Tuesday, March 27, 2012

# 특수 포스트

" After we have performed the istikharah, we should tawakkaltu 'alallah. We surrender everything to Him. If the person that we intended to be with is not the result of our istikharah, then bear in mind that that is the best, the BEST decision for us. Because Allah will give us someone much better than that person, and that person will be given someone who is way much better than us. Don't be sad, because Allah knows best. "

- Anonymous

Sunday, March 25, 2012

만약 하나님의 뜻 그 A Husband Like My Father


I guess it has been awhile since I've last posted about my life in regards to love and future. Just a short post (I hope, if my fingers could possiby stop typing) .

If Allah wills it, and I really really hope is to have a husband like my father. Alhamdulillah, I couldn't stop thanking Him more for giving me the chance to have my dad as my father. I couldn't stop being grateful to Him more for every moments that I'd shared and insha Allah going to share with my dad. Every blissful moments, every moments that are always meaningful.

My dad is my first love. As for a guy who involved in my life. His love and care to all of us siblings really made me feel that I'm always special. Although I have two other sisters, who are also my dad's 'beautiful princesses' and a brother, my parents' hero, I seem to feel that I'm my dad's only special princess. If you can imagine, how my dad's love and care and tenderness but also strictness in regards to religion, had made me feel so loved, so being cared for.

My dad taught me about Islam since small. Alhamdulillah. The five compulsory prayers, as salaah, fasting during the month of ramadhan, the holy Quran and basic islamic teachings had been taught and inculcated in all of us since little. Not to forget my mom, who is also a wonderful help. My dad would conduct usrah at least once a week. He would talk about hadeeth that he'd just read or learned from a ceramah that he went or from Ustaz. Or we would learn about tawheed during our family usrah which is usually conducted after maghrib. Or any other fundamentals of Islam.

When any of us falls sick,  he would first feed us with honey or habatus sauda as Rasulullah (PBUH) had said, habatus sauda could cure any disease but death. Then my dad wold say, "If you fall sick, I would feel the sickness too. I would be very worried of you. So please take care of you health. Don't forget to eat the honey, it's very good for your health. Don't forget to drink water 8 times a day." when we cry, my dad would say " don't cry, because I would cry too" "If any of you feel sad, baba would feel sad too".

He taught us that niat lillahita'ala is very important. If we cover our aurah because of him "then if I die, you won't be covering your aurah anymore. Because I won't be here to scold you". Whatever that he's taught us, about Islam, my dad said to do it because Allah had told us to do it. Not him. So that we could be istiqamah in everything that we do.

When I feel down because of my results, my tears never fail to wet his shirt. I would always be in his hugs, and his words of tenderness calms me always. "Let this be your starting point to become better in the future. True muslims won't fall into the same hole twice. Let this be a lesson to you. Study hard. Make your parents proud of you" "Allah is always there for you. Cry to Him. He will always listen." He is always fond of kids. He would never fail to greet us in his arms with warm hugs and showers us with kisses. Until now, he would kiss my cheeks or forehead whenever he send me to or picked me from the university.

Alhamdulillah. Whenever I'm with him and my mom, I'm happy. Although we have our ups and downs, I'm just grateful to Him because He'd gave me the chance to be in this family. Wealth is never the key to happiness. My family is just average. But the important facet has always been knowledge. A family should be filled with islamic teachings and knowledge and love. I couldn't imagine my life without my dad, without my mom. To my friends who don't have a dad or a mom, or even both, I'm so overwhelmed with the strong hearts that you guys owned. I know that someday, a day will come when either me or my parents will go and meet our God. But for me, I hope I would go first. I don't know if I'm able to bear if I lose them.

How is it my husband should be like my father? First is that you're not a smoker =P I can't stand and accept silent killer. Secondly, you should be religious, you perform your prayers, you would teach me further to become a much better muslim. You can teach our children insha Allah to become much much better muslims than us. And then of course, you must not hate children. Because insha Allah, I would never mind to have many children because like my parents and my grandparents and everyone around me always say that children is nikmah, or rezeki. They are the true wealth in a family. Fourthly, you take care of your family just like my father took care of my family or maybe better. You would respect my dad, my mom just like you respect your parents. My dad loves to talk, especially about Islam or politics. Hope you could know much about things around you so that you could get the chance to have your say too ^^" You should be strong and strict on Islamic matters. And Islam should be the utmost priority in your life. Allah's orders should be in the most top chart in your life. Not me, not our children.

