Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Day of Exhaustion, Yet Fun

Bismillah. Assalamualaikum peeps :D

How do you do? Hihi I've got loads of things to write about. More importantly yesterday was a fun and enjoyable day for me although I'd to bear with blisters and sweaty body. Seriously, if you guys happened to bumped into me semalam, mesti you all akan kata, 'maaakkk aiii raiii! muka tak leh berminyak lagi ke? besides babe, your body stinks! mannnnn'. Haha yes, maybe your other meaning for aigoo. Anyway, semalam saya pergi ZOO NEGARA (hakhak) and visited UIA Gombak with my SB friends; Nani and Aisyah <3thanksguysfortheday;) , and seriously, yesterday was worth it!

So it's like lamaaa gilaaa tak melawat SB, my form1-form3 secondary school, sure miss the school, the people, badly. Alhamdulillah, I got to meet some of my favourite teachers, seriously muka2 cikgu tak berubah langsung! awet mudaa hihi. Cikgu Marziyana, Cikgu Latifah, Cikgu Azmi, Cikgu Faiza, .. all of the teachers I am familiar with since form 1. As Hanani and I walk technically aorund the school, suddenly memories and flashbacks played inside my mind, especially when my eyes caught at certain places that I'd good memories with. Aaaaah those days. Then we started talking about our fun days when we were peeping at the pool, (semakin cantik la pool korang) and I suddenly realized how long I haven't been swimming. Aiyaa, dah la swimming ni like the best calorie-burner EVER. Anyway, bukan senang nak cari enclosed swimming pool yang asing laki perempuan , ever since I left SB, I practically never swim, sebab kalau nampak pools pun, kat hotel, and hotels in Malaysia manade swimming pool tertutup and not unisex kan. Hmm, I'd been thinking about UIA Gombak punya pool, but then, masa pulak tak mengizinkan. (Alah, banyakla alasann) Hihi then the canteen. Well the way I could sum about it is that the menus are different than last time when I studied there, but I think now is better, with more additional food stalls. Tapi the environment still sama, like you're eating at a food court, well not as much variety, but still lots to choose from. Aaah those days!

Then we headed to the zoo. I haven't been to Zoo Negara since I was a kid. So I think it's a good change then go wandering about in a mall :P We got ourselves adult tickets for RM 20, but kalau you takde mykad, extra RM 10 ! yepp lebih2 la pulak. Anyway, to sum up our visit yesterday we missed Orang Utan, and some other interesting looking animals, well maybe because we haven't got any much time left, we arrived there around 10. 15 and Hanani's mother is fetching us at 2 pm, but then we don't really had the energy to walk more. I've got blisters already and I was stinking myself :P We  sure do took crazy photos with the animals like : the giraffes, elephants, tigers, lions, monkeys, baboons, penguins, beautiful colourful birds, emus, hyaenas, and got a bit terrified looking at the many different kinds of snakes and crocs, oh and don't forget the many kinds of frogs - -" Then there was also a sea lion show, and the show was actually nice and cute, the sea lion kept clapping and kept eating besides entertained us with his many tricks. Then we had our lunch there and we decided to pray at the UIA Gombak mosque. Anyway, my suggestions for you guys who going to spend a day at the zoo, please,

>wear sports shoes or any comfortable sandals and not flats. Of course, heels are unforgiven!
>make sure that you use plenty of deos
>the sun is shining bright and you guys need is good SPFs. Wear sunblocks or BB cream, a SPF compact powder is not enough. You still have to wear BB cream or sunblock first, then the compact powder.
>wear SPF lip balms. and brought along or buy mineral water.
>you can also bring along your cool sunshades or hats also, please bring hand towel to wipe the sweats.
>bring a good cash of around RM 50, or maybe a bit more, because you'll need them to pay your enty tickets, foods, if you must, souveniers. Oh yes, and the tram. It's a good thing if you pay extra RM 3 to get yourself a tram ticket, because at certain time, you'll need it.

Hihi hope I'm a bit helpful. So anyway, UIA Gombak has also its own interesting reason for us to go there. Ada bazaar yang sangat menarik, especially us girls, the bazaars are selling eye catching and having promotions on tudung, selendang, bajus, jubah et cetera! Seriously, at that we were thinking, nanti masuk main campus ni tak yah susah2 nak cari tudung sampai pegi Jalan TAR or wheresoever, sini pun dah memadai. Hihi, we were like rambang mata especially on the pretty tudung and bracelets :D Btw, tudung bawal ada jual as low as RM 6! Seriously murah. So pratically, after zohor Hanani and I were wandering around and bought some of the tudung and cute pins. This promotion and bazaar has been going on for awhile now and their last day will be until next week! So, pegilah ramai2 ke UIA Gombak :) hihi.

We were very grateful that it wasn't so hot yesterday and in the afternoon it also rained, so I'm a bit grateful that I wasn't exposed to sun too long, because I have sensitive skin, especially with my acne problem, I cannot bear oily skin or too hot weather. (annnnd, I am not grumbling, just telling).

Hehe. Hope you guys enjoy your day today. Of course, everything is fine as long as we don't forget our obligations to Allah.