Sunday, January 31, 2010

This is it

It's 11.27 pm and I'm supposed to be in bed by now or my parents will kill me! But I decided to post this last post fr today before I have my beauty sleep. Okay so I've found this veryvery beautiful and meaningful quotes. I hope you will like 'em because I like them and I think it's very gay, haha. Pegh.

Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.
Joshua J. Marine

No life ever grows great until it is focused, dedicated, disciplined.
Harry Emerson Fosdick

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.
Albert Einstein

Life is a challenge, and I’m staying in the game to win.
Robert M. Hensel

Life is what happens to you
While you're busy making other plans.
John Lennon

Our life is what our thoughts make it.
Marcus Aurelius

A better life will come your way the second you get up and start walking toward it.
Jason Gracia

A successful life is one that is lived through understanding and pursuing one's own path, not chasing after the dreams of others.
Chin Ning Chu

I felt that i'm now occupied with high spirits in approaching life, approching my future after reading these quotes (woo hoo!haha). Maybe next time, I'll put the muslim schollars quotes, which would be even better than this. In Sya Allah I will do the best as I could to achieve my goal, my eternity. How 'bout you? Do you feel the same way as I felt? Let's have a HAPPY LIFE people, let's have a happy life ;DD Okay good night wonderful ppl, and sleep tight, dn't let the bed bugs bite! (oh recite the bedtime prayers first okayh?hee:D )

That Girl Worth Anything

She has been working the hardest, the hardest to change the world into a better place to live. Well, apparently it's a school,  the school that she's been trying to make a better place to be and with the help of the other good friends, they have been struggling to make that school a markedly different school than the past, a better ambience should be the word, yes, a more develop but much much more better than before. Yet, she have to faced so many difficulties untill today, because she and her friends got to fight, fight to stand strong and remain strong with the power that they have. The new people arrived, and a new test begin. The people were as egotistical as a horse (and I'm not talking as a whole, but some of them). I mean, why should they be like that when their surroundings revolved in a same ambience? So what if you wear Guess, when the others wear as much as Louis Vuitton? So you've got a pair of Nike but the others also got that pair or even better Lacoste! And so what if your dad owns a building when the others' owned certain country! I do not state all these to act like you new people were acting, like a snobbish people, but I'm just trying to say that riches or popularity doesn't matter!
You shouldn't be so high and mighty and neglected what you've been told to do. She has been using many kinds of ways, slow-talking, sweet-tone talking and even preached to you new people to become a better muslim. Why must you look down on her or ignore whatever she's been trying to say to you? So if you have to wear long socks, so wear it then! So if you can't show your bra straps, so don't show then!Is it that hard to abide rules?? At least you should become a better human being at school if you can't outside. You should also think like an intelligent human who is worth living on earth when it comes to preaches or religious talks. Why can't you stand hearing them? Is your heart is just too dark, too black 'till you can't accept the light of islam?? Wa Na'uzubillah. I was very shocked to hear this news. You people should be very grateful of what you have. Since I moved from there and start schooling at a govt school, many kind of things that I've encountered and learned. I myself am not from a rich family.
We're just average. But since I've been with a lot of well-off people, I knew a lot of things that is revolved between them, well not literally but almost. When I started schooling here, there are many other students who are not as rich as you new people. Their parents are either one of them have died, or only have monthly salary of Rm 1,000 and below. Can you imagine, raising 7 children with a wife who doesn't work because she got to take care of the kids and with a husband who only managed to have his salary of only about Rm 800 per month?? And the school fees here is more than Rm 700 per year. Although they have special rates but don't you see all this?? I was very sad when I heard one of my friend were saying "Kesian mak bapak kite, ni nak kena bayar duit sekolah adik kite lagi, ". That is true, to us the money maybe is nothing to be compared with what we've owned throughout our life, but to them, the money is something very important and worth for. That is true, God has created us with many different conditions and situations, but each of them got their own hikmah. If Allah created His people with all the wealth, then we would all be the most ungrateful, unappreciative human being on earth. He said in the Holy Quran : "And I do not create the Jinns and the human being but to perform ibadah to Me". And from this verse, we can conclude that ibadah can be diverge into many noble attitudes and activities such as solat, fasting, studying, be a great muslim, etcetera, etcetera. What that girl have been saying to you all the while was worth to listen and to practice to. Because you know why? She's saving your life, for Allah's sake, can't you think, my dear brothers and sisters of Islam???? Later you'll thank her in the herafter, because Allah let you been saved by her from letting you been throwned to Hell.

