Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hear My Whispers, Please

I stare at the blue sky.
I stare at the sun.
I stare at the tall trees with birds chirping happily.
I stare at the girl who has a sad face.
I stare at girl who is crying silently.
I stare at the girl who is looking right back at me.
Oh that girl is me.

I'm standing infront of a mirror,
then I turn my body to where I pray,

I said with the softest voice I could,
"Oh My Lord,
You are the Almighty,
You are the Powerful,
You are the All -Compassionate,
You are the Gracious,
You are the All -Merciful.
To You I find peace.
To You I beg forgiveness.
To You I confide my secrets.
To You I pour my feelings.
You are All Knowing, All Seeing.
You understand how I am right now.
I'm in a dump.
I'm in the sea,
waving my hands,
seeking for help.
To You I seek help.
To You I seek peace.
To You my heart will rest."

"Ya Allah,
I'm your slave.
I beg for your forgiveness.
I beg for your mercy.
I'll never leave sins,
I'm always sinned,
For I am only human.
And I'm weak.
To You I seek my strength.
To You I seek protection.
Ya Allah,
forgive me.
As no one forgive sins but You."

"Ya Rahman, Ya Raheem.
You are my source where I repent.
Ya Salam,
You are my source of peace.
Ya Muhaimin,
You are my forever guardian.
Ya 'Aziz,
You are my source of victory,
to You I seek my victory.
Ya Mutakabbir, Ya Khaliq,
You are the Greatest and I'm just little,
You are my Creator and I'm your slave,
listen to my whispers,
listen to my prayers,
My Lord.
Ya 'Alim,
You are my source of knowledge,
to You I seek brilliance.
Ya Basit,
You are my source of relieve,
forever and always.
Ya 'Adl,
You are just,
to You I seek justice in my life.
Ya Ghafur,
You are my forgiver, and hider of all my faults.
To You I seek forgiveness.
To You I repent.
Ya Karim,
You are the Generous,
so to You I pray for my blessing and blissful in life.
Ya Mujib,
You are the Responder to Prayers.
That's why I put my trust on You.
That's why I pray to You.
you are my Lord.
You are my God."

"Lead me always Ya Allah.
So that I am more pious.
So that I have more iman and taqwa.
So that I am a happy woman.
So that I am a happy human being."

"Ya Allah,
thank you for all the nikmahs You had given me.
Thank you for the iman.
Thank you for Islam being my religion.
Thank you for supportive and loving my family.
Thank you for my supportive and loving friends.
Thank you.
Thank you.
For everything."

"Hear my whispers always.
Hear my prayers always.
Because You are my everything."


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