Monday, December 20, 2010

The BBQ Night

Salam. To all of my smaklians form 5, sorry because I couldn't make it. I'd try to talk this out with my parents but seems like they are busy. And because it is at night, lagi susah for me to attend. I'm sorry aimi, I know you had working on some cool vids, I hope you would post that on fb or in your blog or something. I'm sorry insyirah, jannah, nabilah, pah, auni, saff, norain, nailah,ayu, fasyark, anis wardah,anis azmi, and all of my dorm dodolians and girlfriends, I'm sorry because I couldn't make it and take loads and loads of pics with you guys. I'm sorry cikgu, because I couldn't eat my part of the kambing :P Speaking of it, you guys could have my part, heheh ^^"

I just hope that you lots have fun tonight! Keep in touch always.

With Love,
Rai XX

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