Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hari Gotong Royong Mega, Hari Guru, Book Fair SMAKL 2010

I just got back, at  noon and was so so damn tired and sticky and stinky. Today is actually a Gotong Royong Day, the whole kl school district have got this gotong royong thingy. And we seperated our jobs with the name of classes, like I'm in Othman so all of Othmanians in smakl are responsible for cleaning school area. Yeaappp, talk about HUGE job! I got to bersihkan longkangs, rake the leaves, picking up smelly disgusting garbages, etcetra. Haha, but all in all I was pleased and satisfied. Our jobs did very good(: Thanks yeah people, love you guys for helping to clean up our school(((:

And so all of the form fives were very busy this week, got perjumpaan la, persiapan la, kan nak ada hari guru!!!! Yayy! Last year, the celeb was a blast, our form 5 2009 set up a garden theme, very very nice, with rose petals on the floor and the red carpet, the interior was all in white, green, alaa tema gardenish gitu.
And this year's... jeng jeng jeng. Ha- ha it's SHHHH! And it was from the idea of the creative minds of Khaliq and Aiman Shakir. The settings would be in SHHHH! and we've seperated ourselves into various ajk's. and I'm in ajk sambutan, so I, Mia, Azimah, Unie, A.A, Rahim, Farid and Malik will bergabung minda and do the best thing we could to make the theme SHHHH! become a reality. We were thinking of decorating our front with SHHHH! and with some bits of SHHH! and another SHHH! oh well! Seriously, I can't stand this pressure of excitednesss!! WOWWEEE!

HAHAHA, sakit hati je baca post neh. Bawak bersabar ye people! Nanti anda semua akan tahu ape itu SHHH! InsyaAllah kami akan buat yg terbaik( ;

Again. So, there'll be this Book Fair anjuran PSS and with the help of other two bodies we are going to do this Insya Allah on the 23rd. There'll be Telaga Biru, Al Hidayah, PTS One, Kaki Novel, Jemari Seni, Cerdik Publications, Pelangi, Sasbadi etcetera. Yeah, talk about BIGG. Again, I'm full of excitements. GiddyGiddy! Ha-ha. Ain have really put a lot of effort for this, and seriously, kte mintak maaf sbb tak dtg meeting smalam, tak tahu pn ada meeting and sorry if I haven't really help you with this but now if anything till the day, just ask me, and of course kte akan jumpa awak fr my task..

The Formal Invitation.

Haven't got the chance to attend the International Book Fair last month?
No worries! We, PSS of Sekolah Menengah Agama Kuala Lumpur have organized a Book Fair right next to you! There will be many kinds of books sold for you people!
Telaga Biru, Al - Hidayah, PTS One, Kaki Novel, Jemari Seni, Sasbadi, Pelangi, Cerdik and many more!

Date: 23rd of May 2010
Venue: Dewan Sri Bestari, SMK Agama KL
Time: 8.30 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.

So, what are you waiting for? This is open for public! Come and join us! Munchys and Nestle will be there too, apart from other more exciting stalls!

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