Sunday, January 31, 2010

That Random Thing

So, we just got back from Ikano to buy some stuff like i told you before and the most important thing was my lil bro, Razeen wanted badly to buy PS2, and his only eight ( i know lah some ppl dh ada ps2 or ps3 or psp at that young age but to me that's like spoiling them, no offence ). Okay so back with my story. Razeen has finally had his PS2, and he was all smiling with glee and gedik-ness. And my sisters and I have bought prezzies fr the ones that we owed, and that means fr me; qila, tera and alia, guys i'm sooooo sorry fr the vryvry late prezzies! I hope you guys like it, it's vry simple really. Oh well, I saw this very fab t-shirt in the shop where we bought the prezzies and they were full with awesomeness. Last time i bought a t-shirt to a friend of mine because it's a tukar2 hadiah present and i think he liked it, i mean who doesn't?haha. The design are just so ultimately glossy, haha. Okay, okay, i'm done fr now. Oh hope you'll like this song that i've put; Someone Somewhere by Jason Reeves. He's awesome la weh(:

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