Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hear My Whispers, Please

I stare at the blue sky.
I stare at the sun.
I stare at the tall trees with birds chirping happily.
I stare at the girl who has a sad face.
I stare at girl who is crying silently.
I stare at the girl who is looking right back at me.
Oh that girl is me.

I'm standing infront of a mirror,
then I turn my body to where I pray,

I said with the softest voice I could,
"Oh My Lord,
You are the Almighty,
You are the Powerful,
You are the All -Compassionate,
You are the Gracious,
You are the All -Merciful.
To You I find peace.
To You I beg forgiveness.
To You I confide my secrets.
To You I pour my feelings.
You are All Knowing, All Seeing.
You understand how I am right now.
I'm in a dump.
I'm in the sea,
waving my hands,
seeking for help.
To You I seek help.
To You I seek peace.
To You my heart will rest."

"Ya Allah,
I'm your slave.
I beg for your forgiveness.
I beg for your mercy.
I'll never leave sins,
I'm always sinned,
For I am only human.
And I'm weak.
To You I seek my strength.
To You I seek protection.
Ya Allah,
forgive me.
As no one forgive sins but You."

"Ya Rahman, Ya Raheem.
You are my source where I repent.
Ya Salam,
You are my source of peace.
Ya Muhaimin,
You are my forever guardian.
Ya 'Aziz,
You are my source of victory,
to You I seek my victory.
Ya Mutakabbir, Ya Khaliq,
You are the Greatest and I'm just little,
You are my Creator and I'm your slave,
listen to my whispers,
listen to my prayers,
My Lord.
Ya 'Alim,
You are my source of knowledge,
to You I seek brilliance.
Ya Basit,
You are my source of relieve,
forever and always.
Ya 'Adl,
You are just,
to You I seek justice in my life.
Ya Ghafur,
You are my forgiver, and hider of all my faults.
To You I seek forgiveness.
To You I repent.
Ya Karim,
You are the Generous,
so to You I pray for my blessing and blissful in life.
Ya Mujib,
You are the Responder to Prayers.
That's why I put my trust on You.
That's why I pray to You.
you are my Lord.
You are my God."

"Lead me always Ya Allah.
So that I am more pious.
So that I have more iman and taqwa.
So that I am a happy woman.
So that I am a happy human being."

"Ya Allah,
thank you for all the nikmahs You had given me.
Thank you for the iman.
Thank you for Islam being my religion.
Thank you for supportive and loving my family.
Thank you for my supportive and loving friends.
Thank you.
Thank you.
For everything."

"Hear my whispers always.
Hear my prayers always.
Because You are my everything."


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hobnail - A Short Story by Crystal Arbogast

Fannie Poteet sat cross-legged on her Uncle John's front porch; her favorite rag doll clutched under one arm. The late afternoon sun shone through the leaves of the giant oak tree, casting its flickering light on the cabin. This golden motion of light entranced the child and she sat with her face turned upward, as if hypnotized. The steady hum of conversation flowed from inside of the cabin.

"Ellen, I'm sure happy that you came to church with us today. Why don't you spend the night? It's getting awfully late and it will be dark before you make it home."

"I'll be fine Sally," replied Fannie's mother. "Anyhow, you know how Lige is about his supper. I left plenty for him and the boys on the back of the stove, but he'll want Fannie and me home. Besides, he'll want to hear if Sam Bosworth's wife managed to drag him into church."

The laughter that followed her mother's statement broke the child's musings and she stood up, pulled her dress over the protruding petticoat, and stepped inside.

"Get your shawl Fannie. When the sun goes down, it'll get chilly."

As the little girl went to the chair by the fireplace to retrieve her wrap, her uncle came in from the back with a lantern. "You'll need this Ellen. The wick is new and I've filled it up for you." "I appreciate it Johnny," Ellen said. "I'll have Lige bring it back when he goes to town next week."

Ellen kissed her younger brother good-bye and hugged Sally gently. Patting her sister-in-law on her swollen belly, she said," I'll be back at the end of the month. Don't be lifting anything heavy. If that queasy feeling keeps bothering you, brew some of that mint tea I left in the kitchen. Lord knows I've never seen a baby keep its mammy so sick as much as this one has. It's a boy for sure."

Upon hearing this, Fannie frowned. She was the youngest in her family, and the only girl. After living with four brothers, she had prayed fervently to God every night for Him to let her aunt have a girl. The only other comfort she had was the pretty rag doll that her mother had made for her. Tucking the doll under her left arm and gathering the shawl with the same hand, she stood waiting patiently. Aunt Sally kissed her lightly on the cheek and squeezed Fannie gently. "If I have a girl, I hope that she will be as sweet as you," her aunt whispered. Uncle John patted her on the head and said, "Bye Punkin. When that old momma cat has her kittens, I'll give you the pick of the litter." This brought a smile to Fannie's face and swept away the darkening thoughts of boys.

Ellen secured her own shawl about her shoulders and tossing one side around and over again, picked up the lantern, which had already been lit. Taking Fannie's right hand, the pair proceeded on the three-mile trek back home. Heavy rains during the last week had left the dirt road virtually impassable for anyone on foot. Ellen and her daughter would return home the way they had come, by following the railroad track. The track was about one half mile above the road. It wound and wound around the mountains and through the valleys carrying the coal and lumber, which had been harvested from the land. Once on the track, they proceeded in the direction of their own home. Ellen began to tell Fannie about the trains and all of the distant places they went to. The little girl loved hearing her mother's stories of all the big cities far away. She had been to town only a few times and had never traveled outside of Wise County. Fannie remembered her papa talking about his brother Jack.

Uncle Jack had left the county, as well as the state of Virginia. He was in a faraway place called Cuba, fighting for a man called Roosevelt. She wondered what kind of place Cuba was, and if it was anything like home. The sun's last rays were sinking behind the tree-studded mountains. Shadows rose ominously from the dense woods on both sides of the track. Rustling sounds from the brush caused Fannie to jump, but her mother's soothing voice calmed her fears."It's all right Child; just foxes and possums." A hoot owl's mournful cry floated out of the encroaching darkness and Fannie tightened her grip on her mother's hand.

