Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Last Ten

Start with ayaat 186, Surah Al Baqarah. In the name of Allah the most gracious, the most merciful. "Ya Allah, ampunilah dosa-dosaku Ya Allah, sesungguhnya Engkaulah Yang Maha Pengampun dan amat suka pada yang ebrtaubat. Ya Rahman, Ya Raheem, Ya Wadud, ampunilah dosa-dosa mama dan baba, keluargaku, sanak-saudaraku, guru-guruku, rakan-rakanku dan semua umat islam di dunia ini yaAllah, yang hidup, mahupun yang telah mati. Ya Allah, terimalah amalan - amalan kami Ya Allah, masukkanlah kami dalam golongan yang beriman dan bertaqwa. Ingatkanlah kami padamu sentiasa, bersihkanlah hati- hati kami Ya Allah, terangkanlah hati kami dan berilah petunjuk dan hidayahmu pada kami. Ya Allah, kurniakanlah kami kecemerlangan, kejayaan, ketenangan, ketenteraman, kedamaian, kekayaan, kebahagiaan di dunia dan di akhirat. Lindungilah kami, peliharalah kami, dan selamatkanlah perjalanan kami di dunia dan di akhirat. Matikanlah kami dalam iman, islam, dalam keadaan syahid menimba ilmu atau mermperjuangkan agamamu, dan matikanlah kami dalam keadaan doasa2 kami terhapus seperti bayi yang baru dilahirkan. Ya Allah, ampunilah dosaku ya Allah. Aku mengaku akan segala kezaliman yang telah kulakukan terhadap diriku dan org lain Ya Allah, Ya Ghafur. Ya Allah kurniakanlah aku dan rakan rakanku kecemerlangan dalam Trial SPM dan SPM 2010 ya Allah kurniakanlah kami 11 A+ dalam peperiksaan kami tahun ini ya Allah. Mudahkanlah urusan kami sentiasa. Kurniakanlah kami akal fikiran yang cerdik dan pandai, cerdas dan pintar, dan kuat ingatan, dan dapat aplikasikan perkara yg telah diingati ketika exam nanti ya Allah. Sesungguhnya Engkaulah yang berkuasa atas setiap sesuatu. Ya Allah izinkanlah kami membalas jasa2 ibu bapa dan guru guru kami dgn kejayaan yang cemerlang ya Allah dan peliharalah kami daripada membuat ibu bapa kami sedih terhadap kami yaAllah. Ya Allah kurniakanlah kecemerlangan buat adikku Rayyan dan kawan kawannya ya Allah dalam PMR. Ya Allah peliharalah kami daripada maenjadi hambamu yang lalai dan menyesal. Ya Allah masukkanlah kami ke dalam syurga Firdausmu, dan peliharalah kami daripada menjejaki nerakamu yaAllah. Peliharalah kami dari azab kubur dan daripada dihisab ya Allah. Selamatkanlah kami dalam meniti titian sirat seperti sepantas kilat ya Allah. Ya Allah panjangkanlah umur kami dan peliharalah kami dari menjadi hambamu yang rugi. Robbana atina fiddunya hasanah, wa fil akhirati hasanah, wa qina azabannar. Ameen Ya Rabbal 'Alamin." And no one can answer my prayer but You.

The Worth Watching - Pelham 123

The Taking of Pelham 123- Is a movie worth to watch. Really people, no dissapointments, just a nice flow.

I just watch this movie last night on HBO. It's a 2009 movie, and yeah, it was in the cinema last year but you know that I don't go to cinemas. Okay back to the story. This movie is my favourite after Die Hard and some other action pack movies. One thing that to me is very cool about this movie is that they don't show women's butts to get to the highest rank on the most watched movie. Which to me, is very sensible thing ever. Because you can see that all James Bond movies has unnecessary women-that-show-off-their-legs and big pouty redded mouth to attract watchers but not Pelham 123. Directed by Tony Scott and actored by two famous actors; Denzel Washington and John Travolta, this movie is another baskin robin for those who love action pack movies, like me. hehe.

So here is the plot that I got from the internet.

In early afternoon, four armed men hijack a subway train in Manhattan. They stop on a slight incline, decoupling the first car to let the rest of the train coast back. Their leader is Ryder; he connects by phone with Walter Garber, the dispatcher watching that line. Garber is a supervisor temporarily demoted while being investigated for bribery. Ryder demands $10 million within an hour, or he'll start shooting hostages. He'll deal only with Garber. The mayor okays the payoff, the news of the hostage situation sends the stock market tumbling, and it's unclear what Ryder really wants or if Garber is part of the deal. Will hostages, kidnappers, and negotiators live through this?

Well watch this movie if you wanna know how it ended. One thing for sure is that Washington is now one of my favourite hollywood actor(;

Saturday, August 28, 2010

When I Look At You

18th Ramadhan

Already! Masha Allah. How are your fasting going on peeps? I hope yu won't give up and remember that during fasting month all of our prayers will be granted, all of our sins will be perished and all of our kind-doings will be incresed their pahalas! Insya Allah. Just that we should cherished this ramadhan and not letting it passed by just like that. This is our time to read lots of pages of quran till we khatam again, and doing lots of kindness to other people.

But why there are still horrible incidents and bad attitudes during this month?
Easy peesy. Their nafsu controlled them.

Current newspapers read about dumping babies, murders, family institution problems, raping, etcetera. Wa nauzubillah. God forbid. And most horrid is that all these still happen during this holy month.

All we can do is that prevent ourselves from getting into that kind of situation. We should start praying if we haven't, about being in safe path. May Allah bless us during this holy Ramadhan.

The Abandoned

It's not like I'm out of town and had forgot to write to all of you. It's just that, I'm sorry. It's been a month! Ugh.

I'm flying back to you.