Insha Allah I will try my best to become the best wife for you. If you are wealthy, then that's just a bonus for me. If you're not, then we could work something out, together. Allah won't burden us with something that we couldn't bear. I hope I'm not too picky ^^"

"You" is someone I myself cannot figure out, yet. May Allah bless us all.

Friday, March 23, 2012

축하 해요 Congrats =')


Assalamualaikum. This very post is for all of my juniors who have just received their SPM 2011 results yesterday. Koranggggggggg tah-ni-ah! Alhamdulillah! I'm proud and happy for all of you. Some of you probably would have cried tears of happiness and some, tears of sadness. To those who were happy for their results, alhamdulillah, banyakkan sujud syukur ye, and always remember that this is not the ending, but the beginning to something bigger. Don't be too content, don't be too proud, don't be too confident. Now it's not the time to enjoy your time profusely without anything good but to prepare for the next battle. Most importantly, kita belajar kerana Allah. How? Why? I'll explain a bit later.

To those who were sad, don't be depressed, no more cry of regrets, please. Think of this as the best decision for you. Think of this as the start point for you to prepare for the next battle. Think of this as for your self motivation, to prove to your parents, your family, your teachers, your friends, that you can do better than this. That you are no less special than others who achieved more than you at this time. Don't be too sad, la tahzan ya ukhti wa akhi. This is not the ending but the beginning of something bigger. When sorrow envelops us, we should always think back, try to re calculate our mistakes. Maybe there's something wrong with us. And He won't change our condition if we dn't change our own. Or maybe we've been good, but Allah knows best for all of us. Allah wants to instill more patience wihin us. So that we could become strong. Stronger than others maybe because we have great responsibilities later. And remember always we have to belajar kerana Allah. How? Why? I'll explain it now.

When we encounters these words in books and heard it from Ustaz or Ustazah, that we should achieve mardhotillah. Kita patut capai keredhaan Allah. Kita mestilah bertaqwa. When some of us couldn't figure out what Taqwa really means? What is that mardhotillah or redha Allah? We just nod, we just agree but we can't do, or perform any actions conform to the words because we don't understand the meanings. Orang yang bertaqwa means he or she do what Allah asked her and him to do and leave whatever that has been prohibited by Him. Ila mardhotillah means towards Allah's Please. We want Him to be pleased with us. We do something according to His Wills and His Rules because we want to please Him. No other but Him alone. So what do these words got anything to do with 'belajar kerana Allah'? Okay be patient for this long post and continue to read more okay =)

So when we finally understand the 'concept' of Taqwa and Mardhotillah, we will live our lives according to it. We do everything that Allah permits, and leave what Allah prohibits. We call for maa'ruf or good doings, and prohibit ourselves and others around us, mungkar or bad doings. We want to attain His rahmah and blessings, and His please. So e-v-e-r-ything includes learning or seeking knowledge. When we learn because of Him, ila mardhotillah, satisfaction surrounds us, peace and calmness enveloped within us, happiness will be with us. Because we really want to seek knowledge to attain His love. Now what does that mean? It means, we learn to become someone who are knowledgeable, 'aleem, so that we could become the best muslims, the best ummah. So that we could become the khalifah. So that we could lead others to the right path. No matter what we pursue. We're becoming doctors, accountants, lawyers, engineers, etc but we become these people as well as a person with true knowldge of Islam. Who knows Islam very well. A person who is balanced. Bila kita belajar kerana Allah, Allah akan buka pintu ilmuNya seluas-luasnya. Malaikat akan melindungi kita, bersama-sama kita. Rahmat Allah menanungi kita. How? Because 'ilm or knowledge is nuur or light. But, to get the light we must have pure hearts. Imagine a heart, which is as if a central government within us, dark as a black stone at night and even darker. How can light, or 'ilm pass through such dark condition? That's why we purify ourselves always with dzikrullah, remembering Allah. By calling His names repeatedly, by asking for His forgiveness and mercy insha Allah our hearts will be cleansed and possible to be as clean as the heart of a newborn infant! Masha Allah, Subhanallah. So belajar kerana Allah means we don't study because we want to excel in exams and get praises from the university. We will get those but until those. Don't you think that seeking knowledge is far much more beyond that? We want to educate ourselves because we want to become a remarkable muslims. Becoming a remarkable muslims to upheld true justice in right and wrong. Becoming a remarkable muslims are also called as taqwa people. And those who are taqwa seeks His Please. His redha.

These are also reminders for me, who is still a student, and insha Allah will always be.
You may be retired from a job as a worker, but you should never be 'retired' from being a student.

