Friday, December 24, 2010

I - WANT - IT - ALL 2

- stationaries peaceful life friends forever cute pink umbrella vacations to Europe run a mile jump on a trampoline for an hour non stop go bungee jumping ice-skating learn karate-do play chess with my husband hug a Chinese panda bake delicious cookies never be frustated sing a happy song everyday giggle at every jokes make everyone happy be a professional dentist wall- climbing be a best friend to my children give a shoulder for someone to cry on khatam all 40 hadith ride a horse by the beach breathe in fresh air walk on the road of Paris singing while skipping play a piano professionally a persian cat singing while playing a piano a goldfish eat rambutans everyday collect seashells learn to play a guitar be good in maths speak fluent english without grammatical errors become an idol to my siblings smile when times are rough Paul Smith clothing line wear braces bring my parents for hajj again laughing with my friends all the time never failed to selawat to Prophet Muhammad s.a.w every day make Makkah and Madinah as our second home touch a tiger ride on an elephant own a special bracelet think positive all the time have a creative and artistic mind have my own fashion line go to a funfair play all of Monopoly games series take a picture on top of a mountain go fishing have healthy and beautiful kids marry a man that can lead me always in Islam ways

Insya Allah. Ameen ;D

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