Saturday, December 18, 2010

When She Has Started Talking

Bismillah alhamdulillah Allahuakbar. I'm done. With Mr. SPM. Dah sebulan date dengan dia. Heheh. Alhamdulillah I was thoroughly satisfied, but I admit some papers are pretty tough, I guess because its trial papes are okay. But what matters the most nw is I keep on praying, not forgetting that I have to tawakal to Him and istiqamah with my hajat, dhuha and tahajud prayers insya Allah. Rayyan keep on biting her nails (well, literally)  because you see her PMR results are coming this Thursday. Well, I wish you all the best sis! Insya Allah you'll get what you want! So what should I do now? I mean I'm free for like what? More than three months ofcourse! I just can't wait because there are loads of stuff to do and I haven't make any list yet oh dear! Speaking of lists, I'm thinking of Kam Kam already or Afiqah Kamal, yepp I know how you love to make lists and tick 'em!! hahah memories!

Speaking of memories, during SPM I'm a Dodol-ian you see because I'm in dorm dinamik with those wackiest dorm mates ahaha. I remember how we would stay up late at night burning candles (yeah right) and study our head off (well not during exam days okay! never! never stay up late during exam days!!) and I am proud to tell you that I suddenly became 'aware' of my figure and thought of jogging in the morning whenever possible because exercise is important,, you know? hahah. And my jogging mates are compulsory Norain and Nailah oh yes ofcourse Pah, also my bed mate, don't get yourself wrong she sleeps beside me at night oh yes, sadly replacing Insyirah ;'( Speaking of her I miss her already! And also Jannah and all of my Jauharians, my two year dorm!! Hah.. reminising back is just hard ;/ And i also would love to tell you that many things occured and of course memorable ever! I went to Pn. Azizah's daughter's wedding at Dewan Sri Endon, Putrajaya, it was hoooh grand and all, we girls (there was Aimi, I slept at her house just to attend the wedding pfft haha, Pah, Nabilah, Qid, Kam Kam, and many more including some of puteras) are wearing wedges! haha yeah I know suddenly I gained another 3 feet tall~~ I'll try to steal some of the pictures later from them okay? Just wait(;

Yesterday oh yesterday! Of course, a day after spm bhaha! But that's not what I emphasize for, it was 5 Othman Class Party (haha party sounded melebih la pulak, jamuan kelas jerr hee) But its not 'jerr' because I had so much fun hanging out err officially without parents supervision, kan saff?haha) at Kenny Rogers Roasters One Utama. I went home after PQS ended so which means I have to undergo a dad-and-daughter-please-let-me-go-out-talk and yes at first my dad don't let me go since he was thinking that me going out with them with a cab to OU was ridiculous, at first I thought like yeah? on a cab? but you know, my dad just love me so much and I love you too so much baba(: He then decided to let me go heehee thanks baba! So I went to Unie's in the morning and his dad sent us to smakl. Haha you should see how were everybody in my dorm, of course bersiap like wow! haha. I was prep and ready so I helped some of them to wear celak on and all and then off we go with two cars because there were ten girls following on the first trip (but there wern't any second trip) thanks to Encik Azmi, Anis's dad and his son in law (just new). Fatma our favourite class asst monitor and some other girls went a bit later with Mimi's dad. So we went and shop yesterday, well not al of us, no to be precise ONE of us couldn't get least a bit excited hahah, well I don't blame any of us for being excited in OU. OU is always the bomb! In fact, I'm going there again tomorrow:DD

Continue later.

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