Friday, March 23, 2012

축하 해요 Congrats =')


Assalamualaikum. This very post is for all of my juniors who have just received their SPM 2011 results yesterday. Koranggggggggg tah-ni-ah! Alhamdulillah! I'm proud and happy for all of you. Some of you probably would have cried tears of happiness and some, tears of sadness. To those who were happy for their results, alhamdulillah, banyakkan sujud syukur ye, and always remember that this is not the ending, but the beginning to something bigger. Don't be too content, don't be too proud, don't be too confident. Now it's not the time to enjoy your time profusely without anything good but to prepare for the next battle. Most importantly, kita belajar kerana Allah. How? Why? I'll explain a bit later.

To those who were sad, don't be depressed, no more cry of regrets, please. Think of this as the best decision for you. Think of this as the start point for you to prepare for the next battle. Think of this as for your self motivation, to prove to your parents, your family, your teachers, your friends, that you can do better than this. That you are no less special than others who achieved more than you at this time. Don't be too sad, la tahzan ya ukhti wa akhi. This is not the ending but the beginning of something bigger. When sorrow envelops us, we should always think back, try to re calculate our mistakes. Maybe there's something wrong with us. And He won't change our condition if we dn't change our own. Or maybe we've been good, but Allah knows best for all of us. Allah wants to instill more patience wihin us. So that we could become strong. Stronger than others maybe because we have great responsibilities later. And remember always we have to belajar kerana Allah. How? Why? I'll explain it now.

When we encounters these words in books and heard it from Ustaz or Ustazah, that we should achieve mardhotillah. Kita patut capai keredhaan Allah. Kita mestilah bertaqwa. When some of us couldn't figure out what Taqwa really means? What is that mardhotillah or redha Allah? We just nod, we just agree but we can't do, or perform any actions conform to the words because we don't understand the meanings. Orang yang bertaqwa means he or she do what Allah asked her and him to do and leave whatever that has been prohibited by Him. Ila mardhotillah means towards Allah's Please. We want Him to be pleased with us. We do something according to His Wills and His Rules because we want to please Him. No other but Him alone. So what do these words got anything to do with 'belajar kerana Allah'? Okay be patient for this long post and continue to read more okay =)

So when we finally understand the 'concept' of Taqwa and Mardhotillah, we will live our lives according to it. We do everything that Allah permits, and leave what Allah prohibits. We call for maa'ruf or good doings, and prohibit ourselves and others around us, mungkar or bad doings. We want to attain His rahmah and blessings, and His please. So e-v-e-r-ything includes learning or seeking knowledge. When we learn because of Him, ila mardhotillah, satisfaction surrounds us, peace and calmness enveloped within us, happiness will be with us. Because we really want to seek knowledge to attain His love. Now what does that mean? It means, we learn to become someone who are knowledgeable, 'aleem, so that we could become the best muslims, the best ummah. So that we could become the khalifah. So that we could lead others to the right path. No matter what we pursue. We're becoming doctors, accountants, lawyers, engineers, etc but we become these people as well as a person with true knowldge of Islam. Who knows Islam very well. A person who is balanced. Bila kita belajar kerana Allah, Allah akan buka pintu ilmuNya seluas-luasnya. Malaikat akan melindungi kita, bersama-sama kita. Rahmat Allah menanungi kita. How? Because 'ilm or knowledge is nuur or light. But, to get the light we must have pure hearts. Imagine a heart, which is as if a central government within us, dark as a black stone at night and even darker. How can light, or 'ilm pass through such dark condition? That's why we purify ourselves always with dzikrullah, remembering Allah. By calling His names repeatedly, by asking for His forgiveness and mercy insha Allah our hearts will be cleansed and possible to be as clean as the heart of a newborn infant! Masha Allah, Subhanallah. So belajar kerana Allah means we don't study because we want to excel in exams and get praises from the university. We will get those but until those. Don't you think that seeking knowledge is far much more beyond that? We want to educate ourselves because we want to become a remarkable muslims. Becoming a remarkable muslims to upheld true justice in right and wrong. Becoming a remarkable muslims are also called as taqwa people. And those who are taqwa seeks His Please. His redha.

These are also reminders for me, who is still a student, and insha Allah will always be.
You may be retired from a job as a worker, but you should never be 'retired' from being a student.

Take care adik adik =) Please bear in mind, the world outside won't be nice to you. Seek for His help always. You are always in need of a mighty protection. The world outside would left you naked. unclothed your adab or morality that you've learnt from school. Unclothed your true clothes that you've worn since little. Unclothed your mind sets, and let your minds wander to a place of 'azab Allah wa na'u zhubillah,. Unclothed yourself from being a muslim! Wa na'u zhubillah. May Allah protect us all. Kuatkan iman adik adik. Istiqamah dalam perjuangan menegakkan Islam. Istiqamah dengan pakaian tutup aurat adik adik sekarang. Istiqamah dengan langkah-langkah berjaga jaga adik dalam segala urusan esp ikhtilat macam adik adik tengah jaga sekarang. Read a lot dear. Know about the world. How the world had changed tremendously, substantially after Islam has changed from time to time  ever since the conquer of Turki Uthmaniyyah. Yes, the good things are lesser than the bad. So when could we achieve an extraordinary victory just like during the reign of Sultan Solehuddin Al Ayubi and Sultan Muhammad Al Fatih? Let's work hard from now, for Islam! Allahu Akbar!

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