Saturday, April 23, 2011

Please be aware of my GRAMMATICALERRORS !

Assalamualaikum and a very good night to all of you : )

This is just a short post regarding my language and writings that I use and write in my blog - I have lots of grammatical errors! Okay? So please, please don't use words that you all tak pasti maksud dia, or sentence that you all was was nak guna in essay or whatsoeever. Haha, why the sudden reminder? Sebab my mom and my sisters were very crossed reading my posts - -"" pfft. And fyi people? My header tu mmg saje I buat salah tau. She Hypnotizing. It is a wrong sentence. It should be She is hypnotizing. But I am picturing it to be said like "oh she, hypnotizing". Macam tu! Tapi Mama kata, then you must put comma lah lepas she tu kalau tak orang tak tau. Oh well. Mama ada point lagi sekali so, I'm truly sorry for any mistakes, and please, sometimes I write my post in full english, please be my guest to correct any grammatical errors and this is absoulutely not an invitation for you Rayyan and Raihan - -""" (sometimes it sucks when your sisters write better english than you do :P oh well) But I am a very proud sister okay? : D hehe. So, have a good night people!

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