Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh !

I KNOW I KNOW IT HAS BEEN AGES! People, I know. AND I MISS YOU ALL TOOOO LIKE SODMNMUCH! ;D haha. Sooo, how are youuuu? Alhamdulillah I'm fine today and mayeb that's why I'd planned to start dusting raihanaeuphoria by today and gimme a whole week will yah?

Okay so. Many, many, many things happened throughout the month and weeks and days, and maybe some I'll share it with yah and some just let me keep that in my secret box of mypersonalstories. Ehem. So, this beloved blog of mine okay will be under construction for a week. So please, visit after one week, don't peek okay so maybe you can peek but I want this to be hyperly active like it used to everyday. I, am going to try to write as much as possible, everyday. Got it? E-VERY-DAY! :D heehee. Oh well - -""""

So here I am, once again, I AM AWAKENED! : )

ps.  just incase some of you still wondering, - -""" is the new -,-"" okay? My buddy MNZKA first introduced that to me and I was like hey, this looks nicer without the nose! HAHA :P


  1. - -"""""""""""""

    - -"""""""""""""


    ape la.....
    muahaha..tau xpe
    lagi lawa kot....

  2. Fatin : HEHE thanks honeyy :D Thanks for following me too! IMY :')

    MNZKA : haha :P kebetulan je lawa kot