Friday, January 29, 2010

Lovebug (2008)

At last, I've accomplished my 'mission' to overcome the lovebug that has catched me for quite some time. No, actually almost a year. However, I don't really know how but this morning on 26th of December 2008, I finally realised I would stop falling in love with you. The feeling has no longer there lingering inside my heart that for almost a year been hopeful for you to return my love. Somehow, I felt terrible because the lovebug didn't hit me this morning since you are my prince charming that has lended your heart to Giselle and I should be envious like all times. I tried to fix the emotion of love inside of me towards you but instead it came as 'Nada'. In the end, I noticed that it would be the best for me since I will not be envious of Giselle anymore and she wouldn't be feeling bad since the prince charming loves her and she in return loving him. Right now while I'm writing this, my feelings towards you is empty, no more love, no more hope inside of me. Perhaps, you are just a friend that I'm comfortable to talk with and to share happy moments. Just like friends do. And for the first time, I felt relieved since I will not be acting as a friend to you when we talk but be a friend when we communicate. There'll be no more love for me, since I can't accept the feeling of hurt that cut my heart leaving it throbbing in pain. Maybe someday would just be a day that I would fall in love again.

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