That's right Husna. You've done your best. But keep on working, may Allah bless you of what you've been trying to do. Ma Sya Allah, you've also awakened me from my 'sleep'. O Allah, I repent to you. Please forgive me and my other brothers and sisters of Islam, either they are alive or have died. Indeed, no one forgve sins but You.

That Random Thing

So, we just got back from Ikano to buy some stuff like i told you before and the most important thing was my lil bro, Razeen wanted badly to buy PS2, and his only eight ( i know lah some ppl dh ada ps2 or ps3 or psp at that young age but to me that's like spoiling them, no offence ). Okay so back with my story. Razeen has finally had his PS2, and he was all smiling with glee and gedik-ness. And my sisters and I have bought prezzies fr the ones that we owed, and that means fr me; qila, tera and alia, guys i'm sooooo sorry fr the vryvry late prezzies! I hope you guys like it, it's vry simple really. Oh well, I saw this very fab t-shirt in the shop where we bought the prezzies and they were full with awesomeness. Last time i bought a t-shirt to a friend of mine because it's a tukar2 hadiah present and i think he liked it, i mean who doesn't?haha. The design are just so ultimately glossy, haha. Okay, okay, i'm done fr now. Oh hope you'll like this song that i've put; Someone Somewhere by Jason Reeves. He's awesome la weh(:

Someone Somewhere

The Busy Bee

I'm the busy bee! Tday lots of stuff that I've got to do since yesterday I was busying myself with posting bloggssss. Aiyaa Rai! Okay, so tday i've got to buy stuff fr my bilik (maktabah), you remember right? I'm a pengawas PSS now, hee :D Then, got to finish the Duty Roster of Maktabah 2010, start writing the letter to Dato' Seri Najib, etcetera.. HAIH! - Oh yeah, study arab and physics. Tomorrow night I've promised my adik dorm to teach them physics. Well, i've decided to be their tutor frm now on. Phy, chem, bio, mm, and add maths and arab! Wooh! But this is a good trick so that i can revise form 4 and never frget the topics, because then it will be very useful when the next exam arrive. Okay wonderful ppl of the world, see you after breakfast! (:


Happy Jumping, Rizwan. Happy Sweet 18!

I would like to wish you a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, sorry for the vryvry late wish! Last Sunday during my birthday tu, I've remembered that I've got to wish to a very good friend of mine, but somehow, I've forgotten! Sorrryyyy! Semoga panjang umur and murah rezeki, may Allah bless you with showers of blessings! And be happy always! Like I said in my previous post, let's be in a GAY LIFE, haha :DD

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Gay Life

Happiness is what i'm trying to emphasize here, not the other way round okayh! Okay so about happiness. If you search into Raihana Rafidi Dictionary, happiness can be defined as felicity, gay, contentment, pleasure, gladness, cheerfulness, joy, glee, delight, etcetera. Many many words describe happiness. I want to live my life to the fullest, well with what it supposed to be under islam's way ofcourse, and our religion never stop us to enjoy a happy life. Somehow, ppl misunderstood happiness. That's why you can find ppl dealing with drugs, alcohols, always changing partners (i'm talking about teenagers who can't find their real love) and more including moral disorder (if there's such word). Why can't we live in a more courteous or high morality way, like living in a happy neighbourhood where you can find mostly in kampung or overseas such as the America  (not in the cities but in their towns), they live in a most harmonious ambience. I've been longing for that environment. God give us the chance of controlling our life. We choose what we want to be in our life. And I have chosen happiness. I want to live in a gay life, a happy life. That's why if you find me around you'll see me smiling all the way my journey.That girl you see is me. The real me. So you'll know when  i'm feeling down. To happiness, with love (:

She Zimmer

Hello, I'm Raihana Zimmer and I'm seventeen.

