Sunday, October 30, 2011

'It's Reality' is Driving Me Nuts


Okay, nuts? NUTS?? Well literally :P 'It's Reality' is my sister's blog. I had a good long look at it just now and what I can comment is : Ugh, you irritating-annoying-'terror'-english-writer hmph :B Terror bukan maksud terror as in seram, but terror as in 'tererrrr gilerrrr'. And yeah maybe I copied this a bit from kak Maria Elena. (err you don't mind I call you kak right or does it sound a bit ollldddd to you?? Or maybe I should call you sis?) (get a grip babe, maria elena won't be reading your notsointeresting blog btw) (Oh yeahhh I forgot T_T) Btw, yeah I just have to admit that my sister's blog is way cooler than mine minus the hundreds of viewers! *GASP (Sayyy WHAAAAATTTTT??) * picturing me with my mouth wide open and hands on the cheeks and eyes wide open macam nak terkeluar biji mata (sorry for being so disturbing to yah people) - -" Hoho I'm so devastated! *picturing me buat buat pengsan with a gedik hands on forehead then baru 'ter'jatuh

Haha. I know maybe that sup tulang I had just now for lunch caused me to be soo .. (weird?) no, no so...
(annoying?) no, so.... so (freakin'weirdandannoying? DOES THAT HELP?? mann!) ha yes! Of course. That's the word! Nyihihi

Maybe you guys will going on like : Rai ni dari dulu dok english tak betul2 and tak terror2 mcm adik dia pasai apa? Takde motivasi ke or insiatif nak jadi lebih baik dari semalam?? (aiseyman, sarkastikus nampak? Tikus sarkas pun tak sarkastik mcm tu) (*sarkastikus = sarcastic = Hlovate style) Well, I'm sorry but I really am trying my best to read as much good english novels as I could and watch english movies but still, my sis's is more daebak-er than mine. Hmmph D': (*daebak = terbaik in korean)

Ahh well. I hope YOU sis , yes YOU tak payah tgk kanan kiri belakang! could help me to write and speak english better so that I could prepare myself for any future interviews :3 risau neh haigoo T_T-- doakan akak Ryn so that I could pursue my dreams. Doakan akak, ma, ba, rauhan, azeen so that I could pursue my dreams. (well, my dad sometimes has a peek on my blog) (yeah go ahead, don't believe me :P)

Just an entry full of babbles. Hope you guys don't mind ehe. Take care peeps <3

ps. yeah now I'm on twitter (after soo longgg, after soo like dah berjanggut whatsoever) and I really hope you guys could understand I'm trying to change for the better? Yeah, that's include not twittering with kawan2 lelaki unless we have strong reasons to do so. Oh thank you . No, I don't blame you guys, I blame myself. I am big enough to know which is strong reason and which isn't~