Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beautiful Is You

Assalamualaikum and a very good 5. 03 pm in the evening : )

This post is not the short story that I've promised you in my previous movie promotion (hahaha), apparently just another post that I've thought not once, not twice but thrice whether I should post this or not. And I really hope you guys would read this until the end before you make any abrubt conclusion. Okay.

Everything in this world, everyone in this world that He has created are beautiful. And no one and I mean NO ONE could change that fact. It is true that some things in physical they look "not- beautiful -like- I -claimed- in- my post" but if you look deeper or think deeper or learn deeper like if you take Biology, everything is so specific, so beautifully made, so wondefully created by Him. You, have no right to say to certain things or certain people ugly, oh hodoh gila, oh tak cantik! And right now, I'm emphasizing on the beauty of every girls in this planet.

I'm sure you know that beautiful is a nikmat or gift that He has lent to us. It is not something that you'll get to keep forever. Beauty will fade according to time, as it passes by. But still unfortunately, some girls who think they're beautiful, they didn't use it for goodness but they commercialised their beauty so that the whole world could see how amazingly beautiful they are. And comercialised here doesn't just mean by modelling, any work that requires us to face the public. And I'm not talking about girls who cover themselves, I'm talking about girls who doesn't. Please always remember, anytime, anywhere He can take your beauty, because after all, it is His.

And now, to other things. I'm not saying that I'm pretty or even beautiful, there are many, many other girls in my school, out there who are more , much more bautiful than I am but praises are all for Him,  but somehow, I usually get the compliments. But it doesn't matter at all to me. If you think I am pretty than Alhamdulillah, this beauty fyi, is never mine. But sometimes things are different for every girls. I remember during lunch last year, my friend said this to me " Wah, Rai. Bestlah jadi awak ni. Selalu ke awak kena puji camtu? " I stopped eating abrubtly, and I was blushing plus puzzled. I don't really remember what makes she said "..selalu ke awak kena puji camtu" but if I'm not mistaken before that, juniors were complimenting me or something like that. I said " Manade. biase je. Tak untung apa2 pun la wak" well something like that. But then she added, "haha, kita tak pernah pun kena puji camtu" That makes me feel bad, not for her, but for myself. Why not for her? Then are you saying oh pity her, tak pernah kena puji! No!  Actually she should know that I don't deserve any compliments at all! Being complimented is not great at all! To me, each and every one of the girl in this world is beautiful. We should be greatful of what we have, of what we are. And I'm sure you know that there also many other human beings on earth who got Allah's test, maybe blind, deaf, mute, and I also sometimes feel envious when look at other beautiful girls with flawless and porcelain skin, something like Nivea ads - -""" But it's wrong, if I'm a good believer, I shouldn't act that way, I should just be greatful for what I am now. And for your information girls, I know that getting compliments is something that all of us always yearn for especially on beauty, but whatever it is, all the praises doesn't belong to us, but belongs to Him.

My dad always say when he hugs my sisters and I, and when he kisses our cheeks, "Alhamdulillah, cantik cantik anak baba ni. Kalau kita nak puji seseorang tu, puji Allah dulu. Sebab kecantikan tu milik Dia." No worries, in Akhirat insha Allah, if we are good and pious believers, our faces will shine, we will have an eternal beauty. Whatever it is, we have to take care of ourselves. Take care of our relationship with Him and with the people around us.

Beauty is not physical. It is in the eye of the beholder. If you have wonderful heart, you are always beautiful.
Never frets when you look at yourself in front of the mirror, looks can be deceiving, but always make sure that your heart is clean. Beautiful is you.

Be happy always : )


  1. SO LOVING THIS POST! <333 ^_^

  2. Ninie : hehehee yepp yepp : )

    Fatin : hehehe thanks dear :D

  3. I mean like, when I look at a girl, then I'll say,
    She's beautiful...
    like that laaaaa...hehe

  4. AZIM: ooh okay okay pahe doh :D

    AIMISYA: ya Allah asal la kita baru perasan awk yg frist to cmnt - -""" sorry babeee!
    Hehe Imy pretty :D