Okay, loads of ppl have been askin' to me, "Rai, sape Zimmer nih? It's like everywhere u go, there'll be this name,". And i would annoyingly laugh back and answer, "He plays instrumental music". Yes, and i'm his biggest fan, thanks a gazillion to Sarah (^0^"). Haha. Okay ppl, i know u've noticed i used his name a lot, especially on myspace, and well that's because i love his masterpiece. Hans Zimmer is a famous composer and his masterpiece has been used in various movies including Hannibal, The Last Samurai, Batman Begins and The Da Vinci Code. So, he's not some guy that u ppl think my boyfriend, or some guy that i know in myspace, he is a guy that brings music to life, and i think that he and Maher should work together to form new version of muslim songs or any other spiritual songs that is beneficial enough to hear, like Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson and The Climb by Miley Cyrus. wOOT! wOOT! ;DD

The Couture Affair

Yess, loads of fashion talks and walks have been going here and then. And i am one of the 'fashion fav babettes', haha. But as a muslim, suitable fashion clothings should be considered. Oh well, we know what we're supposed to wear right? So choose what you love but what you love is what that is supposed to be loved. Haha, faham2 la ye. And I'm also a fan of Juicy Couture (!) The designs are just amazingly stunning. But not as Armani or Chanel, but acceptable enough, hee :D 

Btw, I've got some pictures of Emma Watson (I adore her style drn much ) that are veryvery WHOA-ish and FAB-ish. Enjoy!

You Lift My Feet Off The Ground and Spin Me Around

Today I will be Happier than A Bird with A French Fry

Alhamdulillah, today is a good day fr me. I mean, why it shouldn't be? I'm starting to loosening up after those headaches and exhaustion, so i guess i could start studying my arab tday. Somehow, i managed to say that i honestly LOVE all the subjects that i've learned now. And that's a really good news fr me. I mean, even tho tht sometimes i can't find the answer to my algebra but that doesn't mean i can't find the answaer of all the mathematical question in the world. and yess, that's a quote my dear(: I just want to enjoy my life in highschool as much as possible, because if i missed them, i would feel regret. and i loathe 'regrettion' (if there's such word) and i just want a happy life that's all. So, all i have to is live happy by being one of the best human being in the world. Get our beloved Prophet fr an example, then you walk with his character, and then you are in Happyland. With love (:


Thanks a lot fr the wishes guys. I'm sooo touched.

Diyanah Fatin
Zaid Radzi
Semua Bdk Dorm J
Natasya Fellina
Semua Badge Form 5 Puteri
Hana Syahirah
Hana Batrisyia
Zaid Jamaluddin
and some other wonderful peeps out there. Thank you :D

Suffocating Hugs for The Loved Ones 3>

I miss you guyss damnn much! Seriously, if i could turn back the time when we were hugging while wet our faces at the time when we know that we are going to seperate, I'm sure going to hug you guys till you can hardly breathe! Yes, suffocating hugs for the loved ones. I hope all you wonderful peeps are doing great now. and i apologize fr not meeting u guys, yet, but i'll always be missing all of you. I really really honestly do. I can't wait to reunite with you guys and share the happy ambience again. We rock ourselves with our babeness. (haha, such gedikness) No, we rock ourselves with the power of friendship that God has gave to us. Thanks a million guys. With lots of love.

Meet Uncle Zain

Just incase you ppl haven't notice, or care to notice, there is another muslim singer who currently on the top shelve of the sensational singing industry, Maher Zain. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! HE ROCKS MY WORLD :DD ehe. He is not a converted muslim as he is a muslim since he was a child, he has been brought up in Sweden and not practising the islam for a quite a period of time. This is a part of About Maher Zain that I found on the net. Check it out ya'll.

Maher’s first musical inspiration came from his father, who was a singer himself, performing locally in the beautiful Mediterranean city of Tripoli – Lebanon. Fascinated by the music and instruments, Maher got his first keyboard when he was only ten and ever since music officially became part of Maher’s world.
The family moved to Sweden when Maher was only 8, where he continued his schooling, and later entered university and got a Bachelors degree in Aeronautical Engineering. With things changing around him, one thing remained the same – his strong passion for music. He would spend late nights at school with his friends where they would sing, rap, compose and experiment with music in every way. It didn’t take him long to realize that music became an integral part of who he is.