Take care adik adik =) Please bear in mind, the world outside won't be nice to you. Seek for His help always. You are always in need of a mighty protection. The world outside would left you naked. unclothed your adab or morality that you've learnt from school. Unclothed your true clothes that you've worn since little. Unclothed your mind sets, and let your minds wander to a place of 'azab Allah wa na'u zhubillah,. Unclothed yourself from being a muslim! Wa na'u zhubillah. May Allah protect us all. Kuatkan iman adik adik. Istiqamah dalam perjuangan menegakkan Islam. Istiqamah dengan pakaian tutup aurat adik adik sekarang. Istiqamah dengan langkah-langkah berjaga jaga adik dalam segala urusan esp ikhtilat macam adik adik tengah jaga sekarang. Read a lot dear. Know about the world. How the world had changed tremendously, substantially after Islam has changed from time to time  ever since the conquer of Turki Uthmaniyyah. Yes, the good things are lesser than the bad. So when could we achieve an extraordinary victory just like during the reign of Sultan Solehuddin Al Ayubi and Sultan Muhammad Al Fatih? Let's work hard from now, for Islam! Allahu Akbar!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

# 12

" Sebahagian besar dari kalangan umat Islam sedang mabuk dan dipesongkan daripada identiti mereka sendiri. Umat ini lupa tentang hakikat risalah Islam, sedangkan ia masih tercari-cari apakah sebab kewujudannya dan apakah pula tujuan keberadaannya di dunia. Ia tidak mengetahui siapakah musuh dan siapa pula temannya. Ia tidak mampu melihat jerat-jerat yang telah dirancang untuk memerangkapnya di dalam kegelapan, serta racun-racun yang telah dibancuh untuk menyakitinya di sebalik minyak dan manisan hidup yang zahir. Ia tidak nampak apa yang dihunus ke arahnya. Semuanya digambarkan di dalam bentuk yang cukup menarik dan bercahaya, berselindung disebalik slogan-slogan yang cukup menipu daya. Ia menamakan kufur itu sebagai kebebasan, kefasikan sebgaai satu seni, dan kerosakan sebagai kemajuan. "
Prof. Dr. Yusuf Al Qaradhawi, Pemuda Islam yang Dijanjikan, pg 7 

# 11

I know it's unlike me to do an intro for every quote I post, but I think I'm obliged to type a few words before I 'enlightened' you guys with more quotes.

May peace be unto all of you. I'm sorry because I haven't been providing with beneificial posts to read and to waste some of your time. When I re-read my current posts, especially the previous one before this post, I've been babbling about nothing valuable but about myself and my injured foot =P Although I included a bit words of wisdoms, and maybe advices, I don't think I'm doing a good job in providing to all of you a good post to read, a worth post to waste some time on. I'm sorry.

Insha Allah I'll do my best in the future.

" Last time I actually 'loathed' the word 'change'
because I was afraid I would change into a person who is not like myself during that time.
Although in mind, changing to become better is always the best thing,
 I'd actually thought that what I am last time was good enough.
I thought I was good enough.
one day He had showed me the real meaning of 'change'.
one day I understood the meaning of 'change to become better',
The meaning of it is 'change to become a better person because of Him'
I'm changing to become a better person because of Him.
Because of Allah.
I want His love.
I want His please.
All because of Him.
All because of Him.
I'm trying.
I'm trying.
Please pray for a better me.
Please pray for a better ummah.
Please pray for a better you"

Saturday, March 17, 2012

# 10

Today = ONE MONTH !


Hellooooooooooo! I'm back ! Heehee with loads more stories. Anyway, have you guys eaten lunch yet? Alhamdulillah I just had ikan keli and telur masin just now. Seeedap. Masakan Melayu senantiasa daebak =D Oh with rice of course, and veges. Yeah, I know I eat a lot. But if I have to sacrifice rice, then sorry lah, nasi dah jadi sebahagian daripada hidup ni. Okay no, probably 90 % =P