Finally, night enveloped the landscape, and all that could be seen was the warm glow of the lantern and the shadow of the figures behind it. It was a moonless night, and the faint glow of a few stars faded in between the moving clouds. Fannie tripped over the chunks of gravel scattered between the ties and Ellen realized that her daughter was tired. "We'll rest awhile child. My guess is that we have less than a mile to go." Ellen set the lantern down and the weary travelers attempted to get comfortable sitting on the rail.

"Mammy, it's so scary in the dark. Will God watch over us and protect us?" "Yes, Fannie. Remember what that new young preacher said in church today. The Good Lord is always with you, and when you need His strength, call out His name. Better still, do what I do."

"What's that mammy?"

"Well," Ellen said, stroking her daughter's hair," I sing one of my favorite hymns."

While contemplating her mother's advice, Fannie was distracted by a sound. The sound came from the direction they had traveled from, and the girl's eyes peered into the ink like darkness. It was very faint, but unlike the other noises she had grown used to along the way. The slow methodic sound was someone walking, and coming in their direction.

"Mammy, do you hear that?"

"Hear what child?"

Fannie moved closer to her mother and said, "It's somebody else coming!"

Ellen gave her daughter a comforting hug and replied," You're just imagining things Fannie. We've rested enough. Let's get on home. Your papa will be worried." Ellen picked up the lantern, took Fannie's hand, and the two resumed their journey. After a while, the sound that had unnerved the little girl began again. This time the steps were more distinct, and definitely closer. The distant ringing of heavy boots echoed in the dark.

"Mammy, I hear it again!"

"Hush child."

Ellen swung the lantern around. "See, there's nothing there."

Fannie secured the grip on her mother's hand and clutched her rag doll tightly. The hoot owl continued its call in the distance, and the night breeze rustled the leaves in the trees. "The air sure smells like rain," said Ellen. "The wind is picking up a mite too. We'll be home soon, little girl. Yonder is the last bend." Fannie found comfort in her mother's voice, but in the darkness behind them, the steps rang louder. It was the sound of boots, heavy hobnail boots.

"Mammy, it's getting closer!"

Ellen swung the lantern around again and said, "Child, there's nothing out there. Tell you what; let's sing "Precious Lord". Fannie joined in with her mother, but her voice quivered with fear as the heavy steps came closer and closer. She couldn't understand why her mother seemed oblivious to the sound. Ellen's singing grew louder, and up ahead the warm glow of light from their own home glimmered down the side and through the trees. A dog barking in the distance brought the singing to an abrupt end.

"See child, we're almost home. Tinker will be running up to meet us. Big old Tinker. He's chased mountain lions before. He'll see us safely home."

"Let's hurry then Mammy. Can't you hear? It's closer and I'm scared. Let's run!"

"All right child, but see, I'm telling you there's nothing there."

Ellen made another sweep around with the lantern and as they proceeded she cried out, "Here Tinker! Come on boy!" The dog raced up the path leading to the track and the two nearly collided with him as they stepped down on the familiar trail to home.

"Ellen, is that you?"

Fannie's heart filled with joy as her father's voice rang out of the darkness.

"Yes Lige. I'm sorry we're so late. I'm afraid I walked a bit fast for this child. She's worn out."

Elijah picked up his daughter and carried her the rest of the way home. Once inside of the cabin, Ellen helped Fannie undress and gently tucked her in bed. The comforting sounds of her parents' voices drifted from the kitchen. Even the snores of her brothers in the back made her smile and be thankful that she and her mother were safe and sound. Before closing her eyes, her mother's voice rang in her ears.

"Lige, I heard the steps. I didn't want to frighten the child. I kept singing and swinging the lantern around and telling her there was nothing to be afraid of. But Lige, just before we got off the tracks, I turned the lantern around one last time. That's when I saw what was following us. I saw the figure of a man. A man without a head!"

ps. Hobnail is a short nail with a thick head used to increase the durability of boot soles. Hehe hope you enjoy reading! :D

Death By Scrabble - A Short Story by Charlie Fish

It's a hot day and I hate my wife.

We're playing Scrabble. That's how bad it is. I'm 42 years old, it's a blistering hot Sunday afternoon and all I can think of to do with my life is to play Scrabble. I should be out, doing exercise, spending money, meeting people. I don't think I've spoken to anyone except my wife since Thursday morning. On Thursday morning I spoke to the milkman. My letters are crap.

I play, appropriately, BEGIN. With the N on the little pink star. Twenty-two points.I watch my wife's smug expression as she rearranges her letters. Clack, clack, clack. I hate her. If she wasn't around, I'd be doing something interesting right now. I'd be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. I'd be starring in the latest Hollywood blockbuster. I'd be sailing the Vendee Globe on a 60-foot clipper called the New Horizons - I don't know, but I'd be doing something. She plays JINXED, with the J on a double-letter score. 30 points. She's beating me already. Maybe I should kill her. If only I had a D, then I could play MURDER. That would be a sign. That would be permission. I start chewing on my U. It's a bad habit, I know. All the letters are frayed. I play WARMER for 22 points, mainly so I can keep chewing on my U. As I'm picking new letters from the bag, I find myself thinking - the letters will tell me what to do. If they spell out KILL, or STAB, or her name, or anything, I'll do it right now. I'll finish her off. My rack spells MIHZPA. Plus the U in my mouth. Damn.

The heat of the sun is pushing at me through the window. I can hear buzzing insects outside. I hope they're not bees. My cousin Harold swallowed a bee when he was nine, his throat swelled up and he died. I hope that if they are bees, they fly into my wife's throat. She plays SWEATIER, using all her letters. 24 points plus a 50 point bonus. If it wasn't too hot to move I would strangle her right now. I am getting sweatier. It needs to rain, to clear the air. As soon as that thought crosses my mind, I find a good word. HUMID on a double-word score, using the D of JINXED. The U makes a little splash of saliva when I put it down. Another 22 points. I hope she has lousy letters. She tells me she has lousy letters. For some reason, I hate her more. She plays FAN, with the F on a double-letter, and gets up to fill the kettle and turn on the air conditioning.

