Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Are you ready? I WANT ;  spring summer fall winter rainy days sunny days rainbows Ray Bans walking down the beach sunsets Ipanema flip flops laughters Cybershot T - Series camera DSLR jumping on a puddle during rainy days haute couture dentistry in London umrah every year hajj at young age iPhone 4 chocolates Baskin Robbins climb mountains beautiful sceneries Juicy Couture MacBook Air straight A's student sweet movies animals to be saved from extinctions green environent be artistic ballet flats every shopping bags biodegradable save the planet see stars through telescope ride horses swimming every day scuba dive my husband to sing me Just The Way You Are become a good daughter a good wife a good student a good woman be healthy sing to Taylor Swift every single day read good novels eat good food Volkswagen Polo big furry cute teddy bear the new iPod Touch eat Famous Amos cookies every day not miss qiyam every morning never forget to read the quran every day to shop many accessories e - Book gladiatorish wedges never forget to drink water 8 times a day sing to my husband Perfect Two by Auburn get engaged by 22 get married by 24 have many wonderful kids have my own clinic major in arts do fencing learn to play chess rollerblade a full collection of Hans Zimmer Album professional photographer smile every day have many friends worldwide have my own orphanage help muslims and my religion make my parents proud become a useful person become rich and donate to many be a good cook watch a football game take beautiful pictures have an art gallery

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