Thursday, April 21, 2011

Make A Change

Last night I slept late because I watched CSI : NY and Miami, their latest season you know? haha and err I was scolded by Baba. He said " Kamu lupa ke, umur ni rezeki. Jangan buang masa. You had the whole day to watch tv, takkan malam pun nak watch tv juga? Read books, banyak buku agama dalam almari tu yang kamu tak baca lagi ...." Reminiscing those words really made me TER-SEN-TAK. Yes, what Baba said was true. I've been living for 18 years, and throughout those years, so many, so much rezeki, nikmat, that He'd gave to me, to my family. What should I do in becoming a greatful believer? I should make a change. A change here means towards a better Raihana Nadhira Rafidi.

I, should make a list. One step at a time is the best solution for my TheChangeProject.

1. No more read the Quran 1-4 pages every morning. Read 5 pages !

2. Start istiqamah in performing the rawatib prayers. Start by performing rawatib for one compulsory prayer. For instance, start by performing the rawatib prayer during Zohor.

3. Finish the book : Apa Ertinya Aku Memeluk Islam Fathi Yakan by next week. Please amati page by page.

4. Never fail to read agama book everyday. At least, a page a day.

5. After this, FB is only in the morning and before Asar. Sebab, cmmon lah, like takkan the whole day?!?

6. Sleep early to rise early. If you people see me at certain days I onlined YM or whatsoever late at night, then I have certain reasons. But still, sleep early to rise early.

7. Do qiyam at least twice per week.

8. Never fail to solat taubat, hajat and witir every night.

9. Jom Rai, puasa sunat balik macam kt smakl dulu? ;D Start slow by fast once a week. Either monday or thursday, you choose babe!

10. Keep on searchin', browsin' about Dentistry, Universities, Courses, Scholarships.

11. Never EVER GIVE UP ! The only key to success is hard work Rai. Then remember the word money in bahasa melayu, D-U-I-T.

12. Pray, pray, and keep on praying! And remember His words in Surah Al- Baqarah ayaat 186. Put your trust in Him Rai. And you must be bertaqwa in order to get what you've prayed.

Let yourself change Raihana. For a better you : )


  1. I'm following you towards making some changes! Thank you for the lish. Aha

  2. upss. TYPO.

    PS. I like #3, #5 and #7! ;]

  3. Anis : Thanks Anis! :) pray fr me ok ?

    Aimisya : AWW. My pleasure! The list is for everyone! Hehe. Let's make a change :D