After being involved for a while in the music scene in Sweden as a music producer, Maher was introduced to RedOne, a gifted music producer who was fast rising in the music scene in Sweden. Maher started working with RedOne with Swedish artists, and later moved with him to New York. For a few years he was in the middle of the hot rush of the NY music industry, working with chart topping artists such as Kat Deluna on her debut album which included smash hits ‘Whine up’ and ‘Run the Show’.
Maher had what many would describe as a dream job for someone so young in such a glamorous business, but for Maher it felt like this was far from what he would call ‘the dream’, “I loved the music but I hated everything that surrounded it, it always felt like something wasn’t right”. RedOne was on the verge of breaking into the big time, going on to work with artists like Akon, Lady Gaga, Enrique Iglesias, Brandy, New Kids on the Block, and Michael Jackson to mention just a few, and becoming one of the most sought-after music producers in the world. Maher however was restless and eventually decided that the music industry and all that surrounded wasn’t the right place for him and he returned to Sweden. It wasn’t until he met a group of brothers who were active in the Islamic community in Stockholm and he started regularly attending his local mosque that he felt like he’d reached ‘home’.
Maher feels blessed to able to finally find the right way, and feels like it’s his turn now to help others through his music to do the same: “If I had one thing I’d like to tell people out there it would be that it’s so easy to see the right way if we just open our eyes and look properly; that’s what happened to me". Subhanallah (:

Friday, January 29, 2010

Man Eating Monster!

I've gained more than two pounds! Pfft. Or i think i had. Whatever it is, i can feel the fatness in my body. I can't help staring at a slim model (mostly in newspapers) or anyone who had a very attractive and voluptuous figure (in the news too- fashions are always the dominant thing, now and then). Okay, so i'm officially fat. Ppl of the wonderful world, i'm officially dieting frm now on, meaning, no junkies (ahaha, as if i eat one. Baba will never allow his kids to eat msg foodies!). All in all, foods sometimes can be a man eating monster, so watch out fr you peeps out there who eat everything that 'looks' delicious although it's mouth watering, you just don't want to fall in the hole of doom. But there is a slight problem encountering foods. Although they gain your weight but that doesn't mean that it's a bad thing. Growing bigger or heavier is normal. So, don't give me that crap of throwing up after u eat, because that's a crappy business of submitting to Doomsdale. and that includes YOU! Rethink babe, rethink.

Pah and The Christmas Carol Story

We just got our english paper 1 marks today, and alhamdulillah mine was quite satisfying. Ms Parvathy was a bit annoyed and pissed with us 5 Othmanians today because we didn't managed to captivate her throughly with the essays,but she still managed to be in humerous tone at time to time during the period. But as she chided us, the visitors from the Thailand (they were teachers came to smakl for a nice look out. All of the students were forced to clean the whole school before their arrival) were about to come up stairs and she managed to cover us all up actually and we laugh together just to make it sound we're having a dramatically fun lesson (and seriously it did). So back to the point that I'm not actually going to talk about ways to answer directed essay effectively but the dominant here is about my friend Pah who managed to captivate Ms. Parvathy's heart by her essay. Seriously, gempak gila. She did about Time in Part B and some of our classmates who did that mostly were just simply telling or writing about time management and so on, but Pah's story, or Sharifah Nur Amirah's story was a bit different , not because of that she managed to write in full three pages of essays but the words and emotions that she blended in her writing was so captivated, we were actually in awe when Dollah (our President of Prefect) read it infront of the class.She wrote about a girl named Clara and how she always loses her job, breaking up with her partner and be in many difficulies just because of her carelesness of taking care of her time. And then came another girl with a glittered face came next to her and brought her to two other different stages in her life; the future and the past.

So, u can actually pictured that right? If i can, I can always show you the essay but unfortunately Ms. Parvathy had keep it for future uses... like to publish in a magazine! I know, envious gilaa dgn you Pah, haha (; Oh well, the idea of that story was creative because she was inspired by the old times favourite; The Christmas Carol. And i guess, if i want to get my essay to be in a magazine, i should spend some time to read books or novels. Oh God I've missed them already! The last book that i read was Cecilia Ahern's Where the Rainbow Ends. That story was one of the best book that i've read. And yepp, i'm promoting here, ehe.