So anyway, lots of things occured since I've last posted. No, not since yesterday, since last month. Just would like to share with all of you, my experience of jatuh tangga, kaki terpeleot or terseliuh infront of brothers T__________T (yeah I know tutup muka dengan bantal and jerit "aaaahh malunyaaaaa" sekarang ) Brothers as in not my real brothers, brothers "brothers". Brothers in Islam. Here we practiced calling each other "sister" or "brother" which I think is much and way better than calling each other "wei perempuan!" or "woi jantan!" (ok I think that's too much). But then, better kan? It's an environment where you can actually feel biah soleh and solehah tu. How? Well, isn't Islam teaches us high morality? It's not like we are not taught to become courteous. Islam is syumul. Comprehensive. Every aspect in our life has its methods of doing it. Islam taught us to be polite, to be well-mannered. And that includes our way of communicating to other people, without regards its sex, race and religion. I myself was once quite harsh when I communicate with the opposite gender. I remember dring my primary school years and although during that time boys and girls were 'best friends' we would still call each other by "wei perempuan" or "woi laki". Haha. Yepp. Macam nama takde je =P 'Till our teacher chided us and she said that what's the purpose our parents gave us beautiful names but we don't 'use' the name properly. Such as some kids like to call each other bad names and to make case worse, they 'play' with thier dads' names. Some people just cannot think beyond the issue "we're just joking around", which is actually not funny.

 Okay, dah tersasar jauh. So back to my story, I fell down the stairs. If I'm not mistaken I missed three steps of stairs. So that day was about 3 weeks and a couple of days ago, it was Thursday and I had iftar with my PSSCM. After breakfasted and saw the time was 7.45 and my mind was like "great Rai, you can start today's project work early" so I hurried to go to my friends' mahallah, hostel, whcih is only 5-6 minutes walk if my paces are quick. Maghrib should be performed there I thought. As I was going down the stairs, I was practically doing other things. Shameful to say that I wasn't not properly focus while going down the stairs. I was too 'busy' searching for my phone in bag, just to check if I'd left anything in the class upstairs (where we breakfasted) and to make sure other important things. My right hand was carrying two bags of our scrapbook materials (yep that's our project. We'd to do about he development of equity in England) which were quite heavy. Quite. And I kept tugging to it since the plastic bags kept slipping from my arms. Imagine me doing all that while walking down the stairs. And then suddenly BOOM! (ceh bunyi macam apa je, jatuh tangga je pun) I fell, I could feel my right foot twisted side way. At that time two brothers were right next to the stairway. The plastic bags slipped (eventually) and alhamdulillah I fell in a quite appropriate manner, even if I say so myself. I quickly gather things up and try to stand, but not that fast. At that time I don't feel any hurt towards my body. The brothers were quite stunned, well maybe because they don't know what else to do, slightly guilty perhaps because they were actually standing there, and actually looked at me while I'm in that state! T_T I thank Allah also because the guys were not like other guys with rambut pacak and flirty smiles. Those guys were the guys who I myself would be happy to call them brothers. Lol. Okay, ni yang pakej kopiah and baju ala ala Raihan tu. So? So, aren't you not supposed to judge a book by its cover? True. But I'm more to the quote "If you are a good person, you should portray yourself in a good image. It's not because of anything but to gain trust in other people towards you". Okay maybe you guys are not familiar with it probably because it's my quote, heh - -" but it's true right? We shouldn't let others think bad about us when we are not that kind of people. So again back to my story. I stood there in silence, just looking dwon at the stairs. The brothers budged, moved to the other side of the stairway, probably their class is at the other side of building, at that time I was silently praying so that they would just go away. I was absolutely embarassed. But insted of going straight to whatever place they're supposed to head, one of the guy asked me, "sis, okay ke?" I lifted my head a bit, forced a slight smile and said "ah, aah okay, okay je,: and to add the embrassment to myself, I can't believed I'd actually added, " tolong pergi, pergi boleh tak?" with my right hand 'shoo-ing' them away =_____=" I know. It's quite rude. Okay no. RUDE GILA. Haigoo. But to think again, what they can do with me? So I guess by sending them away was a good decision. Somehow then I saw a black myvi, parked infront, since I don't wear specs at that time, I don't focus much on that car... and the people inside who were actually saw everything. After the guys went away, I started to go down one more step, or to be exact tried. I tried to move my injured right foot, but as I lift the foot, I could sensed an enourmous pain on my ankle. I abruptly sit again, with my hands on the ankle, and eventually, cried. The hot streaming tears were coming down fast, I could even hear myself crying quite loud, and then one of the person inside the myvi came out. I was panicked, quickly wiped away the tears -but to no avail since the tears kept coming- I was more embarassed than ever because that person, also a guy found me crying like a little child. He was fast, he came towards me but stopped at about 6 steps infront of me. He asked "sister, awak okay? Sakit ke?" something like that and I just shooked my head. Suddenly he said but not to me, to the 'stairs above me', "sister, sister! tolong sis ni jatuh tu. Dia sakit, tak boleh jalan kan? -Bawak masuk kereta" The sky was dark already and I knew later that maybe I fell because I should've just stayed in the class for awhile and wait for other friends to finish other than went out during maghrib. Two of friends came down, shocked to see me in such condition, because I was practically so quick-paced before. Thank you Nazihah and Rudzila =') At first, both guys, or men, because I think they're staffs here, one of them mentioned about his kid that caused him to child-locked the backseat door, suggests that they should send me to the clinic but I object and protested that the clinic is closed at night so instead they brought us to the mahallah, not my mahallah, but my other two friends' mahallah anyway because I have project work to do so it's better to drop me there anyway.

