Sunday, May 16, 2010

Why Raihana "Andrea" Zimmer?

Hahah okay, I owe you guys an explanation. My current favourite movie is .... Laskar Pelangi! Yeappp, an adapted movie from a novel by ANDREA Hirata. So, I like his karya now, that's why I got his name into mine, like Hans Zimmer's, haha. I know that's a weird thing to do. Oh well.

So I finally got the chance to watch that movie. Thanks to Pn. Zuhana, she brought us 5 Othmanians to PSE last Monday and we watched that touching-inspirational-captivating movie for 2 hours , eheh we use 4 period of classes, PSI takde hari tu. And fyi people, I'm in love with Lintang. Yes that hardworking-strong-inspirational boy. To tell you the truth, he got this criteria of my perfect knight of my life,yeah I know. WOW.

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