Thursday, March 22, 2012

# 11

I know it's unlike me to do an intro for every quote I post, but I think I'm obliged to type a few words before I 'enlightened' you guys with more quotes.

May peace be unto all of you. I'm sorry because I haven't been providing with beneificial posts to read and to waste some of your time. When I re-read my current posts, especially the previous one before this post, I've been babbling about nothing valuable but about myself and my injured foot =P Although I included a bit words of wisdoms, and maybe advices, I don't think I'm doing a good job in providing to all of you a good post to read, a worth post to waste some time on. I'm sorry.

Insha Allah I'll do my best in the future.

" Last time I actually 'loathed' the word 'change'
because I was afraid I would change into a person who is not like myself during that time.
Although in mind, changing to become better is always the best thing,
 I'd actually thought that what I am last time was good enough.
I thought I was good enough.
one day He had showed me the real meaning of 'change'.
one day I understood the meaning of 'change to become better',
The meaning of it is 'change to become a better person because of Him'
I'm changing to become a better person because of Him.
Because of Allah.
I want His love.
I want His please.
All because of Him.
All because of Him.
I'm trying.
I'm trying.
Please pray for a better me.
Please pray for a better ummah.
Please pray for a better you"