Saturday, May 8, 2010

Puteri Day 2010

So we've got this Hari Puteri Peringkat Negeri last Wednesday and most of the schools in the district participated in the competition that has been held in honour of the Hari Puteri. The day was especially for all of Puteri Islam's participants. I and Suhaila took part in this collage jubin thingy, you've got to draw your own pattern on a mounting board, ours were black, and to top it of, we had to break our own jubin or tiles.OHO! and that was fun. I mean, how many times you get to see a real life picture of two girls breaking tiles under a student's pondok using a hammer and gave out this shrieking sounds of shattering pieces of tiles????! Okay, maybe not shrieking, that's a lil bit exaggerating, ehe -,-" Oh well. People did looked at us in such an odd way. Oh well, so on that day, things were all pinkish and absolutely cute ! I mean, really, all of the PPIM's had done a great job since this is our first time being the Tuan Rumah.

blablabla. and so we won the game!

Seriously, ALHAMDULILLAH. I was so shocked at first, because the others were way better than mine, but then this is rezeki. Allah had actually accepted my prayer, our prayers. Alhamdulillah. I won the Negeri, so insya Allah will be going for kebangsaan in June ( :

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