Run Baby Run

So now that my intervensi exam just over, alhamdulillah, and i think i can consider myself dah merdeka right?? Oh well, i'm just glad that the two-pulun-gila-weeks dah habis. So, i'm kinda free for this weekend, tho i've got homeworks (including a wajib letter to the PM). But i can say that the burden that has been carried by us frm 5 and frm 3 students 2010 has been lifted, for a while. Btw, our school got cuti wilayah next monday (teehee to selangor, haha) so i actually got three days of holiday. So what am i going to talk about actually? I'm not going to babble bout how i managed to answer the exam questions considering that i only had 4 to 5 hours of sleep almost every night, (alhamdulillah) but i'm going to talk about my 'running marathon' that supposedly started at just around the corner of time. Well, it's not actually a 'marathon' marathon , what i meant is that my running until i managed to finish until the end, the end meaning sijil pelajaran malaysia babe! To tell you the truth, i was quite pissed at first, no, that's quite exaggerating, i was a bit shocked at first when Pn.Norfazilawati or Pn. Lawa (this teacher rock GILA :D) announced that the form 5 and frm 3 students are going to have an intervensi on the 18th. I misheard her at first because i thought she meant 18th of february, but when i confirmed with Andy, she said that the exam is on this month. I was absolutely shocked and was quite distressed with Muhyiddin, because we actually got activities on the first week of school. Just like i've told u ppl in ms before, i was the faci for frm 1 orientation week 2010, and it was dmn penat, but dmn best sesangat!! haha. After this two weeks, somehow i managed to be grateful to what have muhyiddin planned fr us kids of kuala lumpur. I mean, studying frm 4 topics for the exam were the best revision i've ever done, although the exams weren't that easy but okayla, i managed to give a at least mona lisa smile everywhere i go. So the main thing is that I'm running as fast as i could in grabbing those grubby 11 A+. So, pray fr me aa, and my buddies too.
To infinity, and beyond! - Buzz Lightyear
Assalamualaikum to my respectful readers.

Dear Mr. Twenty Ten,Peace be upon you! Eheh, I am absolutely looking forward for your arrival at 12. 01 a.m. tomorrow. I understand that we earth people must wait for only about 4 hours and ten minutes from now and we could wait, don't worry! Just that, I hope that your arrival in our lives will make us even more grateful to Allah, our creator for giving us the opportunity to eventually meeting you tomorrow. You see, tomorrow will be a whole new year for all of us. Some actually have got a whole new changes in their lives like have made their 'azam' or resolutions. And like some other people I've got mine too ... Before that I would want to share with you that I'm a SPM Candidate 2010. Yeahh, I've got to like be focus, hocus focus, throughout the year! I just want to give my parents the gift of straight a's + (thanks to muhyiddin). I know, I just need to study study study more to achieve those a's. Huh! My parents really put high expectations in me, and I should, at least make them feel vey well proud of their own daughter, of their eldest daughter. And I should show good examples to my sisters too. and not to mention my lil annoying brother :P Okay, maybe I'm sounding a bit formal here but we are talking about going to create a new resolution right?? Okay, here goes my RESOLUTION TWENTY TEN :DD

1) I am going to be a daughter who made their parents happy. This could also mean that I shouldn't complain if I have got to bathe my 8 year old soon-to-be nine year old brother or arguing with my sisters of who's turn of bathing Razeen (my brother), or getting ready his meals, or helping him cleaning himself after he used the toilet (yeahh, tell me about it :P). This also mean that I must increase my grades and scores (even tho this will be getting tougher than you think bcz nxt year I'll be in the most competitive class, GREAT!!).

2)I am going to be a sister who actually act like a sister. Ehem. It's not like I've never acted like one. But I'm those kinds who like to yell when things does not in it's appropriate or rightful place. For example, I couldn't stand when my sisters let Razeen, shouting asking for people to clean him after he's done with his 'toilet business' and they would call me to go and clean him up. I will also yell when my sisters or brother yell at me back. But, this will not happened anymore. I should not yell, because my dad cannot stand yelling. Besides, my mom would be grateful because she kept saying that I shouldn't "berkira" with my sisters and brother, because I'm an older sister. Haihh!!

