Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Chatbox and I

Bismillah and asslamu'alaikum !

Heehee. The tittle.. hmm. Aren't you guys curious?? Well well this is an entry especially posted for you guys here, who never fail to stop making me smile after reading your comments in my new chatbox ! (bhaha, dah la baru ada chatbox :P) I really, really appreciate all of your non - stop supports for me to keep on posting new entries and try as hard as I could to entertain you guys with beneficial entries (pegh, cakap macam bg acceptance speech for an award jeh) (haha) Really, I'm honoured to have you GUESTS, who eventually still being my mysterious guests, sometimes this annoys me, I'm getting more and more curious to know, siapalah gerangan kalian. Hihi. But I bet you guys are someone I know, someone that I called as good buddies :D

Actually I decided to put a chatbox after viewing some blogs who got this shoutoutbox which I think it's quite cool. I mean, we could actually communicate and you guys who apparently a bit lazy to comment on my entry in the comment box below it could always give comments and shout outs in the chatbox. And I also could give quick responses. Anyway, I'm trying my best as I could to post interesting yet valuable entries for you guys to ponder and bear in mind. I would like to emphasize that I'm trying my best to make my blog advantageous for all of you, whether it for your additional general knowledge or as an aid for your campus aasignments and projects other than making this blog my virtual diary. Well, if last time I was quite emotional and more open to public on certain lovydovey experiences that I've gone through in my life, now I don't prefer my blog to be that way. I want my blog to be the melting pot of solutions to social problems, exchange of experiences and valuable knowledge, where we all of us could help each other to become sensible, successful and great human beings in this world.

Oh well, maybe I would still consider a number of my own personal deardiary-like stories that I could share with all of you, but not as much as I had done like last time : )

Btw, here are two songs that my GUESTS had suggested in my chatbox, I decided to post them not put them in my mixpod hihi hope you guys tak kisah. Lagu Stereo Hearts ni yeah I've listened to it before, my sister pun sibuk asyik pasang lagu ni je. And lagu Ungu - Percaya Padaku . Both of the songs are love songs. But I am moved by this Ungu song. Err, would you guys mind if I ask why'd you guys suggested these songs? Especially, this song by Ungu. Honestly, would like to hear the stories behind these songs ehe. Oh well, both are still wonderful sweet songs I must admit. Hope you guys enjoy these :D Oh fyi, I didn't put the original Gym Class Heroes ft Adam Levine vid, but someone else's cover who I think could draw all of your attentions as well .

Anymore good songs that you guys like to share? Tell me :D
Yeah, I'd prefer other meaningful songs as well.