Friday, May 28, 2010

The SHHH! - Revealed

So we've done with the Hari Guru Celebration and it was............ UNBELIEVABLY FANTABULOUS! If you know what I mean. The decorations were EXOTIC, thanks to AJK PERHIASAN DEWAN, BACKDROP, and I like the multimedias.. thanks to AJK MULTIMEDIA. I also, on the behalf of AJK SAMBUTAN reall really wanna thanks AIN, UNIE, MIA, ATIKAH, MAHIRA, AZIMAH, A.A, FARID, MALIK for being the best AJK SAMBUTAN for our program this year, thanks for the lovely Alice In Wonderland-like terowong, and the 'dwarfs of form 1' haha, really really cute, with all the cotton beard and an add up of Lapricon Hats, and for the girls, 'the fairies of form 1', the purple-glittered magic wands were also cute and not to mention our black spells of sweets and chocolates! Also, many thanks to AJK JEMPUTAN, the Mirror and Shield cards were Medieval-like. It reminds me of Avalon High. Don't forget other AJK'S.

Hahah yeah I'm pretty sure you readers are at least slightly bit curious of how the celeb was. Our theme, wheich before I had said SHHHH! was... FAIRYTALE. With Today Was A Farytale by Talylor Swift as our theme song, our dewan suits it all! From outside, you'll be walking through a manmade terowong (made up of blankets from Aspura -,-" ) and they've put dry leaves and many branches, and you'll come across a very huge black spider, the one you can see in one of those Dakota Fanning's, and what I love about it was it was made with full of care, the web are just too good to be true! Then when you stepped into the dewan, which we call on that day as KLIS Palace (Kuala Lumpur Islamic School's Palace), you'll find yourself entering into a magical, no, enchanted garden, on top of you would be giants of lollipops, sweets and a huge silve star hanging, with the colourful flags, just like in one of those princess stories, except for the sweets decorations, I think they'd adapted from Hansel and Gretel. Our walls were fully covered with candy-like walls and we had our own cloud-floor (the floor was covered with cotton clouds and baby blue satin) we had our own bridge, and you can see two giant redwhite candies (I forgot what's the name, but it is famous during Christmas) lean against each other symbolized the entering of the bridge, side by side there were lighted candles on top of a rectangular silver solids, with baby blue scalloping them. Its quite hard to explain in detail, really because mainly you have to experienced it yourself! hehe. Don't worry, I'll put the pictures as soon as I can find the AJK PERAKAM PERISTIWA... ooh yes, have forgot about you people! Thanks a lot!- But actually I've got whole lot of other delicious stories to tell, but I think this very post is enough for all of your curiosities, till then( :

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