It's the hottest day for ten years and my wife is turning on the kettle. This is why I hate my wife. I play ZAPS, with the Z doubled, and she gets a static shock off the air conditioning unit. I find this remarkably satisfying.
She sits back down with a heavy sigh and starts fiddling with her letters again. Clack clack. Clack clack. I feel a terrible rage build up inside me. Some inner poison slowly spreading through my limbs, and when it gets to my fingertips I am going to jump out of my chair, spilling the Scrabble tiles over the floor, and I am going to start hitting her again and again and again. The rage gets to my fingertips and passes. My heart is beating. I'm sweating. I think my face actually twitches. Then I sigh, deeply, and sit back into my chair. The kettle starts whistling. As the whistle builds it makes me feel hotter.She plays READY on a double-word for 18 points, then goes to pour herself a cup of tea. No I do not want one.

I steal a blank tile from the letter bag when she's not looking, and throw back a V from my rack. She gives me a suspicious look. She sits back down with her cup of tea, making a cup-ring on the table, as I play an 8-letter word: CHEATING, using the A of READY. 64 points, including the 50-point bonus, which means I'm beating her now. She asks me if I cheated. I really, really hate her. She plays IGNORE on the triple-word for 21 points. The score is 153 to her, 155 to me. The steam rising from her cup of tea makes me feel hotter. I try to make murderous words with the letters on my rack, but the best I can do is SLEEP. My wife sleeps all the time. She slept through an argument our next-door neighbours had that resulted in a broken door, a smashed TV and a Teletubby Lala doll with all the stuffing coming out. And then she b****** at me for being moody the next day from lack of sleep. If only there was some way for me to get rid of her.

I spot a chance to use all my letters. EXPLODES, using the X of JINXED. 72 points. That'll show her.
As I put the last letter down, there is a deafening bang and the air conditioning unit fails. My heart is racing, but not from the shock of the bang. I don't believe it - but it can't be a coincidence. The letters made it happen. I played the word EXPLODES, and it happened - the air conditioning unit exploded. And before, I played the word CHEATING when I cheated. And ZAP when my wife got the electric shock. The words are coming true. The letters are choosing their future. The whole game is - JINXED.

My wife plays SIGN, with the N on a triple-letter, for 10 points. I have to test this. I have to play something and see if it happens. Something unlikely, to prove that the letters are making it happen. My rack is ABQYFWE. That doesn't leave me with a lot of options. I start frantically chewing on the B. I play FLY, using the L of EXPLODES. I sit back in my chair and close my eyes, waiting for the sensation of rising up from my chair. Waiting to fly. Stupid. I open my eyes, and there's a fly. An insect, buzzing around above the Scrabble board, surfing the thermals from the tepid cup of tea. That proves nothing. The fly could have been there anyway. I need to play something unambiguous. Something that cannot be misinterpreted. Something absolute and final. Something terminal. Something murderous.My wife plays CAUTION, using a blank tile for the N. 18 points. My rack is AQWEUK, plus the B in my mouth. I am awed by the power of the letters, and frustrated that I cannot wield it. Maybe I should cheat again, and pick out the letters I need to spell SLASH or SLAY.

Then it hits me. The perfect word. A powerful, dangerous, terrible word. I play QUAKE for 19 points.
I wonder if the strength of the quake will be proportionate to how many points it scored. I can feel the trembling energy of potential in my veins. I am commanding fate. I am manipulating destiny. My wife plays DEATH for 34 points, just as the room starts to shake. I gasp with surprise and vindication - and the B that I was chewing on gets lodged in my throat. I try to cough. My face goes red, then blue. My throat swells. I draw blood clawing at my neck. The earthquake builds to a climax.

I fall to the floor. My wife just sits there, watching.

ps. I hope you guys enjoy this short story. Haha - This story is kinda unexpected. But quite nice to read during your break time : D

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Who Says ? : )

ATTENTION : Towards the ending of this mv, she'll be wearing shorts. so tak perlu la tgk part tu  ye. ending dia tak penting pun :D lyrics dia je : )

Beautiful Is You

Assalamualaikum and a very good 5. 03 pm in the evening : )

This post is not the short story that I've promised you in my previous movie promotion (hahaha), apparently just another post that I've thought not once, not twice but thrice whether I should post this or not. And I really hope you guys would read this until the end before you make any abrubt conclusion. Okay.

Everything in this world, everyone in this world that He has created are beautiful. And no one and I mean NO ONE could change that fact. It is true that some things in physical they look "not- beautiful -like- I -claimed- in- my post" but if you look deeper or think deeper or learn deeper like if you take Biology, everything is so specific, so beautifully made, so wondefully created by Him. You, have no right to say to certain things or certain people ugly, oh hodoh gila, oh tak cantik! And right now, I'm emphasizing on the beauty of every girls in this planet.

I'm sure you know that beautiful is a nikmat or gift that He has lent to us. It is not something that you'll get to keep forever. Beauty will fade according to time, as it passes by. But still unfortunately, some girls who think they're beautiful, they didn't use it for goodness but they commercialised their beauty so that the whole world could see how amazingly beautiful they are. And comercialised here doesn't just mean by modelling, any work that requires us to face the public. And I'm not talking about girls who cover themselves, I'm talking about girls who doesn't. Please always remember, anytime, anywhere He can take your beauty, because after all, it is His.

And now, to other things. I'm not saying that I'm pretty or even beautiful, there are many, many other girls in my school, out there who are more , much more bautiful than I am but praises are all for Him,  but somehow, I usually get the compliments. But it doesn't matter at all to me. If you think I am pretty than Alhamdulillah, this beauty fyi, is never mine. But sometimes things are different for every girls. I remember during lunch last year, my friend said this to me " Wah, Rai. Bestlah jadi awak ni. Selalu ke awak kena puji camtu? " I stopped eating abrubtly, and I was blushing plus puzzled. I don't really remember what makes she said "..selalu ke awak kena puji camtu" but if I'm not mistaken before that, juniors were complimenting me or something like that. I said " Manade. biase je. Tak untung apa2 pun la wak" well something like that. But then she added, "haha, kita tak pernah pun kena puji camtu" That makes me feel bad, not for her, but for myself. Why not for her? Then are you saying oh pity her, tak pernah kena puji! No!  Actually she should know that I don't deserve any compliments at all! Being complimented is not great at all! To me, each and every one of the girl in this world is beautiful. We should be greatful of what we have, of what we are. And I'm sure you know that there also many other human beings on earth who got Allah's test, maybe blind, deaf, mute, and I also sometimes feel envious when look at other beautiful girls with flawless and porcelain skin, something like Nivea ads - -""" But it's wrong, if I'm a good believer, I shouldn't act that way, I should just be greatful for what I am now. And for your information girls, I know that getting compliments is something that all of us always yearn for especially on beauty, but whatever it is, all the praises doesn't belong to us, but belongs to Him.

