Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our People

Ya Allah selamatkanlah saudara-saudaraku yang memperjuangkan Islam untuk menegakkan syiar Islam, selamatkanlah mereka yang sedang ditindas Ya Allah Robbul Jalali Wal Ikraam!

Guantanamo Bay

wa fi kulli makan wa zaman.

Old Fashion Letters

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Far Away Land

In Sya Allah, my family and I are going for umrah next week on the 6th of June. I would like to apologize for any of my wrong doings to all of you and if I happened to owe any of you anything, please halalkan. Please pray for our safe journey and in sya Allah I would not forget to pray for all of you guys' happiness and success in both worlds. May Allah bless us all always ;DD

Heehee formal eh? ~

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Misconceptions of "I" and "You"

The misconceptions of the usage of "I"and "You" - We probably always hear that some teens prefer to use "I" and "You" in their writings or emails or comments to others, especially in Myspace, Facebook or whatsoever connecting commucations, other than use "Aku" and "Kau". While some others preferred otherwise. I mean, it's not a big deal, suits you if you want to use both, because "I" and "You" is like a kata ganti diri, same meaning as "Aku" and "Kau". Have you ever heard of statements such as ; "Gedik gila nak guna I You dalam meseg" or " Belagak Mat Saleh konon" ? Well I have and I disagree 100% of that. I mean, what is the problem of using the term I and You with BM?? I myself like to speak rojak. Okay I know its not good to speak rojak because you tend to, I don't know, well most parents doesn't prefer their kids to speak rojak. But I think I speak better rojak because words that I usually speak of are like : "Oh hey, you dah makan blom?" or "Don't you think it's quite penat to do all this?" I really like to speak in English and that does not mean I'm gedik. Haa, now I remember the actual motive why I'd post this post. This is because it's annoying when you hear someone said that you are some kind of gedik whn you speak in BI. What's wrong with it? I know that some schools in our country, their students prefer to speak in Malay, and some other like to speak in BI, and some just simply like both of the language. Fyi, BI is an international language and it's a fact. To tell you the truth, I myself prefer to use I and You than Kau or Aku. I speak to whichever gender with I and You EXCEPT when that person starts the conversation with Aku or Saya or Kita. I don't mind. However, at school, I usually use Aku or Kau with boys because the statement of I You usage in school is only for love couples. All I wanna say is that you have no right to say that that girl is some kind of gedik when you happen to read her comments or talk to others in FB or MS with I and You, because they are just nothing but a simply Kata Ganti Diri in BI. I am much preferred the word I and You that Ko and Aku. My mom saw me the other day, using the word Aku and Kau to a guyfriend, and she said why'd I used that, she thought that it was harsh. All I answered was that I only use I and You to some other people who are comfortable with it only that I also don't understand why should someone be uncomfortable when people use I and You to talk with them? I mean, don't be NARROW MINDED la. Don't think as if the usage of I and You is taboo, only can when you speak with you so-called boyfriends and girlfriends. To me, that statement is rubbish, because who would prefer to say : "Saya think awak looks great today" or "Aku hungry la. Let's have some foods at that restaurant. Why don't kau treat Aku this time?" It sounded even sillier. I'm sorry if I offended some of you, but I really want to put stop on the statement : Kau ni gedik bila cakap BI!

F4 - In Rememberence

I miss BOF already. All I want is an encore telecast of that Korean Drama!! Oh well. Hope you like the pictures ( :


The SHHH! - Revealed

So we've done with the Hari Guru Celebration and it was............ UNBELIEVABLY FANTABULOUS! If you know what I mean. The decorations were EXOTIC, thanks to AJK PERHIASAN DEWAN, BACKDROP, and I like the multimedias.. thanks to AJK MULTIMEDIA. I also, on the behalf of AJK SAMBUTAN reall really wanna thanks AIN, UNIE, MIA, ATIKAH, MAHIRA, AZIMAH, A.A, FARID, MALIK for being the best AJK SAMBUTAN for our program this year, thanks for the lovely Alice In Wonderland-like terowong, and the 'dwarfs of form 1' haha, really really cute, with all the cotton beard and an add up of Lapricon Hats, and for the girls, 'the fairies of form 1', the purple-glittered magic wands were also cute and not to mention our black spells of sweets and chocolates! Also, many thanks to AJK JEMPUTAN, the Mirror and Shield cards were Medieval-like. It reminds me of Avalon High. Don't forget other AJK'S.