I thanked Allah for He had eased everything for me. He'd let these two nice uncles to drive me to the mahallah, He'd let these two friends who were patient enough to help me walk to the elevator, and that my good friend's room is at level 1. As I walked, and tears kept puring down due to the pain, due to the feeling of sinful towards Him, because of many things, and He'd still given me the chances to try to become a better me, each and every day. I cried also because I felt how a handicapped person feel, they couldn't walk on one leg, how they are patient and struggle to live their lives. I cried because He had given me the oppportunity to cultivate more patience within me and become more thoughtful of everything. I realized how an absolutely healthy person can become sick just a minute after. How He is All Powerful, able to give and retrieve back what I actually don't belong in the first place. How humans like me can be ignorant at times, commit sins, disobey Him, as if letting other things to be more important than Him wa na'uzhubillah, as if the other things are the God. Wouldn't a person who take something else that he or she considered as more important than Allah is like 'ditching' Allah and worship other things? But that's too extreme. But it is as IF like that, doesn't it? Feel free to comment and correct if I'm wrong. Yes, we are humans, yes, we make mistakes. But this is when taubatan nasuha takes place. Become the precedent over the sins we had committed. My murabbi said that once we commit sins and we realized we'd committed it, we should repent, taubat nasuha, means we vows we won't repeat the same mistakes again. And then also should come efforts to become a better person. We should think again, what makes us commit the sins? List the probabilities. Then think of methods to overcome the factors. Insha Allah, we will be freed from the Sin Prison. Although we are prone to commit the same sins again, but insha Allah, when we try as hard as we could to protect ourselves from Allah's Anger, wa na'uzhubillah, Allah will help us to become clean from the sins. For Allah won't change the condition of a person, if he doesn't change first. Alhamdulillah that day, masha Allah, my friends were really really helpful =') Thank you guys. Thank you so very much. I'm sorry for any of my wrong doings. Thank you for the concerns, the constant worrys, the care, the ice packs!
Especially to : Nazihah, Rudzilah, Waniey, Bella, Yati, Anis, Fatma, Qidwati, Ayu, Farha, Nini, Pah, Afiqah Ram, Fasyak, Aimisya

To be continued.

# 9

Friday, March 16, 2012

Tomorrow = ONE MONTH !

Assalamualaikum my beloved reeeeeeaders! =D

Sooo, tomorrow is equals to one month. Hmm. One month, what? What one month? Esok maksudnya satu bulan? Lol. Chill don't get annoyed with me. Yet. Haha. Tomorrow marks one month since I've last posted in this beloved yet full-of-dust blog! I know kannn? Aigoo. How time flies without me noticing it ='( How are you wonderful people? How're all of your studies? Great? Good for you alhamdulillah! Bad? Chillax, insha Allah you can do better in future! Just buck up and get cha head in the books! What is it? You guys miss me? MISS ME? Like seriously? Then I MISS YOU GUYS TOO =') A lottttt! You guys don't know how I've been trying to squeeze some time (but unfortunately, couldn't) to pour everything into this blog, to share with all of you what I've obtained after lectures, the wisdoms, the new 'ilm, how I badly wanted to membebel lots of stuff (insha Allah benefit you people. ehe) and want to know your views and comments about it. I don't mind critics or hurtful comments because I just miss typing long long words of - interesting stories? (nah! I haven't done stories lately), wisdoms? (posted some quotes and verses of Quran but never long ones just consisting of them), bebelan yang memenatkan? (uh, did my posts before were ever like that? Omo I really hope not =O ), intriguing? (whaha, that's something! I'm flatered =B ) - I don't know which, or maybe just ordinary words. HAH! That's it, ordinary words! I just miss typing long long ordinary words! Although most of us fancies extraordinary everything, I don't mind people think that my posts are boring. Because whatever that I post, it's from me.