My dad always say when he hugs my sisters and I, and when he kisses our cheeks, "Alhamdulillah, cantik cantik anak baba ni. Kalau kita nak puji seseorang tu, puji Allah dulu. Sebab kecantikan tu milik Dia." No worries, in Akhirat insha Allah, if we are good and pious believers, our faces will shine, we will have an eternal beauty. Whatever it is, we have to take care of ourselves. Take care of our relationship with Him and with the people around us.

Beauty is not physical. It is in the eye of the beholder. If you have wonderful heart, you are always beautiful.
Never frets when you look at yourself in front of the mirror, looks can be deceiving, but always make sure that your heart is clean. Beautiful is you.

Be happy always : )

Forever Strong

I watched this movie yesterday at HBO and it was SUPERBLY INSPIRATIONAL. Well, I'll take The Blind Side as a much much more inspirational movie or maybe Akeelah and The Bee, but Forever Strong is okay, because the movie has it's own message and what inspired me is that how they respect their rules, they abide them and being honest at all times is one of the rules. I'll tell you later about the three major rules that I've learned from this movie, the rules are compulsory for all Highlanders, Highlands - a champion rugby team, and fyi, this movie is based on a true story : )

Forever Strong is a sports film directed by Ryan Little and written by David Pliler and released on September 26, 2008. The film stars Sean Faris, Gary Cole, Neal McDonough, Sean Astin, Penn Badgley and Arielle Kebbel. The film is about a troubled rugby union player who must play against the team his father coaches at the national championships. Forever Strong is based on a compilation of individual true stories.

Talented but troubled high school rugby player Rick Penning (Sean Faris) loses his position as the star of an Arizona rugby union team when he is sentenced to a boys' Juvenile Detention Center in Salt Lake City.[1] Rick ends up playing for Salt Lake's notable Highland rugby team, coached by Larry Gelwix (Gary Cole), in the national championships—against his old team, who is coached by his father, Richard Penning (Neal McDonough). Emily (Arielle Kebbel) is Rick's love interest, and Marcus (Sean Astin) is his guidance counselor

Okay, not much for an info actually but th main event is about this hunk, Rick played by Sean Faris and he is the Captain for Arizona rugby team. But then he is sentenced to a Juvenile Detention Center and ends up playing for Highlands. Err like what you've read up there. Well, this story is very inspirational especially to guys out there who's searching for a good movie to watch. However, some parts in the beginning of the movie and at the end, ada yang kena tutup mata ye - -"" I'll tell you guys about that later. And the movie trailer? Well, it's not like I don't want to show, it's just that there's this part the girl's dress is inappropriate so tak yah la nak tengok. But the movie? Okay, let me tell you which part is save to watch, okay?

The good thing aboud this movie is that no bed scenes or what so ever, because if it does, I wouldn't want to risk my life to go to hell later won't I? Only that starting of the movie, after a rugby match, there's a part where they went to a pool party, so of course you would see bathing suits around - -""" So, please, dah agak2 nampak swimming pool je, terus off for 5- 8 min?? Then part where Rick and his girlfriend balik naik red convertible, itupun skip je lah coz girlfriend dia pakai skirt pendek sume, and besides, lepas tu dorg accident so tak rugipun you guys tak tgk part tu ok? So when you see Rick and his girlfriend on the red car, terus off lagi for like 6 min? Okay then it is safe for you guys to watch :) heheh Oh but just reminding especially to guys? Be careful coz ada antara tengah2 movie tu ada girls pakai skirt or shorts mcm tu so if I watch pun kena tekan 'info' utk halang aurat dia tu so should you - -"" So you can actually watch peacefully until about the end of the movie, Rick came home and meet up with his friends and girlfriend again and again, the girls wear inappropriae clothings, tank tops and short skirts :p So itu pun tolong lah cover jap dalam 7 min je. Hehe so, this movie really really has a good message to youths out there, about no dealing with drugs, drinks and even smoke! How the team got great team spirit because of being 'clean' and helping the communities and work hard. They work hard to achieve the best : ) Now, that's a quote. And another quote that I like from his movie is - "Soccer is for kids, Football is for wimps and Rugby is for real man" - err no offence to my guyfriends who play football ok? In fact football in this context refers to american football. And soccer? heheh ^ ^""

Sean Faris. YIKESSSS! ^ ^

Hehe well you actually have to go and see this yourself. And remember my "safe parts to see" okay? : )
Oh this is also another captivating part about this movie - apart from the Hotty Hot Hotty Sean ( = ="" )
- they also has HAKA MAORI - it's a traditional dance form of the Māori of New Zealand. It is a posture dance performed by a group, with vigorous movements and stamping of the feet with rhythmically shouted accompaniment. (don't worry I got this from Wiki ) :P

okay some description about this Haka that they show in the movie : the guy in the blue shirt who also chant (quietly) the haka chants is Rick's father, also the opponent of Highland's Coach :)

Well, this is the real Highland Rugby Team's Haka 2009 :D

"The team typically attracts up to 120 young men to the sport every spring. Highland has emerged into the premier high school age rugby team in America. It’s 34-year varsity record is an amazing 392 wins and just 9 loses for a winning percentage of 98%. Highland has never had a losing season record."
HOW AMAZING IS THAT? haha yeah I know. This is just too good to be true. I got this fact in Highland Rugby website, you can read the full History of Highland Rugby at their website. And like the Legend of the team is the coach ; Larry Gelwix, who has been coaching over 30 years!

Meet the actor who played Gelwix : Gary Cole

Well he looks better in the movie though - -""

Meet the real Gelwix :

Oh! Isn't he cute for an old man? : D

Haha, oh well - -""" I hope you enjoy this post and insha Allah my coming post is my second short story after the first one : Flashback by Raihana Nadhira. Well, keep on viewing my blog ; )

ps: Flashback by Raihana Nadhira is a December 2010 post. So if anyone of you interested to read it, go and scroll untill the bottom of my blog, and search for it : ) heehee.