Hahah yeah I'm pretty sure you readers are at least slightly bit curious of how the celeb was. Our theme, wheich before I had said SHHHH! was... FAIRYTALE. With Today Was A Farytale by Talylor Swift as our theme song, our dewan suits it all! From outside, you'll be walking through a manmade terowong (made up of blankets from Aspura -,-" ) and they've put dry leaves and many branches, and you'll come across a very huge black spider, the one you can see in one of those Dakota Fanning's, and what I love about it was it was made with full of care, the web are just too good to be true! Then when you stepped into the dewan, which we call on that day as KLIS Palace (Kuala Lumpur Islamic School's Palace), you'll find yourself entering into a magical, no, enchanted garden, on top of you would be giants of lollipops, sweets and a huge silve star hanging, with the colourful flags, just like in one of those princess stories, except for the sweets decorations, I think they'd adapted from Hansel and Gretel. Our walls were fully covered with candy-like walls and we had our own cloud-floor (the floor was covered with cotton clouds and baby blue satin) we had our own bridge, and you can see two giant redwhite candies (I forgot what's the name, but it is famous during Christmas) lean against each other symbolized the entering of the bridge, side by side there were lighted candles on top of a rectangular silver solids, with baby blue scalloping them. Its quite hard to explain in detail, really because mainly you have to experienced it yourself! hehe. Don't worry, I'll put the pictures as soon as I can find the AJK PERAKAM PERISTIWA... ooh yes, have forgot about you people! Thanks a lot!- But actually I've got whole lot of other delicious stories to tell, but I think this very post is enough for all of your curiosities, till then( :

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Empty by Click Five

Ya Allah! I really badly miss you guys. Hope to see you guys someday somewhere again. Gosh ;'(

My dearest Farabians, SBians, and Alumni SRIP.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Selamat Hari Guru, Cikgu!

Happy Teacher's Day! May Allah bless all of you with showers of blessings. Thanks for everything, and sorry for anything that I did wrong. Doakan kejayaan kami, Cikgu! We LOVE you ;')

SRIP (2001 - 2005)

Ustzh Rosilawati
Tr. Hayati
Ustzh Aida
Ustz Ghazali
Ustzh Aminah

and all of SRIP's teachers

Setiabudi (2006-2008)

Tr. Husna
Tr. Rosli
Pn. Marziyana
Tr. Amin
Tr. Asmaniza
Tr. Zaid
Utz Mazwan
Utz Abu
Utz Nik
Tr. Amin
Tr. Rohaizi
Tr. Fazli

and all of SB's teachers

Sri Aman(2009)

Tr. Illiyani

and all of S.A's teachers

SMK Agama KL (2009-2010)

Ustzh Kasma
Ustzh Laila
Pn. Fazilawati
Ms. Parvathy
Ustz. Sani
Ustz. Abdoh
Tr. Hafizi
Ustz Hafizi
Tr. Fazlin
Tr. Hasniza
Tr. Seriani
Tr. Zainiyah

and teachers in SMAKL.

p/s: I LOVE YOU ( :

Why Raihana "Andrea" Zimmer?

Hahah okay, I owe you guys an explanation. My current favourite movie is .... Laskar Pelangi! Yeappp, an adapted movie from a novel by ANDREA Hirata. So, I like his karya now, that's why I got his name into mine, like Hans Zimmer's, haha. I know that's a weird thing to do. Oh well.

So I finally got the chance to watch that movie. Thanks to Pn. Zuhana, she brought us 5 Othmanians to PSE last Monday and we watched that touching-inspirational-captivating movie for 2 hours , eheh we use 4 period of classes, PSI takde hari tu. And fyi people, I'm in love with Lintang. Yes that hardworking-strong-inspirational boy. To tell you the truth, he got this criteria of my perfect knight of my life,yeah I know. WOW.

Meet: Lintang ( :

FT Island, Rai?

Hahah thanks to Naddy now I'm ALSO a FT Island fan. Whatever la Rai, haha.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Birthday!

