Friday, October 28, 2011

30 Days Down, 3 More Days To Go

Bismillahirrahmanirraheem. Asslalamualaikum peeps! :D

Aaah look at the time, look at the date! My my, time passed so quickly and without (trying to) noticing, I'll be going back to campus this 1st Nov :P Aigoo. Btw, I still have the problem to open my student portal. Tak tahu la nape portal tu mcm dengki semacam je dengan aku >:P

Anyway, my friends - who apparently get to open their portals :P - told me that we, students who will be taking short sem, will have to register at repective colleges oh err hostels by 31st Oct or 1st Nov 2011. The thing is both days fall on working days, how am I going to go back there? Hell-looooo! Although I have got my driving liscence someone still need to help me to carry my bags and stuff, and that someone is of course no other than my mighty hero - my DAD! Fyi, my dad works five times per week, yeah so the days include Monday and Tuesday just in case the campus cannot notice. Well, I think that most of our working parents work on weekdays starting Monday, so yeah. Actually I don't have a problem if they allow us to start 'moving in' by this Sunday, sebab senang sket, mak ayah adik beradik atuk nenek sume kalau nak hantar boleh datang, Monday Tuesday traffic will be like congested especially in that area of Petaling Jaya. Oh well, sapelah daku untuk mengcomplain complain macam ginih. Haiyoo = ="

Anyway, I shall need to start packing my bags and stuff I think starting today. Hmm just thinking about it makes me still don't wanna change the current mood from lazybumpholidayhooyeah! to energeticlasketkandahstartsem -_______________-"" Yeaaaaahh, I know sometimes I can act a bit weird. So anyway, (ERR, aku rasa dah banyak kali dah kau duk beranyway nih) (SOOOO?? L.I.C!) (L.I. Whaatt???) (Aigoo, Like I Care lahhhh itupun tak tahu kaa??) Hahaha ok ok sorry.

Additional to that, I still don't know what's my final result. Memang diri ni rasa teruji. Mana taknya, patut keluar semalam after 5 pm, tapi until now, I can't even catch a glimpse of it! D: Mama jap jap g tunggu masa je nak bertanya soalan yang sama. Saboo je laa. And we, arts programme students still cannot register our thrid semester yet! Seriously, I'm getting more and more annoyed wth student portal. Budak sains sume dah register before cuti sem lagi !! Ni yang risau jugak ni. Oh but friends - who apparently get to open their portals :P - (AGAIN!) - ugh- told me that the group lists had already been informed in the portal. And thanks to a friend of mine, Maryam Jamilah, she posted the name list in our group wall in FB and unfortunately, I don't really well, a bit excited with my new group members because I shall be one the newbie again. Tapi, alhamdulillah, ada lagi beberapa rakan yang sama kelas so okayla. But Pah, babe, I shall miss you. And all of you guys who apparently not in the same group as mine anymore -tsk tsk- ;'( I really hope our study groups are still on though. Seriously, I love us haha. I mean I love how all of us were so keen on helping each other on every subject and making study groups, trying to form our own thesis (ehem kan Bell? - err I'm referring to ILH and LS of course)  and from my perception, the way I see it, I could see how all of us want to help each other to achieve success :D And this , my friends, is the true success indeed . (cehh
macam nak tulis buku motivasi la pulakk)

So, yeah. Nanti bila dah ada short sem will I be busying myself writing new entries? Most probably. Insha Allah ada masa, okay je. Untuk my beloved GUESTS jugak :P hihi. Btw, I'm taking only Comp 1 this semester, so tak banyak kelas pun (tak banyak sangatttt) but I want to make sure my two months are not wasted on k-dramas, eatingeating and enjoy every minute of life without good cause (ehe), Insha Allah the only way for all us to be discipline is to make a schedule. Insha Allah I want to start focusing also on BTQ and other third sem subjects that I could get my hands on. Ok, so JOM BUAT STUDY GROUP LAGI? :D hehe. Oh, and you guys ingat kan yang Hanan ada suggest nak buat group discussion more often? The main focus is that we must be fully aware of what is the current issues, and we have to start practice speaking proficiently insha Allah. yepp, for future benefit people, for zee futureeee!

So my friends who are going with me to enrol in 2nd semester, don't forget all the important things! Especially your matric card T_T ! IMPORTANTE! Hehe. Well, see you guys : )

ps. to my friends yang holyholiday tu, hope you guys manage your time well ! Three months are longggg dudeeess. Longgg. (oookay. I'm exaggerating) (hahah being me )

Oh and these are for my buddies, for all of you who have lots of days to do something right. Your holidays can be as close as perfect for the RIGHT TIME .

During your holidays, try to be the person who ease other's burdens. Try : )
For those who have the hands of creative and fun, create something that could
motivate others, that could enlightened others with your own inspirational works and words : )

To those who are hoping that this holiday is going to be the right time for you
to ease your own burden or making out solutions for your troubles,
just remember that He is there for you. Troubles are not permanent : )

I know this is a strong quote. But looking at the bright side of it, the words are true.
Why don't spend some time to have a quality time with others. Even if they're strangers? :D
Let's hold on to this quote too. You can do anything while you're vacationing or on holidays.
But doesn't mean that you can start smoking, or do anything that is wrong in Islam.
Whatever we do, remember always that Allah is watching us. He is always watching.
Forever and always.

Take care peeps <3