Saturday, December 18, 2010

When She Has Started Talking Part 2

Helooooo people! I'm back again! Sorry,, still can't 'steal' those fab photos but sooner or later I'll upload 'em just for you :DD So wait and see okay? Patience is always a virtue. hee

So back to my story of my jamuan kelas at Kenny's. We had stuffed our faces haha the foods were good well mostly because we're famished because we had to wait for our 'prince charmings' to come. I presumed they were late because they had just finished their jumaat prayr and had to gosok those bajus haha really I thought Aidi looked nice yesterday~~ So then after makan makan it's our tukar2 hadiah time and I got my gift from Syed, thanks for the thumbdrive and the chocolate Syed! Haha ayah aku kata membazirkan duit kau je :P Thanks anyway. And I'm responsible for Ayu's gift, also a thumbdrive same as mine, Kingston 8 GB, hoothoot hope you like it! and the bookmark too!! The gift exchanges went well and was full of laughters, which couldn't really be explained why is that so haha but I really, really had a good time with all of you guys. II'll be missing all of you and I love all of you wonderful peeps ;')

Speaking of missing friends, I miss my old friends much much much. I hope we could reunite and share some quality time together babes! I miss you guys a lot and I hope you guys are too missing me.

So tomorrow insya Allah I'll be going to OU. Rayyan sibuk nak bershopping and besides, I have to ganti her headset, I left it in surau yesterday, pfft. oh well. I hope you guys don't mind this long post! I'll be writing back soon!!

We have fly away from each other. Keep in touch~

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