us, no to be precise ONE of us couldn't get least a bit excited hahah, well I don't blame any of us for being excited in OU. OU is always the bomb! In fact, I'm going there again tomorrow:DD

Continue later.

Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm Sorry That You Have Undergone Redox Reaction

I know I know that my blog has 'berkarat' -get it? Redox Reaction, Chemistry...?
Oh well. Alhamdulillah now I'm FREEEEEEEEEEEE.
So, I'll update more and more.

It's just good to be back and begin to write after so many months ;')
I miss you like hell.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Eid Mubarak :D

:D and maaf zahir batin.

To my dearest family members:

Baba, Mama
Rayyan, Raihan and Razeen

Sarah, Husna, Nadia, Luke, Ahmad
K. Aliyah, K. Atikah, Muiz, Amina Husna, Munirah
and all my little cousins

Farah Ain

and to all of my relatives and family members
especially Tok, Tok Aji, Mak Wo(:

To my friends:

Classmates of 5 Othman 2010
Pah, Naddy, Musyi, Unie, Nailah, Ummu, Anis, Mimik (names yang takde kt fb -,-")

all of Form Fives Batch 2010,

(Names that also takde dlm fb) Nur Aisyah, Fasyak, Fatin Naqiya, Aisyah, Fatin Atikah, Rizwan, Tun, Deha, Tiqi, Steff, Iman, Rianne, Kimberly, Zue, Zurin, Iqa, Nabihah, Anis, Anep, Apiz, Aan, Aish, Afiq, Azim, Hana

and especially to all of my TEACHERS in SRIP, SB, SA and SMAKL(:

To my adik2 usrah:
Fazi, Nabihah, Asyiqin, Farah, Najwa, Najihah, Fatihah

and Dorm Jauhari HAWT (Jay Hot!)

and Adik2 Mentor Mentee 2009 and Form 1 2010

and all of my associates around the world! (eyh?)

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir && Batin

With Love,
Raihana Nadhira Rafidi(;

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hit Rewiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind! For The Memories.

3 Al Farabi 2008

I would like to apologize to all of you wonderful peeps down here. I know I've been selfish and detached with you guys. And I know, lack of time to reconnect with all of you is a low and lame excuse. I'm sorry.
And I want all of you to know that, especially to Husna, Kyra, Tera, Alia, Qila, Aisyah, Nani, Fatin, Anis, Nabihah and Nur Aisyah, I miss you guys badly ;'( and I hope our friendship that was once created will still stay strong. Thanks for the memories.

Husna, Qila :D

Kyraaa ;D
Alia, Tera, Qila ;)

Zaid (!)
Aisyah ;')
Mawi :)
Zaf and Naqiu (:
Affan ^^
Naniii :DD

Zue :)



Anep, Apiz :D

Naim (:
Ehsan :P

Aan :P

p/s: thanks fr the pics!

Best Wishes,