3) I am going to be a more observant, diligent, and a student with higher goal. I'm inspired with these ppl, take notes readers! I present you; Baba [ a 44 year old man also known as my Baba. He's an architect, a very hardworking man. I adore him. He got schollarships to study overbroad, to Florida, Miami. He said to me that if you want to study to England, then you should be studying hard to get those schollarhips], Mama [ a 44 year old woman (who does not look like a 44 year old, mama likes to be consider herself as forever 21, haha), also known as my dearest Mama. She's a senior manager in TNB Jalan Timur, a also very hardworking hot momma. and I adore her as well. She got to study overbroad too, in Athens, Ohio. She never scolds me if I get the not so good grades, but all that she can say is that " study hard ye kakak. make sure you get higher marks next time"], Rayyan Nabeelah [ also known as Rayyan or Rayyan (my sister actually), a fourteen year old, soon to be fifteen next year (yepp, a pmr candidate 2010), I know you must be wondering why she's my inspiration. Well, I'm very darn proud of her ya know. She's one amazing girl. She got number 1 since kindergarten (while I'm always top 5 or 6), alhamdulillah yess, she's gifted. My parents are very proud of her as well. well, with all of us actually. Anyway, she always got the Student Awards from school and the Principal actually once given her a personal remarks to her ( a very darn proud one) and also my grammar corrector (pfft!), and seriously sis, even tho we like to shout at each other (which is also like our hobby) but I will always love you, so get those grubby 9 a's!!], Raihan [also known as Raihan or Baby (dnt tell her that, HAHA, ppl actually calls her that before Razeen coming along!), my sister who is actually can be annoying sometimes, but she is one helpful sister (she helps my mom to find her lost things quite a lot! oh yeahh, she can actually find lost stuffs in our house!), an immitator (she likes to immitate cartoons, an sometimes when my parents talk funny she would like to immitate that!) a real joker, and it's not a bad thing sis!, and she inspired me is because that she also managed to control her sense of humor during exam months. Yepp, she is also a number 1 kid in class, or at least straight a's student. Even tho I always be mad at you for being so annoying (and i mean, annoying), I still love you sis, so stay... as you be (tho, I really hope that you'd be more...mature, okay)], Razeen [ my typical 8 years old lil annoying yet irritating brother. He inspired me by his cuddly attitudes. Yess baby, keep hugging and smother me with your kisses,ehe], and then these ppl, who got me inspired by their tremendously hard working attitudes, excellent in studies and school, and not to mention wonderful characteristics, meet ; Sarah Naima Ibrahim, Nurul Husna Yusof, Nur Anis Azmi, Muhd. Zaid Jamaluddin, Muhd. Rizwan Saiful Raslin, Azri Azmi, Aliyyah Khuzaini, Atiqah Khuzaini, Nadiatul 'Afifah Ismadi, Ahmad Khalis Khuzaini, and Luqman Bazlan. and all of you my buddies out there with a highlight for Nur Aisyah Abd. Rahman, Aqilah Kamarulzaman, Nur Alia Niza, Teratai Nadia Mohd. Zamri, Nur Hanani Damiri, Fatin Naqiya, Aisyah Nordin and Mohd. Hanif Zonkifle.

4) I am going to be a better muslimah. This means that read more Al - Quran than reading novels, Pray Solat Sunat frequently than doing other stuff which is unimportant, and be a better muslim. I'm going to turn 17 in sya Allah, by Jan 24th. My God, I've lived for almost seventeen years! I don't even know when am I going to die. So I should at least be a great muslim, bcz I dn't want regrets. I don't want regrets. I don't want regrets.

5) I'm going to be more alert with the upcomings or outgoings around me. I should be. My dad says that I'm lack of knowledge when it comes to general news. He said I shouldn't spent my time infront of the pc to play (that's what he thinks, well, actually I was commenting ppl, or viewing ppl's blogs or profile or okay. Not care enough to type and view, sorry dad!). He also said that I should know something which actually related to us, like some president's just died or sick or some countries just invaded other countries. Well, something like that.

So, all in all I should not be oblivious to my surroundings but be more alert or observant .So, what do you think Mr. T?? I guess, it's all for now. I mean, if I have more resolutions, I would always going to inform you. Besides, you are going to be my partner all year long right?hehe. Just that since I write to you abt this, I would like you to do me a favour. Well, more likely a shoutout to all of the people in the world, who happened to know a typical 5 feet 7 inches tall malaysian girl, Raihana Nadhira Rafidi. Okayh, here goes my shoutout. Don't worry, I'll write it with bold colours so that you could put away those Ray Ban glasses of yours. Ehem, I would like to apologize to all of you wonderful, remarkable peeps out there, to Mama and Baba, thank you for everything, I'm sorry for all my wrong doings to you Ma, Ba, I love you and in sya Allah, I will study hard to achieve my dream, my goals, thank you, to my remarkable, unimaginable, annoying & irritating yet warm and supportive siblings, thanks guys, for being my sisters and brother, I love you guys, thank you to my dearest teachers of SRIP, Setiabudi, Sri Aman and SMKAKL, thank you loadsss for giving the rightful knowledge to a once unintelligent girl, to my girlfriends and guyfriends, thank you for being the most wonderful friends I've ever known, I miss you guys and I hope we could meet each other soon(but make sure before kawen aa, we should at least make a reunion or something, so don't give tht crap of meeting during kenduri kawen, promise me, will youu??haha), and to all of you ppl out there who maybe, accidentally knew me in myspace. Thank you guys, and mintak maaf fr anything, and please do halalkan makan minum that you stuffed me, and halalkan the debts if I owe you guys (but you can just walk straight to me and say that, "Rai, u hutang I," I can still accept that.

