Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Busy Bee

I'm the busy bee! Tday lots of stuff that I've got to do since yesterday I was busying myself with posting bloggssss. Aiyaa Rai! Okay, so tday i've got to buy stuff fr my bilik (maktabah), you remember right? I'm a pengawas PSS now, hee :D Then, got to finish the Duty Roster of Maktabah 2010, start writing the letter to Dato' Seri Najib, etcetera.. HAIH! - Oh yeah, study arab and physics. Tomorrow night I've promised my adik dorm to teach them physics. Well, i've decided to be their tutor frm now on. Phy, chem, bio, mm, and add maths and arab! Wooh! But this is a good trick so that i can revise form 4 and never frget the topics, because then it will be very useful when the next exam arrive. Okay wonderful ppl of the world, see you after breakfast! (:

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