Saturday, August 28, 2010

18th Ramadhan

Already! Masha Allah. How are your fasting going on peeps? I hope yu won't give up and remember that during fasting month all of our prayers will be granted, all of our sins will be perished and all of our kind-doings will be incresed their pahalas! Insya Allah. Just that we should cherished this ramadhan and not letting it passed by just like that. This is our time to read lots of pages of quran till we khatam again, and doing lots of kindness to other people.

But why there are still horrible incidents and bad attitudes during this month?
Easy peesy. Their nafsu controlled them.

Current newspapers read about dumping babies, murders, family institution problems, raping, etcetera. Wa nauzubillah. God forbid. And most horrid is that all these still happen during this holy month.

All we can do is that prevent ourselves from getting into that kind of situation. We should start praying if we haven't, about being in safe path. May Allah bless us during this holy Ramadhan.

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