Sorry for the long favour Mr. T, I hope you don't mind. Oh well, I gtg now. Hope that you will look handsome tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and like the whole year. Ahh, time passed by too quickly, I've got to make Razeen's milk! Oh well, please reply soon! 'Till then, Mr. T~

With Love,
Raihana Nadhira Rafidi. xxx

Lovebug (2008)

At last, I've accomplished my 'mission' to overcome the lovebug that has catched me for quite some time. No, actually almost a year. However, I don't really know how but this morning on 26th of December 2008, I finally realised I would stop falling in love with you. The feeling has no longer there lingering inside my heart that for almost a year been hopeful for you to return my love. Somehow, I felt terrible because the lovebug didn't hit me this morning since you are my prince charming that has lended your heart to Giselle and I should be envious like all times. I tried to fix the emotion of love inside of me towards you but instead it came as 'Nada'. In the end, I noticed that it would be the best for me since I will not be envious of Giselle anymore and she wouldn't be feeling bad since the prince charming loves her and she in return loving him. Right now while I'm writing this, my feelings towards you is empty, no more love, no more hope inside of me. Perhaps, you are just a friend that I'm comfortable to talk with and to share happy moments. Just like friends do. And for the first time, I felt relieved since I will not be acting as a friend to you when we talk but be a friend when we communicate. There'll be no more love for me, since I can't accept the feeling of hurt that cut my heart leaving it throbbing in pain. Maybe someday would just be a day that I would fall in love again.

A Cinderella Story (2008)

CINDERELLA. She's a dreamer.
My story begins with my character as Cinderella, a typical fair lady who lives with a wonderful aunt that provides the family with full of TLC- tender,loving ,care, and a very very close friend that could not be compare with, Giselle. One day, Cinderella met a very handsome looking young man, riding his rich golden-brown horse with his group of his own kind- vicomte de chagney, and notice that the man wasn't just any ordinary man, he is the son of a ruler of all kingdom, rich with many lands and horses. He has a lovely, strong and distinctive looking face, the owner of a very brawny sculpter-build figure, he is a prince. I don't know why I just observe his existence 'till that day one of his royal associates stuttered playfully which to me, foolishly- "Hey, his name is Edward!" to me and my friend, Giselle, to which of course we know him, he is the son of the royal highness, or maybe just me, knowing him, since Giselle is still new in this place. But, I didn't know at that time that the words were the exact explanation for my anxiety on the answer – who's his lucky maiden? I had fall in love with him on that day. And of course, the feelings grow fonder and fonder. I was too stubborn to find out, feeling so proud and dreamily dreaming that he is into me. However, his mind wasn't into me, clearly I'm out of question. I wasn't the lucky maiden. It felts like a papercut on my heart, it hurts badly, leaving it throbbing in pain after acknowledge that Prince Edward is in love with Giselle, my close friend, instead of me. Why would he fall for me? I'd ask myself in front of the mirror with my cheeks wet. Because I'd thought so! His smiles, his replies towards my letters, his advices on my major educational test, the words he used in the letters he'd replied, I thought he care about me, I thought I'm his lucky maiden, that could take care of his heart, I thought I could be his One. However, his heart, he let it be taken care by Giselle. Truly I'd been envious with her, they write letters to each other behind people's acknowledgement, Prince Edward's associates have told me for the hundreths of time he fonds Giselle, he likes her, so much. The feedbacks were too much for me to handle and I'd thought to start over, my love life I mean. I know no gents could compare with him, no, not his power and wealthiness, but his beautiful soul inside him. I know that I would miss him, badly. But, I couldn't possibly compare with my close friend, she isn't any ordinary woman I can say. She has her own kind of things, beautiful things. His last word about the truth of this drama has come to an end, I felt a knife stabbing my heart, when he confessed he loves Giselle. I asked him of course and after a few hesitation, the words spluttered out from his lips. I 'd truly wish I shouldn't have asked that question. I was being so foolishly anxious. Even though I still love him right now but my love story has put to an end. Cinderella let go of Prince Charming, Prince Edward to her beloved friend, Giselle. And they live happily ever after. THE END.