First of all, for those who already passed his/her birthday, I'm really sorry for the late wish or late updating it in my blog -,-" Heheh. Selamat Hari Lahir! Semoga Panjang umur and murah rezeki! May Allah bless you!

March: Kyra, Alia, Sarah, FZ, Wanimer

April: Hanani

May: Mia, Wardah, Fashark Ayu, Aiman J, Fazil, Aliasye, Dahaz, Afiqah Kamal, Shafique, Nani, Auni, Amirah Badrulhisham, Fathi, Suhaila, Khaliq, Aimi, Aye, Azlinn

Hari Gotong Royong Mega, Hari Guru, Book Fair SMAKL 2010

I just got back, at  noon and was so so damn tired and sticky and stinky. Today is actually a Gotong Royong Day, the whole kl school district have got this gotong royong thingy. And we seperated our jobs with the name of classes, like I'm in Othman so all of Othmanians in smakl are responsible for cleaning school area. Yeaappp, talk about HUGE job! I got to bersihkan longkangs, rake the leaves, picking up smelly disgusting garbages, etcetra. Haha, but all in all I was pleased and satisfied. Our jobs did very good(: Thanks yeah people, love you guys for helping to clean up our school(((:

And so all of the form fives were very busy this week, got perjumpaan la, persiapan la, kan nak ada hari guru!!!! Yayy! Last year, the celeb was a blast, our form 5 2009 set up a garden theme, very very nice, with rose petals on the floor and the red carpet, the interior was all in white, green, alaa tema gardenish gitu.
And this year's... jeng jeng jeng. Ha- ha it's SHHHH! And it was from the idea of the creative minds of Khaliq and Aiman Shakir. The settings would be in SHHHH! and we've seperated ourselves into various ajk's. and I'm in ajk sambutan, so I, Mia, Azimah, Unie, A.A, Rahim, Farid and Malik will bergabung minda and do the best thing we could to make the theme SHHHH! become a reality. We were thinking of decorating our front with SHHHH! and with some bits of SHHH! and another SHHH! oh well! Seriously, I can't stand this pressure of excitednesss!! WOWWEEE!

HAHAHA, sakit hati je baca post neh. Bawak bersabar ye people! Nanti anda semua akan tahu ape itu SHHH! InsyaAllah kami akan buat yg terbaik( ;

Again. So, there'll be this Book Fair anjuran PSS and with the help of other two bodies we are going to do this Insya Allah on the 23rd. There'll be Telaga Biru, Al Hidayah, PTS One, Kaki Novel, Jemari Seni, Cerdik Publications, Pelangi, Sasbadi etcetera. Yeah, talk about BIGG. Again, I'm full of excitements. GiddyGiddy! Ha-ha. Ain have really put a lot of effort for this, and seriously, kte mintak maaf sbb tak dtg meeting smalam, tak tahu pn ada meeting and sorry if I haven't really help you with this but now if anything till the day, just ask me, and of course kte akan jumpa awak fr my task..

The Formal Invitation.

Haven't got the chance to attend the International Book Fair last month?
No worries! We, PSS of Sekolah Menengah Agama Kuala Lumpur have organized a Book Fair right next to you! There will be many kinds of books sold for you people!
Telaga Biru, Al - Hidayah, PTS One, Kaki Novel, Jemari Seni, Sasbadi, Pelangi, Cerdik and many more!

Date: 23rd of May 2010
Venue: Dewan Sri Bestari, SMK Agama KL
Time: 8.30 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.

So, what are you waiting for? This is open for public! Come and join us! Munchys and Nestle will be there too, apart from other more exciting stalls!