You Are My Sunshine ; D

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Yesterday Morning Was A Happy Morning

Assalamualaikum and a very good 8.38 am in the morning :)

So today, I'm going to share with all of you peeps, about yesterday morning. I. Am Soooo damn happy ! :D
Alhamdulillah. He let me meet up with my old friends again, and that is something that I would love to have the chance every single day :')

Yesterday I went to SB 5th Annual Academic Excellence Award -AEA at Kuliyyah of Engineering UIAM.
Many new faces that I saw yesterday, like memanglah, I've left SB for two years kan, haha. But I like the performances that they did yesterday and mostly were about Palestine : ) The Nasheed group was the most awesome. The final touch yesterday was a performance of Laskar Pelangi song, the singer, Rahman, is Rayyan's friend and mostly in the band : ada drummer, 3 violin players, a boy at the piano, 3 guitar players and if I'm not mistaken, the guitars were different kinds, err kan ada banyak jenis kan? Then ada choir group sekali :D haha hebat kan? The performance wasn't bad at all, and if you give me a 1- 10 scale I'll rate 8 :) The band consists students from form 4 and form 5.

But that's not really my point of posting this post, in fact, the performances contributed only 1 % of my happiness yesterday. I get to meet my old friends again. Yeppp, and I don't think you know how I felt yesterday when I get to hug my best friends : Husna, Kyra, Nani, and get to hold their hands again, and get to meet my buddies Zaid, Zafran and Faez. Everything were so touching. I sat beside Husna when she cried because of joy, she got the Best Student Award because she's contributed a lot to that school and besides, she got straight a's for her SPM. Congrats Husna ! :D And Zaid, also got the award for Best Student, he also has contributed a lot to SB and he got 10 a's for SPM. Congrats Zaid ! :D And to all my friends that I get to meet yesterday, including Nana, Atikah and Irsalina, and especially to Kyra, Nani, Zafran, Faez, Tun, CONGRATULATIONS ! I'm soo happy for all of you : ) Insha Allah we will meet again. And I was also a lil bit disappointed coz Qila, Tera and Alia wasn't there. Aisyah pun takde :( Hope to see you guys sooner or later.

To Zafran and Nani, all the best for this coming PLKN siri 8 Kump 2 : ) Alah, mula2 je you guys feel like you're going to a Camp Hell, tapi lama2 you guys will enjoy it. Like seriously. And to Zaid, insha Allah you'll get the Khazanah scholarship. Keep on praying buddy ! :) And baik2 kerja kat Dominoes tu :P Husna, insha Allah you'll get JPA scholar, keep praying too :D And to Tera and Alia, all the best at Taylor's. Qila, Kyra, Nani, waiting is okay, haha I pun sama now. Insha Allah all of us will achieve what we want : )

Congratulations also to my sisters Rayyan and Raihan for getting excellent results in year 2010. Alhamdulillah both of them got the awards for Best in Subjects - each of them got 4 awards ( @_@ ) and also got another award for 2nd position in class. Hehe I'm soo proud of both you. Keep up the good work okay? Rayyan also got the 9 A's Award and Raihan got the CGPA 4.0 Award. Oho, nampaknya kakak lah kena keep up dgn korang. Oh well.

All in all, I'm so proud for all of you guys and all of you has done your parts in SB. Each of you guys really contributed to our beloved SB.

And to my teachers in SB especially to Cikgu Latifah, Cikgu As, Cikgu Siti Salmah, Cikgu Marziyana, Cikgu Amin, Cikgu Zaid, and to all teachers in SB that has taught me when I was in SB for three years, thanks a million for everything! :D

I really really hoped that I could meet all of you again. And Zaid, HAHA thanks a lot for sharing some of your experiences in Kem Princess Heliza. I really am glad that you shared your stories especially about your Sabah girl haha.

A Day Without Your Post, Is Like A Day Without Rainbow

Just a short post-
To my buddy who is supposed to tell how your condition is.
Everyday, remember?

Oh well.
I understand that you are pretty busy.
Take a good care of yourself.

Polaroid pictures. I love how they'll capture my memories.
(The pic has got nothing to do with this post. Saje letak, haha )

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Please be aware of my GRAMMATICALERRORS !

Assalamualaikum and a very good night to all of you : )

This is just a short post regarding my language and writings that I use and write in my blog - I have lots of grammatical errors! Okay? So please, please don't use words that you all tak pasti maksud dia, or sentence that you all was was nak guna in essay or whatsoeever. Haha, why the sudden reminder? Sebab my mom and my sisters were very crossed reading my posts - -"" pfft. And fyi people? My header tu mmg saje I buat salah tau. She Hypnotizing. It is a wrong sentence. It should be She is hypnotizing. But I am picturing it to be said like "oh she, hypnotizing". Macam tu! Tapi Mama kata, then you must put comma lah lepas she tu kalau tak orang tak tau. Oh well. Mama ada point lagi sekali so, I'm truly sorry for any mistakes, and please, sometimes I write my post in full english, please be my guest to correct any grammatical errors and this is absoulutely not an invitation for you Rayyan and Raihan - -""" (sometimes it sucks when your sisters write better english than you do :P oh well) But I am a very proud sister okay? : D hehe. So, have a good night people!

سلامتك يا صديقيGet Well Soon My Friend : ' (

May Allah protect you always.
We will always pray for your health and condition.
Have faith in Him always.
Only He can give us the better condition that we want in him -Fikri.

To Fikri Che Daud,
kami akan sentiasa doakan anda.

Latest info from Munzir : ALHAMDULILLAH Fikri dalam keadaan selamat cuma kaki kirinya patah, mulut dijahit. How many stiches tak tahu, but Kamil is with him at Hospital Selayang. To all my friends yang melawat Fikri at Hospital, bagi dia semangat, doakan dia, Insha Allah Allah akan memberikan Fikri kesihatan seperti dulu. Doa supaya dia tidak berasa sakit dan perit walaupun keadaanya begitu sekarang.

To all my friends who have the latest info on Fikri, please state that in Fivers '10 okay? Thanks!


