Friday, October 21, 2011

Some Somethin'

Bismillahirrahmanirraheem. Assalamualaikum peeps :D

Sorry la, terlajak la. Now dah after asar :P Hihi, tertidurrr maaa (again, I kinda said I want to post new entry after zohor TETAPI). Anyway, actually I wanted to write moreee but due to rain and I heard petir already, mama mesti suruh tutup laptop pasni. So this is a short post, and don't worry I'll write more after the rain stops or tomorrow. As soon as I can. As soon as I can.

So I found this article from Reader's Digest, October 2011 issue, and this one is about health care. Ehem, honestly I have been really 'into' taking care of health these days, don't know why suddenly boleh dapat awareness ni. If before I'm not soo keen with drinking mineral water as much as I can daily, now I am. If before I never really care about my weight increase, now I do. I've been doing half an hour exercises three times a week ever since I had my semester break. (Tiga kali je seminggu?? Mana cukup babe!) (Ye saya tahulah. Saya akan memperbaiki waktu exercise dgn lebih baik :P ) If last time I don't eat lots of veges, now, almost half of the veges bowl I ate :D hihi, sume complain nape sayur tinggal sket. (Teruk gila, selama ni kau tidak menjalani hidup y sihat babe) (Err yeaaaaaaahhhh. SORT of. Tapi kat campus, exercise je mmg susah nak buat. Bab minum air and sayur tu mmg wajib, so kire ok la kan?? Err KANN?) = =""""

So here some somethin' that I got for yah people. Wanna good health? It's a walk in the park.

"A review of 40 studies over the past four years shows that walking for 30 minutes a day can cut your risk of about 25 different diseases. (Masha Allah. WOWWWEEEE!) The more you walk, the greater the benefits. You can :

>SHED WEIGHT (hihi sape tak nak??) A person weighing 60 kg could burn 150 calories with half an hour brisk walking. (WOWWWWEEEE!)

>HALT BOWL CANCER A new study in the British Journal of Cancer shows that those who exercise regularly are up to third less likely to develop polyps, which can become malignant (cancerous). (WOWWWWEEEE!)

>SLASH YOUR RISK OF HEART DISEASE About 37 % of heart disease deaths are linked to inactivity. (wa na'uzhubillah) Walking decreases the risk. (WOWWWWEEEE!)

>STRENGTHEN BONES Walking helps guard against osteoporosis. All it takes is 180 minutes a week to maintain bone density. (3 hours jee) (WOWWWWEEEE!)

>PROTECT AGAINST COLDS You're less likely to pick up coughs and sneezes if you go for walks regularly because exercise boosts the immune system." (WOWWWWEEEE!)

Insha Allah : ) These are only human studies. Apa2 pun, Dialah yang memberikan kita kesihatan yang sempurna. So guys, do walk A LOT. There loads of other benefits besides these. Insha Allah, with our bodies healthy, we could do what Allah had told us to do more better. So that we could became more efficient in being His caliphs in this world. Of course, besides exercising there are loads more health cares that we should consider. Insha Allah I'll post articles on foods and health. Happy reading :D