Dup Dup Dup - There Goes My Heartbeat

Ha-ha! So next Thursday is my turn to talk... at the morning assembly. Yeaaapppp! It's for ELS members,, we have to give this morning talk about whatsoever. So what am I suppose to talk??? Haihh!!!

oooh yesss. "The Climb, My Climb and Yours" is the best.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lovebug (2010) Part 2

It has been 2 years,
to be exact, I'm not very sure.
But about those years that I've made up my mind to not to,
try as best as I could not to fall again,
fall for love.
You already know,
about my stories of so-called love,
I wrote them in year 2008,
two posts that really had came from my heart.
I would like to apologize,
because none of those two,
were 100% true.
Of course when you are 'publishing' it to public,
you wouldn't want them to feel your hurt,
especially when one of them is the Person.
But then, I did managed to stumbled to another page of my life,
maybe I could say, another page of an untold love,
that is maybe new or the continue page of the past stories.
I'm writing about a girl who are confuse with her feelings,
there, can you understand now?
The Wonderful Soul seemed to be numerous in front of me,
or maybe I'm the only one who got blinded by their shines of wonderfulness.
I don't know,
I shouldn't even get easily disturbed, by this so-called emotion.
Now, why I even wrote it as a 'so-called' when it is true?
Again, I don't know.
The lovebug is the new story to tell.

O Allah, grant me the perfect choice of my life.
I don't want another regret,
and the past was really my own mistake.
I don't want another mistake,
of choosing what's right for me.
Because I know that You will accept my prayer,
of granting me the perfect knight of my life.

Lovebug (2010) Part 1

I was hoping it wouldn't get me.
But somehow, it does,
or I think it did.
I don't know.
I'm in confusion.
But then, something hit me,
no, not the bug of love,
but the bug of realization.
Yes, I just realized,
that this thing is not the dominant matter.
The thing that called love.
I've got other priorities,
shouldn't let my heart get tricked,
by the words of so-called love.
But action speaks louder than words, they say,
and yes, I assumed the sayings are true,
of course they are.
Because I somehow,
could not let this go easily.
Somehow it went hard,
hard as a solid compound,
made up of molecules of love.

Why is it love have to interfere your life?
Gosh Raihana, what a narrow mind of yours!
Love for God.
Love for the prophets.
Love for your parents.
Love, love, love,
for yourself.

You'll find your perfect knight of your life.

As the saying goes; Patience is the greatest virtue.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Good Luck Chuck! && Congrats!

All the best to Darwis, for the sajak competition today. Congrats to Syafa, Aiman, Azim and one more.. ehe sorry, forgot your name, ... for the championships in MTQ Peringkat Kebangsaan. I'm so proud of you guys' achivement ;') Keep up the good work of making SMAKL proud ;DD Oh and don't forget Fazil and Amal for participating in the slide show competition for PPDA.

Some Twosome Whosome

So there are two people in this world ever call me with my sister's name, Rayyan; Darwis and Syafiqah. They greet me with Rayyan and they call for me with Rayyan. I don't mind, really. That's because they thought that that name sounds very nice. YOU SEE Rayyan? Told cha that your name also sounded good as mine. HEHEH ( :

Madly Madly Juicy Juicy

Choose Juicy Couture.


JUICYJUICY lalala ( :

They even boost up your school spirit!

Even dress up Barbies! What more do you want? ;DD

One of the Juicy Ads.

I love JUICY.
I love JUICY,
I love JUICY.



I just got vaccinated. Right up on the left arm. Nope. Wasn't at all hurt. Alhamdulillah ( :

Puteri Day 2010

So we've got this Hari Puteri Peringkat Negeri last Wednesday and most of the schools in the district participated in the competition that has been held in honour of the Hari Puteri. The day was especially for all of Puteri Islam's participants. I and Suhaila took part in this collage jubin thingy, you've got to draw your own pattern on a mounting board, ours were black, and to top it of, we had to break our own jubin or tiles.OHO! and that was fun. I mean, how many times you get to see a real life picture of two girls breaking tiles under a student's pondok using a hammer and gave out this shrieking sounds of shattering pieces of tiles????! Okay, maybe not shrieking, that's a lil bit exaggerating, ehe -,-" Oh well. People did looked at us in such an odd way. Oh well, so on that day, things were all pinkish and absolutely cute ! I mean, really, all of the PPIM's had done a great job since this is our first time being the Tuan Rumah.

blablabla. and so we won the game!

Seriously, ALHAMDULILLAH. I was so shocked at first, because the others were way better than mine, but then this is rezeki. Allah had actually accepted my prayer, our prayers. Alhamdulillah. I won the Negeri, so insya Allah will be going for kebangsaan in June ( :