Friday, March 16, 2012

Tomorrow = ONE MONTH !

Assalamualaikum my beloved reeeeeeaders! =D

Sooo, tomorrow is equals to one month. Hmm. One month, what? What one month? Esok maksudnya satu bulan? Lol. Chill don't get annoyed with me. Yet. Haha. Tomorrow marks one month since I've last posted in this beloved yet full-of-dust blog! I know kannn? Aigoo. How time flies without me noticing it ='( How are you wonderful people? How're all of your studies? Great? Good for you alhamdulillah! Bad? Chillax, insha Allah you can do better in future! Just buck up and get cha head in the books! What is it? You guys miss me? MISS ME? Like seriously? Then I MISS YOU GUYS TOO =') A lottttt! You guys don't know how I've been trying to squeeze some time (but unfortunately, couldn't) to pour everything into this blog, to share with all of you what I've obtained after lectures, the wisdoms, the new 'ilm, how I badly wanted to membebel lots of stuff (insha Allah benefit you people. ehe) and want to know your views and comments about it. I don't mind critics or hurtful comments because I just miss typing long long words of - interesting stories? (nah! I haven't done stories lately), wisdoms? (posted some quotes and verses of Quran but never long ones just consisting of them), bebelan yang memenatkan? (uh, did my posts before were ever like that? Omo I really hope not =O ), intriguing? (whaha, that's something! I'm flatered =B ) - I don't know which, or maybe just ordinary words. HAH! That's it, ordinary words! I just miss typing long long ordinary words! Although most of us fancies extraordinary everything, I don't mind people think that my posts are boring. Because whatever that I post, it's from me.

Haha. I know, probably you guys are used to my long annoying intros. So anyway let me list down one by one, the factors that hold me back from constantly updating my blog every week (like err, I'd wished to do so before). First thing first is that currently I'm in Semester 3. Yepp, insha Allah this is the final semester of my first year in the foundation studies. Annnnddd, I won't stop here, because I have another half a year to properly graduate to go to main campus which Insha Allah, due February next year. In case you people are wondering, CFS IIUM is unlike other foundation studies or matrics where the students only took one year to graduate from their foundation studies. Here we have options as for the study years, like for my course, we can opt for a year of study plan (which of course pack gila =O ), one and a half year (like meee ! lol =) ) and two years (slightly better because you don't really feel the burden of 'carrying' the core subjects on your shoulders much). Okay so anyway what I'm trying to emphasize right now is of course, nothing to do with my study plan, just that semester 3 really, like really really tough. Tough as in a 15 kg child is forced to carry a 30 kg burden. Tough as in a student is asked to do a 500 page report and submit the next day. (Okay I think that's over exaggerating) But tough as in tough! I'm not actually complaining, I'm sure you guys have your own problems but I'm just sharing thought if any of you who are willing to read this post could give me words of encouragement and wisdoms although I know that these could be obtained by reading His words in the holy Quran and by praying to Him but at times when we read the Quran, and try to understand the words by ourselves, is diffrenet than other people who have more knowledge of it and explain the beautiful meanings behind it. So back again to what I was saying- typing- this semester had brought me to hold more responsiblities than the previous, I'm getting more busy each day. Assignments and projects were,are not being kind to my friends and I =P lol just kidding. But seriously the tasks were bigger than before. It's like now I realised everything around me is no playing business. It's serious. To think that I'm going to somewhere bigger and requires me to sacrifice lots of things a.k.a the main campus-insha Allah- quite terrifying. I just, somehow need to adapt with these tough and rough situations. I just need to think that whatever that I'm doing now is absolutely little to compared with my brothers and sisters who fought and still fighting for their lives, fighting for Islam, out there. And everytime I think about others who are in much much tougher situations, sometimes it could calmed myself a bit. Huh, yepp, you can see how vulnerable I am to these kind of situations. Baru belajar. Baru asasi. Belum masuk main camp lagi. Belum pergi suruh angkat senjata and berjuang untuk Islam... Gosh. But just to tell that this semester, the subjects are tougher. I need to complete Arabic language level 3 in order to continue level 4 (of course duh!) I mean as to make sure I get to pursue what I want to pursue, insha Allah. And my other core subjects requires lots of memorization. It's not like I've never done it before. But this time it's different. Somehow, memorizing His words are much easier than English history. Like my good friend said, subjek surah. So like my current subjects are like subjek surah, nak buat macam mana Rai, nak tak nak kena hafal jugak. And now mentioning this, it certainly relates to my niyah. Niat. Niat nak belajar untuk score je ke? Maybe the first time, yes. But once you knew about the real thing, of what you should be, then you are compulsory to change into becoming someone better. Like niat belajar untuk Allah. What does that mean? It means, niat belajar bersungguh sungguh, dapat kecemerlangan so that to please Allah. What that does mean again? It means, niat untuk kesemua itu untuk segala perkara yang Allah suka. For example, to benefit Islam with our success, is what Allah likes. To make our parents happy and calm, are what Allah likes. To make everyone around you get benefit from you, which means need you as to ease their problems, is what Allah likes and at the same time we will get bonuses. Bonus of pahala, bonus of true happiness, bonus of Jannah, insha Allah =')

So yeah, that's pretty much about the subjects in semester 3. All of the exhaustedness and somnolenceness really had caused me to look at all of that in other perspective, as in the good side of it. Maybe Allah is testing me. Am I patient enough? Am I going to let all of responsibilities go down the drain because I'm soo fed up and sick of all the rushing abouts, of all the tiredness and somnolenceness that caused my panda eyes to become more visible like ever!? No. This is my chance. And I'm trying my best not to blew it. Allah is trying to give my friends and I lots of pahala, don't I want it? Grab this chance? Without noticing, I may have been forget about other wonderful nikmahs He had gave me. And all I could do is just sits and grumbles and whining? Banyakkan istighfar, Rai. Allah is giving me more pahala in this sem? How? By becoming a patient woman, more than ever. For patience is the true success.

Wow. Babble punya la banyak. Sorry =_=" Anyway, please pray for me. And may Allah bless all of you =3 peace!