Okay maybe some of you will think that this post is alahai gedik gilaa - -"" But I really really am looking forward for these things ! Hehe. Especially the roses and the teddy : D

Yepp, I'm looking forward for someone to give me a very big cute teddy bear : ) tapi taknak bunga tu sekali. Bagi seperately ye. HAHA :P (i know i know- demanding gila)

Aaaah. A bouquet of fresh red roses. This, also something that I won't buy to fulfill my own desire.
Hehe. Anyone care enough to give? ^ ^

iPhone 5. Yeah, dah keluar dah pun. This is absolutely a smart phone that I'm looking forward to.
But I won't ask my parents to buy this for me. Because in our family in order to earn something is to succeed in our studies. Rasa segan nak mintak sebab result SPM not good enough. huhu maybe later.

Mac Book Air :D AAAAH I'm soo looking forward to this thing. hehe but now ada VAIO pun oklah kan. But still, in the future, this genius creation must be minee! hahah XD

iPod Touch. Haha, other thing that I really hope to own. And if I get to own this thing I wish to have the whole surahs in Al- Quran and hadiths in it : ) Songs? Alah, phone ada, youtube ada. Dengar and tengok je from there. ;)

Adidas runners - very light one. But my sports shoes is still quite new because I bought it for PLKN last January. But after it has worn out, a pair of this beauty must be mine :D

Benefit cosmetics. It's not like I wear make up outside. Inside my bag are the normal deals ; Nivea lip balm, Maybelline Compact, and Maybelline eye liner. Celak sometimes je pakai. But Benefits, is like another deal to buy. Hehe. I love how they commercialised their foundations. But Mama never believe in wearing foundation at young age, because you'll look older later. But the way they camouflage our faces are just simply flawless ! : )

Ballet flats is a must must for me. But don't get yourself wrong by looking at this picture. Hehe. Even if I'mm soo rich, I won't spend RM 5K and above just for a ballet flats. So Chanel is absolutely out of topic :P And ballet pumps and flats are my favourite because apart that I am tall and some of my girlfriends wouldn't except me wearing heels - -""" , the effects that I'll get after walking at the malls or wheresoever is that I don't feel uncomfortably in pain. Tapi itupun sometimes kenaletak plaster kat belakang, sebab kalau jalan jauh2, the skin would peel = ="

Gladiators. This is also another thing that never fail to make me fall in love just by looking at it! Haha. This beauty is absolutely painless and comfortable when you wear it. That's why gladiators are one of my favs too

This kinda watch - me like. Haha, tak kisah brand apa pun. But Fossil absolutely captivates me. Especially this watch that I searched in the net. Haha. Tapi harga dia mahal lah - -"" Never mind, maybe later later I'll own one but not now. My swatch still functions perfectly and the watch tak sampai setahun lagi pun guna. In fact, my grandma just went back from Umrah and she bought me a watch. Heehee, a Guess watch.
Thanks Mak Wo :D

Clinique Facial Treatments. Is another thing that I would love to try. Haha, because you know why? I love how their models' skin look in their adds, so fresh and flawless - -""" But my cleanser that I'm using now is still fine, I use Simple, and it has no perfume, no harmful chemicals and essential vitamins that are good for the skin. It is also made in the UK and still cheaper than Clinique.
In fact, I love their motto; Smile, it's Simple !

Ipanema sandals. Hehe, I absolutely love the Giselle Bundchen collections. Simply adorable. But I haven't own any of them yet. Wish to own at least a pair sooner or later ^ ^""

A goldfish. I've always wanted a pet and Mama can't stand a Persian cat, Baba can't stand it's poo, Rayyan is allergic to furry pets so I guess the suitable pet for me is a goldfish! And I absolutely adore goldfish! :D heehee they're shiny and .... err cute? Tapi apapun ikan emas terbaik :)

Raybans :) If you ask me about sunglasses, shades, I choose Rayban. Hehe, but belum ada lagi lah :P I really hope to own one but Mama said that 'what for nak beli sunglasses? Bukannya nak pegi anywahere panas pun' Well, actually Mama do has a point. And besides, Rayban is quite expensive. MNG or Guess has cheaper range. Oh well. Last time my dad lost his Rayban at the ATM machine :/

Paul Frank. PAUL FRAAAAAAAAAAAAANK. haha entahla, sekarang ni brand ni macam phenomenal je. Tapi phenomenal pun, harga pun phenomenal, yang ori lah :P Oh well, I love their iPhone cases though.
If I get the chance to own any Paul Frank's collection, I would absolutely adore this cheeky monkey with red background, tak kisahla, tops or handphone cases. heehee.

Juicy Couture. Is another brand that I really have been longing to own one. Haha, but the price of their items in Malaysia is quite expensive, besides, you can only find the shop in Pavi :P Last time I went to Pavi with my mom and sisters, I didn't even dare to walk inside the shop, hahah. Itupun pergi sana sebab Mama nak beli handbag kat Radley, then we had our lunch there and pergi Tangs. So each of us dapat one item from Tangs, Mama belikan and kebetulan on that day tengah sale so boleh la kan spend kat sana.

This is the most BIZARRELY GRUESOMELY GENIOUS ballet flats creation EVER! :D :Dhaha. This is Vansessa Beecroft Repetto - err yeah, a designer's flats. hmmph. Entah bila lah nak own one. Haha. But I really hoped to own this freaky genius thing one day !

Yeah, this camera, is the only camera that I trust, to be inside my handbag :P Haha. But for me, to own it, maybe later, if I get good results. Like I said before, we siblings don't own gadgets for free. We have to earn it by getting good and excellent results.

I've always love this kinda purse. And brand tu tak kisah la sebenarnya. But Roxy pun cantik2 jugak their purses hehe. But mine is still new, last time I bought one at Tropicana Life, so nanti2 lah bila dah teruk sangat2 baru tukar : ) Tapi kalau nak bagi for birthday gift, saya terima je :D

SWATCH. Is another watch brand that I really love to own. Hehe. And I'm still loyal to my Swatch, that I wear everytime I go out. Baru setahun umur dia ; ) hehe and I got a buddy who loves to collect Swatch watches. Kalau hang nak beli Swatch lagi, belikan untuk aku sekali tau ^ ^""

Okay gambar ni just a gambar. Haha, if I have lots of money, I don't think I want to spend $1000 K for my wardrobe, okay? Haha, this picture is trying to tell you that I love clothes so much. Tak kisahla brand apa asalkan selesa ; ) But to me, affordable brands like Dorothy Perkins, Forever 21, Topshop is okay. Alah, sometimes tu beli kat Brands Outlet, Ikano je. Seriously affordable :D FOS pun best jugak. haha.

