Thursday, December 30, 2010

This Is The Right Time - I guess 2

Wooh seriously like penat gila. Today my feet have walked many miles ! :P HAHA exaggerate much? well yeah probably. Oh well, so today I'm out again with my mom and my sisters. We went to KL. And I got myself new more tudungss and head scarvess. We also went to SOGO, haha the sale haven't ended yet!
Anyway PLKN is near and I'm going to start packing tonight. Aimisya pun dah like pack (?!) OMG haha. So since I couldn't like bring more than a bag full of clothes and a bag sandang so I asked mama how to solve my so many bajus -.-" Fortunately, mama asked me to open one of her cabinets at the top cupboard and she got me a very huge luggage! HAHA seriously that would certainly solve my problem. Mama said that she bought that during our holiday to Australia last time. HEHEHE I can't wait to pack!

Balance yourself with the bag(:

Oh btw, for all my peers yang pergi PLKN, here are some lists that I would love to share (:

> Trackbottoms and shirtss (mencukupi and banyak)
> Vicks, minyak cap kapak, plasters
> Tudung and headscarves - yang banyak and enough
> Your phone - a must!
> Some foods - just in case you're hungry
> Socksss - PLENTY!
> Sportshoes
> Cleanser, Toner, Sunblock, Lip balm
> Toilettries including sabun, shampoo, floss! toothbrush toothpaste semuaa
>Flip flops and sandals
> Laundry bagss
> Detergents and berus baju, hangrerss and sepit baju okay jgak kalau bawak
> Medications - if needed.
>Pictures of your love ones -HAHA ;')
>Baju kurung
>Pens and a notebook - there'll be like classes.

HEHE. So, bawak like a huge bag to throw all these stuff and a bag sandang or whatever bag. Make sure there are only TWO bags. I called JKLN this morning and the abang said that especially to those who 'll be going this sunday, bag tak nak bawak banyak because you guys are flying there, mcm tu lah alasan dia. Oh well. ++ This SUNDAY , please PAKAI FORMAL ATTIRE. Abang tu ckp tht guys should wear t shirt bercollar and shoes. Girls pakai formal jugak and tak nak baju kurung. Baju sukan pun boleh(:


  1. Raiiii :')
    Oh you called JLKN? kte pun ingat nak call nk tny kene pakai ape mase pegi nnt.
    You pakai ape?
    I pakai suar slack, tshirt labuh n tudung, boleh x?

  2. raaiii.jgn lupe ubat nyamuk tau!!!!!
    i'll be missing you...
    take care eh kat sana..