Sunday, March 25, 2012

만약 하나님의 뜻 그 A Husband Like My Father


I guess it has been awhile since I've last posted about my life in regards to love and future. Just a short post (I hope, if my fingers could possiby stop typing) .

If Allah wills it, and I really really hope is to have a husband like my father. Alhamdulillah, I couldn't stop thanking Him more for giving me the chance to have my dad as my father. I couldn't stop being grateful to Him more for every moments that I'd shared and insha Allah going to share with my dad. Every blissful moments, every moments that are always meaningful.

My dad is my first love. As for a guy who involved in my life. His love and care to all of us siblings really made me feel that I'm always special. Although I have two other sisters, who are also my dad's 'beautiful princesses' and a brother, my parents' hero, I seem to feel that I'm my dad's only special princess. If you can imagine, how my dad's love and care and tenderness but also strictness in regards to religion, had made me feel so loved, so being cared for.

My dad taught me about Islam since small. Alhamdulillah. The five compulsory prayers, as salaah, fasting during the month of ramadhan, the holy Quran and basic islamic teachings had been taught and inculcated in all of us since little. Not to forget my mom, who is also a wonderful help. My dad would conduct usrah at least once a week. He would talk about hadeeth that he'd just read or learned from a ceramah that he went or from Ustaz. Or we would learn about tawheed during our family usrah which is usually conducted after maghrib. Or any other fundamentals of Islam.

When any of us falls sick,  he would first feed us with honey or habatus sauda as Rasulullah (PBUH) had said, habatus sauda could cure any disease but death. Then my dad wold say, "If you fall sick, I would feel the sickness too. I would be very worried of you. So please take care of you health. Don't forget to eat the honey, it's very good for your health. Don't forget to drink water 8 times a day." when we cry, my dad would say " don't cry, because I would cry too" "If any of you feel sad, baba would feel sad too".

He taught us that niat lillahita'ala is very important. If we cover our aurah because of him "then if I die, you won't be covering your aurah anymore. Because I won't be here to scold you". Whatever that he's taught us, about Islam, my dad said to do it because Allah had told us to do it. Not him. So that we could be istiqamah in everything that we do.

When I feel down because of my results, my tears never fail to wet his shirt. I would always be in his hugs, and his words of tenderness calms me always. "Let this be your starting point to become better in the future. True muslims won't fall into the same hole twice. Let this be a lesson to you. Study hard. Make your parents proud of you" "Allah is always there for you. Cry to Him. He will always listen." He is always fond of kids. He would never fail to greet us in his arms with warm hugs and showers us with kisses. Until now, he would kiss my cheeks or forehead whenever he send me to or picked me from the university.

Alhamdulillah. Whenever I'm with him and my mom, I'm happy. Although we have our ups and downs, I'm just grateful to Him because He'd gave me the chance to be in this family. Wealth is never the key to happiness. My family is just average. But the important facet has always been knowledge. A family should be filled with islamic teachings and knowledge and love. I couldn't imagine my life without my dad, without my mom. To my friends who don't have a dad or a mom, or even both, I'm so overwhelmed with the strong hearts that you guys owned. I know that someday, a day will come when either me or my parents will go and meet our God. But for me, I hope I would go first. I don't know if I'm able to bear if I lose them.

How is it my husband should be like my father? First is that you're not a smoker =P I can't stand and accept silent killer. Secondly, you should be religious, you perform your prayers, you would teach me further to become a much better muslim. You can teach our children insha Allah to become much much better muslims than us. And then of course, you must not hate children. Because insha Allah, I would never mind to have many children because like my parents and my grandparents and everyone around me always say that children is nikmah, or rezeki. They are the true wealth in a family. Fourthly, you take care of your family just like my father took care of my family or maybe better. You would respect my dad, my mom just like you respect your parents. My dad loves to talk, especially about Islam or politics. Hope you could know much about things around you so that you could get the chance to have your say too ^^" You should be strong and strict on Islamic matters. And Islam should be the utmost priority in your life. Allah's orders should be in the most top chart in your life. Not me, not our children.

Insha Allah I will try my best to become the best wife for you. If you are wealthy, then that's just a bonus for me. If you're not, then we could work something out, together. Allah won't burden us with something that we couldn't bear. I hope I'm not too picky ^^"

"You" is someone I myself cannot figure out, yet. May Allah bless us all.

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  1. pasti sudah ada si dia yg brminat utk jdkn rai sbg teman hidup,kn? Moga segalanya dilaksanakn krn Allah:)