Okay, I think panjang lebar cerita pasal my desires kan? Haha. But I'm telling you that to own these things is a great feeling but not as great as to own all of the nikmat that He has given me. Alhamdulillah : ) And like Baba said last time when I kept moaning because I want to eat Char Kuey Teow and Baba tak sempat beli sebab busy with meetings and work, Baba said "Kamu kena bersyukur, bukannya takde makanan pun kat rumah. Orang lain yang tak mampu, ada yang tak makan sebanyak yang kamu makan selalu. Nanti makan yang kamu nak tu Baba cari, tapi you must always remember that, it's not the end of the world if you don't get to eat Char Kuey Teow. And bukannya tak pernah makan pun " Hmm. That's true. If you sigh a lot, means that you are being ungrateful of what you have now. Apa apapun, kita kena sentiasa bersyukur, sebab nikmat yang Allah bagi terlalu banyak. Tak payah tengok duit dan kekayaan, tengok diri kita sendiri. Alhamdulillah, kita dikurniakan mata, telinga, dan anggota badan yang berfungsi dengan sempurna. Senang je kalau nak bersyukur ni. Jangan pandang orang yang bawak Merce, pandang orang yang tiada kenderaan untuk bergerak sana sini.

Haha, saje nak tunjuk gambar my love. Meet Muhammad Razeen Rafidi. He is nine years old going to be ten insha Allah this 17th of December. This pic was taken during our vacation at Sepang Gold Coast. (haha nama bukan main lagi :P )

This is the bag that I bought using my own money. Kan Mama tak bagi spend guna duit sendiri, oh well. Somehow I get to buy this bag during Umrah last year.

Okay so itu jelah kot. And siapa2 yang rase post ni melebih, hmm, I'm sorry that I didn't post a good post for you to read.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Freedom : D

The Laugh And Smile Therapy : D

Here are some of the jokes that really cracked me up and I guess this also would cheer up your day :D

1 - One day theres a couple of kids in a phycology class. The teacher stands up and says to the class "stand up if u think you're stupid!" after about 5 minutes Little Johnny stood up and the teacher says "do you think you're stupid Johnny?"

To which Little Johnny replies "No miss i just hate to see you standing there all by yourself!!!"

2-  Ten things that you don't want to hear during a surgery.

1 Don't worry. I think it is sharp enough.
2 Nurse, did this patient sign the organs donation card?
3 Damn! Page 84 of the manual is missing!
4 Everybody stand back! I lost a contact lens!
5 Hand me that...uh...that uh.....thingie
6 Better save that. We'll need it for the autopsy.
7 "Accept this sacrifice, O Great Lord of Darkness"

8 Whoa, wait a minute, if this is his spleen, then what's that?
9 "Ya know, there's big money in kidneys. Hell, he's got two of'em
10 What do you mean "You want a divorce?"

3- A Plane was flying through the jungle when suddenly the engine stalled. The pilot ejected and drifted gently down to land. Unfortunately he landed in a large cooking pot which was gently simmering over a low fire.

All the local tribesmen turned to look at him until the chief, blinking in disbelief asked, "What's this flier doing in my soup?"

4- Two fisherman are out sailing when suddenly a hand appears in the sea. "What's this?" asked the first fisherman, "It looks as if someone is drowning!"

"No," explained the second fisherman, "It's just a little wave."

5- First Man: I bet I can make you speak like a Red Indian?

Second Man: How?

First Man: Told you I could.

6- "He may look like an idiot and talk like an idiot but don't let that fool you. He really is an idiot."

- Groucho Marx

7- "His mind is so open - so open that ideas simply pass through it."

- F. H. Bradley

8- Q. Were you long in the hospital?

A. No, I was the same size that I am now!

Q. What button won't you find in a tailor's shop?

A. A Belly button!

Q. What kind of car does Mickey Mouse's wife drive?

A. A minnie van!

Q: How did the telephones get married?

A. In a double ring ceremony!

Q: Why did the child study in the aeroplane?

A: He wanted a higher education!

Q: What kind of hair do oceans have?

A: Wavy!

Make A Change

Last night I slept late because I watched CSI : NY and Miami, their latest season you know? haha and err I was scolded by Baba. He said " Kamu lupa ke, umur ni rezeki. Jangan buang masa. You had the whole day to watch tv, takkan malam pun nak watch tv juga? Read books, banyak buku agama dalam almari tu yang kamu tak baca lagi ...." Reminiscing those words really made me TER-SEN-TAK. Yes, what Baba said was true. I've been living for 18 years, and throughout those years, so many, so much rezeki, nikmat, that He'd gave to me, to my family. What should I do in becoming a greatful believer? I should make a change. A change here means towards a better Raihana Nadhira Rafidi.

I, should make a list. One step at a time is the best solution for my TheChangeProject.

1. No more read the Quran 1-4 pages every morning. Read 5 pages !

2. Start istiqamah in performing the rawatib prayers. Start by performing rawatib for one compulsory prayer. For instance, start by performing the rawatib prayer during Zohor.

3. Finish the book : Apa Ertinya Aku Memeluk Islam Fathi Yakan by next week. Please amati page by page.

4. Never fail to read agama book everyday. At least, a page a day.

5. After this, FB is only in the morning and before Asar. Sebab, cmmon lah, like takkan the whole day?!?

6. Sleep early to rise early. If you people see me at certain days I onlined YM or whatsoever late at night, then I have certain reasons. But still, sleep early to rise early.

7. Do qiyam at least twice per week.

8. Never fail to solat taubat, hajat and witir every night.

9. Jom Rai, puasa sunat balik macam kt smakl dulu? ;D Start slow by fast once a week. Either monday or thursday, you choose babe!

10. Keep on searchin', browsin' about Dentistry, Universities, Courses, Scholarships.

11. Never EVER GIVE UP ! The only key to success is hard work Rai. Then remember the word money in bahasa melayu, D-U-I-T.

12. Pray, pray, and keep on praying! And remember His words in Surah Al- Baqarah ayaat 186. Put your trust in Him Rai. And you must be bertaqwa in order to get what you've prayed.

