Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Current Issues

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning  :)

So there are like many many things that really disturbed me. Seriously, like seriously. And how is that they happened to disturbed me? Well, maybe if you speak for an eighteen year old teenage girl the things that I'll tell all of you are something somewhat important. Yes, important so important that I'll be happy to share the benefits of the err things. Okay so let us start, shall we?


1. I am handphoneLESS. Yep. Since I was in form 4, my new phone that I got as for my pmr gift, stolen by my maid - -"" how irritating and annoying was that. So I started using handphone when I was going to PLKN, but technically it wasn't mine, it was Rayyan's old one- oh she has a new phone already sebab pmr jugak - then the handphone, I kinda let it wet when I played by the sea in Sepang Gold Coast last March holiday (now why this sound kiddish? oh nvm) so the handphone rosak = ="" yeah I know. Okay, it's not like I'm being ungrateful and demanding it's just that it's easier for my friends to contact me although I am a FBManiac, I uh practically online every single day, well because of other reason that also really disturb me. But still, I am eighteen and I shouldn't be handphoneLESS. Oh well. So Mama said "insha Allah by end of April, okay?" and I was like "wokay mom".

2. I am jobLESS. Well at first I stated in my about me in FB that 'currently I'm JOBLESS and I'm HAPPY with it ' but now I stated in my blog that 'currently I'm JOBLESS and I'm TOTALLY NOT FINE WITH IT'
But I've already had the discussions with the Mighty Two and I'm not to work like as a waiter or jobs that required me to go there using public transportations or jobs that situated in some malls, because my dad really don't like the picture or even the sound of it. And I actually agree with Baba on that. But knowing about how my friends work and earn money on their own really disturbed me. I, want to earn money to, I mean I, have things that I really want to buy that I don't really like to ask my parents to buy them for me. I mean most of my friends really being independent in buying their stuff but doesn't have to ask money from their parents. Mama don't like us siblings spend using our own money because money should just go to the bank! Oh well, but still kan? And I'm still hunting for a good and suitable job for me that will have my parents approval. But I really want to earn money okay. Okay.

3. I am driving liscenseLESS. Ugh. Everytime my friends ask me in FB , 'Rai, dah ada lesen?' the normal answer would be 'Daftar pun belum lagi '. I know, now is already almost end of April and sooner May comes! Okay it's not like you should have a driving liscense by certain month, it's just that it's easier for Mama to go to her office, because err, Mama can't drive. I don't mind being a driver for awhile. Alah, pahala pun dapat jugak kan :) But now we already have the numbers that lead us to lady instructors. And this afternoon, my friend gave a number, he said he and his siblings semua belajar with the same lady ! hahah cool tak. And plus him, 5 of his family actually learn with the same old woman. But before that Mama already got a number from a cousin of mine, only that if I'll be learning with the lady that Ahmad - my cousin- introduced, I'll be staying at his place at Gombak. Yeah because the driving academy is at Gombak. Oh I don't mind take me anywhere as long as I could learn how to drive a car :D

4. I am laptopLESS every night. Pfft. Our pc broke down and been sent for a repair, so every night I just have to give the laptop to my bro. For what? For the annoying PHENOMENAL game ; NINJA SAGA (!)
Ugh. This game just annoyed me and my brother and his friends siap buat group lagi : Anti Scammers Ninja Saga . Right. So now I just have to pray so that the pc cepat cepat sembuh, so he'll get to play the game without me grumbling beside him every night ; D Well, maybe you people are wondering why would I really care if I just give my brother some space to use the internet because I practically use the laptop almost the whole day since morning. Well, maybe because most of my friends online at night and I like to update my blog at night. Okay, maybe my reasons aren't relevant enough but I could only think of that eheh ^ ^""

5. I am MUET-LESS. Okay, just incase some of you still wondering what is MUET well it stands for Malaysian University English Test. Maybe some of you also wondering that why should I bother about this test? Well, maybe if you're not going to study overseas within a few years, you have to worry about this test because this test is just so important for students who attends local universities. Like if you go to UK or Aussie, you have to take A - levels, or TOEFL maybe. But MUET is important in our country. Some of my friends have already sat for the exams and last Sunday, during my brother's Sports Day, I met Aunty Sherry, my primary school friend's mother, and she said that 'yeah, you're not working, you're just sitting around at home, you SHOULD take this test sayang' and I turned to Mama and was like 'see? I told you so' heheh. Because Mama said last time when I questioned my thought about taking MUET, that we don't have to worry now and just wait a bit later. But I really am jobless and just sitting around at home without any work to do, this is actually a good idea. But right now, this matter is still under discussions, well my parents are busy people. Haihh. Never mind. Aunty Sherry even offered to give me some of 'Aisyah's notes (my primary school friend tu only that fyi, she is one year old YOUNGER than I am and she's now sitting for A levels. TERKEJUT tak? haha!) because last time she and her sister went to the bengkel about MUET and stuff and Aunty Sherry also mentioned that the book is quite expensive but I have pictured Aimisya's book in my mind, so yeah : ) haha

Well, practically I've got 5 things that disturbed me. But I haven't told you that my current mood is still happy. I'm disturbed but I can still live my life. When certain things troubled you, go back and return to Him, maybe this is not the right time for you to earn those things and be happy. You should be greatful of what you have now and it is all gifts from Him to you.

ps. Tak tahu kenapa now I'm soo into this song : Janji - Akim. HAHA

She is happy.


  1. Salam, I adore u too! ^_^
    luv u lillah, miss u so much~

  2. heehee. Love you too ANIS! Because of Him :)

  3. HAHA :))
    I just read this, a bit late kan sbb dah bnyk post you published. ;p

    Hee sure you can borrow mine :D

  4. GHAHAHA banyaklah sangat :P I still adore your posts! :D

    Oh alright aimi! hahaha i dah agak mesti u bagi punya :)