Wednesday, October 26, 2011

# 2 My Chatbox and I

Bismilllah. Asslamaualaikum GUESTS <3

Hihi just a short post to give a tribute for you guys who suggested songs for me :D Thanks GUESTS for still wanting to layan me and read my posts ! I hope if not all, but at least one or two posts of mine could benefit you all. Please comment to add more infos or if you guys want to share some interesting and beneficial knowledge also facts to all of us. Reading is always the best way to increase one's knowledge, a saying goes. So it'll be great if all of us could help each other to be a better person ~^_____^~

Btw, hope you guys are in good health and please, do take care of yourselves; your health, your solat, your ma'thurat, your dzikrs, your selawat (at least 10 times in the morning and in the evening), your iman (don't listen to bad songs, don't watch eyes hurting movies - if you know what I mean-, don't browse bad channels or webs, don't curse, don't gossip, don't waste your time, we don't have much time left -  for everything that is important), take care of your hearts, don't let the devils and nafs control your precious hearts, insha Allah banyakkan dzikr, sebab itu sahaja cara utk membersihkan hati yang kotor and so that He will always remember us. Insha Allah, if He remembers us always, He'll take good care of us in the world and akhirah.

Take care : )

Both of the songs are easily moved, but of course in different ways. Thanks guys for suggesting. I really like the song by Opick :D And the song by Dadali, hihi another suggested love song, may I know my dear GUEST, why'd you suggested this song? Any stories that you would like to share with us ? I would like to hear them ehe. Anyway, I've listened to this song too before this, and yes, it's a sad love song, hmm. Anyway, I suggested you guys to listen careful;y the lyrics of Tombo Ati, sangat2 bermakna :D Oh and Beribu Sesalan, thanks to you GUEST, lagu ni first time pernah dgr, and the lyrics are sad, again another suggested love song. Hihi. Tapi best jugak lah.
Btw, one of my dear GUESTS also suggested Smile by Avril, but I don't think I want to post either the music vid or the lyrics here, ada unnecessary words and Avril's clothing tak berapa nak elok dalam video tu. But, I also would like to take back my word, the one I said, 'yeah lagu ni pun best jugak', I meant, best as in music dia, but when I viewed the lyrics, I'm sorry guys, lagu ni just contain many string words! Anyway, I'm open with any of your suggestions :D Aaah suggestion buku ke, web ke etc. Anything great ~

Byebye and take care GUESTS : )

For my GUESTS :D