Let yourself change Raihana. For a better you : )

The Current Issues

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning  :)

So there are like many many things that really disturbed me. Seriously, like seriously. And how is that they happened to disturbed me? Well, maybe if you speak for an eighteen year old teenage girl the things that I'll tell all of you are something somewhat important. Yes, important so important that I'll be happy to share the benefits of the err things. Okay so let us start, shall we?


1. I am handphoneLESS. Yep. Since I was in form 4, my new phone that I got as for my pmr gift, stolen by my maid - -"" how irritating and annoying was that. So I started using handphone when I was going to PLKN, but technically it wasn't mine, it was Rayyan's old one- oh she has a new phone already sebab pmr jugak - then the handphone, I kinda let it wet when I played by the sea in Sepang Gold Coast last March holiday (now why this sound kiddish? oh nvm) so the handphone rosak = ="" yeah I know. Okay, it's not like I'm being ungrateful and demanding it's just that it's easier for my friends to contact me although I am a FBManiac, I uh practically online every single day, well because of other reason that also really disturb me. But still, I am eighteen and I shouldn't be handphoneLESS. Oh well. So Mama said "insha Allah by end of April, okay?" and I was like "wokay mom".

2. I am jobLESS. Well at first I stated in my about me in FB that 'currently I'm JOBLESS and I'm HAPPY with it ' but now I stated in my blog that 'currently I'm JOBLESS and I'm TOTALLY NOT FINE WITH IT'
But I've already had the discussions with the Mighty Two and I'm not to work like as a waiter or jobs that required me to go there using public transportations or jobs that situated in some malls, because my dad really don't like the picture or even the sound of it. And I actually agree with Baba on that. But knowing about how my friends work and earn money on their own really disturbed me. I, want to earn money to, I mean I, have things that I really want to buy that I don't really like to ask my parents to buy them for me. I mean most of my friends really being independent in buying their stuff but doesn't have to ask money from their parents. Mama don't like us siblings spend using our own money because money should just go to the bank! Oh well, but still kan? And I'm still hunting for a good and suitable job for me that will have my parents approval. But I really want to earn money okay. Okay.

3. I am driving liscenseLESS. Ugh. Everytime my friends ask me in FB , 'Rai, dah ada lesen?' the normal answer would be 'Daftar pun belum lagi '. I know, now is already almost end of April and sooner May comes! Okay it's not like you should have a driving liscense by certain month, it's just that it's easier for Mama to go to her office, because err, Mama can't drive. I don't mind being a driver for awhile. Alah, pahala pun dapat jugak kan :) But now we already have the numbers that lead us to lady instructors. And this afternoon, my friend gave a number, he said he and his siblings semua belajar with the same lady ! hahah cool tak. And plus him, 5 of his family actually learn with the same old woman. But before that Mama already got a number from a cousin of mine, only that if I'll be learning with the lady that Ahmad - my cousin- introduced, I'll be staying at his place at Gombak. Yeah because the driving academy is at Gombak. Oh I don't mind take me anywhere as long as I could learn how to drive a car :D

4. I am laptopLESS every night. Pfft. Our pc broke down and been sent for a repair, so every night I just have to give the laptop to my bro. For what? For the annoying PHENOMENAL game ; NINJA SAGA (!)
Ugh. This game just annoyed me and my brother and his friends siap buat group lagi : Anti Scammers Ninja Saga . Right. So now I just have to pray so that the pc cepat cepat sembuh, so he'll get to play the game without me grumbling beside him every night ; D Well, maybe you people are wondering why would I really care if I just give my brother some space to use the internet because I practically use the laptop almost the whole day since morning. Well, maybe because most of my friends online at night and I like to update my blog at night. Okay, maybe my reasons aren't relevant enough but I could only think of that eheh ^ ^""

5. I am MUET-LESS. Okay, just incase some of you still wondering what is MUET well it stands for Malaysian University English Test. Maybe some of you also wondering that why should I bother about this test? Well, maybe if you're not going to study overseas within a few years, you have to worry about this test because this test is just so important for students who attends local universities. Like if you go to UK or Aussie, you have to take A - levels, or TOEFL maybe. But MUET is important in our country. Some of my friends have already sat for the exams and last Sunday, during my brother's Sports Day, I met Aunty Sherry, my primary school friend's mother, and she said that 'yeah, you're not working, you're just sitting around at home, you SHOULD take this test sayang' and I turned to Mama and was like 'see? I told you so' heheh. Because Mama said last time when I questioned my thought about taking MUET, that we don't have to worry now and just wait a bit later. But I really am jobless and just sitting around at home without any work to do, this is actually a good idea. But right now, this matter is still under discussions, well my parents are busy people. Haihh. Never mind. Aunty Sherry even offered to give me some of 'Aisyah's notes (my primary school friend tu only that fyi, she is one year old YOUNGER than I am and she's now sitting for A levels. TERKEJUT tak? haha!) because last time she and her sister went to the bengkel about MUET and stuff and Aunty Sherry also mentioned that the book is quite expensive but I have pictured Aimisya's book in my mind, so yeah : ) haha

Well, practically I've got 5 things that disturbed me. But I haven't told you that my current mood is still happy. I'm disturbed but I can still live my life. When certain things troubled you, go back and return to Him, maybe this is not the right time for you to earn those things and be happy. You should be greatful of what you have now and it is all gifts from Him to you.

ps. Tak tahu kenapa now I'm soo into this song : Janji - Akim. HAHA

She is happy.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh !

I KNOW I KNOW IT HAS BEEN AGES! People, I know. AND I MISS YOU ALL TOOOO LIKE SODMNMUCH! ;D haha. Sooo, how are youuuu? Alhamdulillah I'm fine today and mayeb that's why I'd planned to start dusting raihanaeuphoria by today and gimme a whole week will yah?

Okay so. Many, many, many things happened throughout the month and weeks and days, and maybe some I'll share it with yah and some just let me keep that in my secret box of mypersonalstories. Ehem. So, this beloved blog of mine okay will be under construction for a week. So please, visit after one week, don't peek okay so maybe you can peek but I want this to be hyperly active like it used to everyday. I, am going to try to write as much as possible, everyday. Got it? E-VERY-DAY! :D heehee. Oh well - -""""

So here I am, once again, I AM AWAKENED! : )

ps.  just incase some of you still wondering, - -""" is the new -,-"" okay? My buddy MNZKA first introduced that to me and I was like hey, this looks nicer without the nose! HAHA :P