Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Eeeeeeeeeeeppppssssss :S


Asslamualaikum peeps! Just a short post. Well, insha Allah tomorrow is D-Dayyy! D-Day of whatta??

Yeahh, I'm being over dramatic! But it's true! Insha Allah esok result final keluar kt our student portal. Just want to tell you guys how berdebar-DEBAR I am, thinking about it! Mama pun dah tanya lamaa dah bila result nak keluar. So I guess tomorrow will be the day He answered her prayers. Please do pray for our keputusan terbaik. Insha Allah whatever that I'll achieve and we achieve, my pals, insha Allah is the best for all of us. And we have to be prepared, emotionally and physically. Let's just keep praying, and tawakaltu 'alAllah, insha Allah He will answer our prayers. And, just to remind all of us, if we happened to achieve not as what we've targeted, let's don't give up and keep on working hard. Always remember the saying; Usaha itu tangga kejayaan. The only way for us to climb to achieve success is by using the ladder of hardwork and being deligent and discipline. What I meant by discipline is that, I must control what I eat, what I wasted my time on. Just that foundation studies or matriks are not the playing place for all of us. Holiday is wayy over friends , let's work hard to achieve our dreams. Insha Allah with lots and lots of D.U.I.T, we can be on the top, together :D We don't want our future to be ruined because of ourselves, don't we? Nope.

For everyone who yearns success ; )