Haha. I know, probably you guys are used to my long annoying intros. So anyway let me list down one by one, the factors that hold me back from constantly updating my blog every week (like err, I'd wished to do so before). First thing first is that currently I'm in Semester 3. Yepp, insha Allah this is the final semester of my first year in the foundation studies. Annnnddd, I won't stop here, because I have another half a year to properly graduate to go to main campus which Insha Allah, due February next year. In case you people are wondering, CFS IIUM is unlike other foundation studies or matrics where the students only took one year to graduate from their foundation studies. Here we have options as for the study years, like for my course, we can opt for a year of study plan (which of course pack gila =O ), one and a half year (like meee ! lol =) ) and two years (slightly better because you don't really feel the burden of 'carrying' the core subjects on your shoulders much). Okay so anyway what I'm trying to emphasize right now is of course, nothing to do with my study plan, just that semester 3 really, like really really tough. Tough as in a 15 kg child is forced to carry a 30 kg burden. Tough as in a student is asked to do a 500 page report and submit the next day. (Okay I think that's over exaggerating) But tough as in tough! I'm not actually complaining, I'm sure you guys have your own problems but I'm just sharing thought if any of you who are willing to read this post could give me words of encouragement and wisdoms although I know that these could be obtained by reading His words in the holy Quran and by praying to Him but at times when we read the Quran, and try to understand the words by ourselves, is diffrenet than other people who have more knowledge of it and explain the beautiful meanings behind it. So back again to what I was saying- typing- this semester had brought me to hold more responsiblities than the previous, I'm getting more busy each day. Assignments and projects were,are not being kind to my friends and I =P lol just kidding. But seriously the tasks were bigger than before. It's like now I realised everything around me is no playing business. It's serious. To think that I'm going to somewhere bigger and requires me to sacrifice lots of things a.k.a the main campus-insha Allah- quite terrifying. I just, somehow need to adapt with these tough and rough situations. I just need to think that whatever that I'm doing now is absolutely little to compared with my brothers and sisters who fought and still fighting for their lives, fighting for Islam, out there. And everytime I think about others who are in much much tougher situations, sometimes it could calmed myself a bit. Huh, yepp, you can see how vulnerable I am to these kind of situations. Baru belajar. Baru asasi. Belum masuk main camp lagi. Belum pergi suruh angkat senjata and berjuang untuk Islam... Gosh. But just to tell that this semester, the subjects are tougher. I need to complete Arabic language level 3 in order to continue level 4 (of course duh!) I mean as to make sure I get to pursue what I want to pursue, insha Allah. And my other core subjects requires lots of memorization. It's not like I've never done it before. But this time it's different. Somehow, memorizing His words are much easier than English history. Like my good friend said, subjek surah. So like my current subjects are like subjek surah, nak buat macam mana Rai, nak tak nak kena hafal jugak. And now mentioning this, it certainly relates to my niyah. Niat. Niat nak belajar untuk score je ke? Maybe the first time, yes. But once you knew about the real thing, of what you should be, then you are compulsory to change into becoming someone better. Like niat belajar untuk Allah. What does that mean? It means, niat belajar bersungguh sungguh, dapat kecemerlangan so that to please Allah. What that does mean again? It means, niat untuk kesemua itu untuk segala perkara yang Allah suka. For example, to benefit Islam with our success, is what Allah likes. To make our parents happy and calm, are what Allah likes. To make everyone around you get benefit from you, which means need you as to ease their problems, is what Allah likes and at the same time we will get bonuses. Bonus of pahala, bonus of true happiness, bonus of Jannah, insha Allah =')

So yeah, that's pretty much about the subjects in semester 3. All of the exhaustedness and somnolenceness really had caused me to look at all of that in other perspective, as in the good side of it. Maybe Allah is testing me. Am I patient enough? Am I going to let all of responsibilities go down the drain because I'm soo fed up and sick of all the rushing abouts, of all the tiredness and somnolenceness that caused my panda eyes to become more visible like ever!? No. This is my chance. And I'm trying my best not to blew it. Allah is trying to give my friends and I lots of pahala, don't I want it? Grab this chance? Without noticing, I may have been forget about other wonderful nikmahs He had gave me. And all I could do is just sits and grumbles and whining? Banyakkan istighfar, Rai. Allah is giving me more pahala in this sem? How? By becoming a patient woman, more than ever. For patience is the true success.

Wow. Babble punya la banyak. Sorry =_=" Anyway, please pray for me. And may Allah bless all of you =3 peace!