Sunday, January 31, 2010

That Girl Worth Anything

She has been working the hardest, the hardest to change the world into a better place to live. Well, apparently it's a school,  the school that she's been trying to make a better place to be and with the help of the other good friends, they have been struggling to make that school a markedly different school than the past, a better ambience should be the word, yes, a more develop but much much more better than before. Yet, she have to faced so many difficulties untill today, because she and her friends got to fight, fight to stand strong and remain strong with the power that they have. The new people arrived, and a new test begin. The people were as egotistical as a horse (and I'm not talking as a whole, but some of them). I mean, why should they be like that when their surroundings revolved in a same ambience? So what if you wear Guess, when the others wear as much as Louis Vuitton? So you've got a pair of Nike but the others also got that pair or even better Lacoste! And so what if your dad owns a building when the others' owned certain country! I do not state all these to act like you new people were acting, like a snobbish people, but I'm just trying to say that riches or popularity doesn't matter!
You shouldn't be so high and mighty and neglected what you've been told to do. She has been using many kinds of ways, slow-talking, sweet-tone talking and even preached to you new people to become a better muslim. Why must you look down on her or ignore whatever she's been trying to say to you? So if you have to wear long socks, so wear it then! So if you can't show your bra straps, so don't show then!Is it that hard to abide rules?? At least you should become a better human being at school if you can't outside. You should also think like an intelligent human who is worth living on earth when it comes to preaches or religious talks. Why can't you stand hearing them? Is your heart is just too dark, too black 'till you can't accept the light of islam?? Wa Na'uzubillah. I was very shocked to hear this news. You people should be very grateful of what you have. Since I moved from there and start schooling at a govt school, many kind of things that I've encountered and learned. I myself am not from a rich family.
We're just average. But since I've been with a lot of well-off people, I knew a lot of things that is revolved between them, well not literally but almost. When I started schooling here, there are many other students who are not as rich as you new people. Their parents are either one of them have died, or only have monthly salary of Rm 1,000 and below. Can you imagine, raising 7 children with a wife who doesn't work because she got to take care of the kids and with a husband who only managed to have his salary of only about Rm 800 per month?? And the school fees here is more than Rm 700 per year. Although they have special rates but don't you see all this?? I was very sad when I heard one of my friend were saying "Kesian mak bapak kite, ni nak kena bayar duit sekolah adik kite lagi, ". That is true, to us the money maybe is nothing to be compared with what we've owned throughout our life, but to them, the money is something very important and worth for. That is true, God has created us with many different conditions and situations, but each of them got their own hikmah. If Allah created His people with all the wealth, then we would all be the most ungrateful, unappreciative human being on earth. He said in the Holy Quran : "And I do not create the Jinns and the human being but to perform ibadah to Me". And from this verse, we can conclude that ibadah can be diverge into many noble attitudes and activities such as solat, fasting, studying, be a great muslim, etcetera, etcetera. What that girl have been saying to you all the while was worth to listen and to practice to. Because you know why? She's saving your life, for Allah's sake, can't you think, my dear brothers and sisters of Islam???? Later you'll thank her in the herafter, because Allah let you been saved by her from letting you been throwned to Hell.

That's right Husna. You've done your best. But keep on working, may Allah bless you of what you've been trying to do. Ma Sya Allah, you've also awakened me from my 'sleep'. O Allah, I repent to you. Please forgive me and my other brothers and sisters of Islam, either they are alive or have died. Indeed, no one forgve sins but You.

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