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Assalamualaikum peeps ! :D yeah I know, you guys must have said "kate nak update everyday.. everyday LA SANGATTTT " seriously, I am so sorry. Seriously, I'm ready to admit that I'm not a True Blogger Dude (TBD) like you Aimisya, and you Syekky, and you Nabil Afham, and you Azim Razak and also you Maria Elena (cehh, bukan kak Maria kenal I pun) anyway, yeah. I'm not like most of you guys who like to update your precious blogs like you guys update your Twitters (aah, Twitter saya pun dah berhabuk setebal 5 inci T___T"" ) haih. But fortunately, now I have ZE MOOD to write and let's hear what this lazy-trying to lose wight freak- eighteen year old-girl is going to say. (in case some of you catch up very slow on this, I'm actually referring to myself)

I don't know why I put the tittle of this post "Aigoo" because I'm actually gonna bring up the current on going quitehot drama series Tahajjud Cinta which airs every Friday, at 9 pm at TV3. Ehh no. Its final episode is actually tonight. Aiyya. So anyway, "Aigoo" is korean word for like "aiyyaaa" or "haihhh" in our bahasa pasar : ) So I'm actually going like "Haihhhhhh" - sighing A LOTTTTT after watching the drama series. Firstly, I'm no professional drama critique - well it means that I'm not a 'legal' drama critic, there're actually jobs for that. Secondly, my further comments might hurt some of TC fans (TC- Tahajjud Cinta) (Ye, saya sesuka hati je bg short form) (your welcome haha) because I think my feedbacks regarding this drama would include lots of critical remarks. 죄송 해요 - it means, I'm sorry in korean. (I'll explain later why I've been soo -almost- into korean langmusicdrama) (just couldn't help it O____o"" ehe-he)

So this drama only have 13 episodes. This clearly explains why they only air once a week. (and it's good also because the more I watch this, the more frustrated I am). It is directed by Eirma Fatima, and she even starred in this drama as the first wive of the U.S (Ustaz Shauqi aka ustaz sesat) who is Eman Manan, and also starring most of our top actors and actresses to include Fouziah Gous, Fazura, Remy Ishak. Ok, maybe I'm being too harsh to regard Eman Manan who played the role as a very pious ustaz as Ustaz Sesat right away without telling you guys why I actually named his role like that but seriously all of you who may be have watched this drama or maybe some haven't, should seriously acknowledge that this drama is ruining Islam being the true religion. There are already many critics about this movie and Eirma have said that audiences should watch the drama till the very end to fully understand what is the messages behind this supposedly religious-genre drama. But from my perception, it is absolutely disturbing when the actors and actresesses debating with each other using verses of the quran and hadeeth (it's absolutely not wrong to do that but of course one side of the party will be the wrong party and if the audience have cetek ilmu agama and clearly the non muslims who might watch this drama would be like "oh beginikah?" and become so confused, this is absolutely tarnishing Islam. People who don't understand Islam should be taught clearly. Disturbing when U.S kept giving absolutely false teachings to his wives and son- an episode where US  also very disturbing when Fouziah who wear fully covered hijab (which is undeniably good) could be touched by Remy in the first two episodes even though he touched her not directly on skin but still, boleh ke main pegang tanpa sebab? molek ke gambaran lelaki yang berjubah and berserban pegang wanita bukan muhrim yang bertudung litup siap berniqab and berjubah? It is also very disturbing when the final episode showed a scene of conducting hudud which is rejam on Foziah and Remy because they were caught being alone together in a house. One clear thing for sure the drama portrayed absolutely FALSE IMAGE OF HUDUD. Senang cerita bila kita kurang bab ilmu agama ni, kena la check dulu tanya ustaz ke apa patut. And I don't pin pointing at this drama per se, I'm also referring to myself. As what I've learned in PSI before, rejam is meant for those who BERZINA and there are absolutely STRICT CONDITIONS before one is subjected under this punishment. There should be 4 witnesses who clearly witness their actions of berzina and their statements must'nt contradict each other's statements. Then there are three conditions of this punishment where by if one is not yet married, he or she shall be caned for (I'm sorry but I actually forgot, pls refer to syariah books available worldwide. Thanks) and if one is married then he or she must be stoned to death. Other condition also I forgot when can this be regarded to, is that after the caning he or she dibuang negeri for a year. So stoning is not subjected for khalwat and this offence has its own punishment. Btw, in the drama, the condition of Fouziah and Remy were actually have been misunderstood and more like as if they were difitnah and they weren't berzina and there weren't any witnesses that could prove that.

At the end of this drama, one could assume that US memang ustaz yang sesat and terpesong but one who doesn't truly understand Islam will never understood why so and so happened i.e the stoning scene, the usage of quranic verses and hadeeth in wrong occasions, etc . At the end of the drama, there was only a hadeeth quoting about the Prophet said that about one of the indications of doomsday. No explanations. Nada. I personally think that the director should insert explanations of the important scenes occured in every last shot of every episode so that the audiences would understand why and clearly explain about the wrong pictures of some of the scenes and then the image of Islam wouldn't be tercalar. It's true that the director's aim is to make an Islamic drama, which is absolutely 10 times better than other non-Islamic malay dramas. But we are betting on our religion. It's absolutely a crucial thing to be precised with when we are putting our religion at stake. They should learn more about Islam and its teachings so that they could make a very good outcomes from it. I'm just saying that we should be more careful when Islam is put as the 'main actor on the red carpet'. With the hot ongoing current issues of our country and hudud, of Islam and other religions, those who opposed hudud will never understand about the valuable Islamic Law and will look at it as vicious acts. Those who opposed Islam will look down on our religion if they know that some of our muslims who only have muslim names and not a true believer, who uses quranic verses and hadeeth as excuses for covering their mistakes.

I'm sorry but these are my personal comments and remarks. You guys are welcome to give feedbacks. I am absolutely (ni dah ke 15 kali kot guna perkataan ni. haha) interested to know about your own personal opinions. I would also like to highlight that my words are not 110 % correct. There may be some errors. So if you see them, please, my honour to have your corrections ^__^"" I just hope that all of the dramas shown should be screened (??) I mean ditapis (filtered??) whatever. But should be make sure that the dramas are giving valuable messages to audiences. Now the latest showing movie is Klip 3GP pebende ntah. Iklan pun macam mintak kasut je director tu. Seriously pissed. Melayu sekarang semakin teruk. Tak malu berlakon scene yang vulgar. Fyi, dalam cerita TS pun ada jugak. Pandai2la korg cari. And nilai sendiri. Why can't we make movies like I Am Sam (starred Sean Pean, Michelle Pfeifer, Dakota Fanning) or The Secret Life of Bees and many more western movies that are meaningful, have loads bunch of messages that could benefit the audiences and also interesting to watch movies like Valkyrie or Forrest Gump and not focusing solely on teens, sex, drugs and rempit? I mean of course they are portraying the devastating actual events occured among our Malaysian teens but statistics show that the movies aren't playing effective roles being one of the solution that could combat the misactions of teens nowadays. Some actually were influenced by the characters played in the movies - bad attitudes, skimpy clothings, smoking, etc.

We should vote for worthy movies. Not to some movies that are responsible for wrecking our teens' lives.

Goodnight peeps. Sweet dreams ; )


  1. eh raiii , yg pasal hudud tu. mmg tak betul lah kan ape ustaz sesat tu buat :)

    kite rse , sbb tu lah isteri2 ustaz yg lain , solah , ysuf , mak seri & citra kata ustaz dh trpesong. sbb dia tak ikut yg sbenar2nye untk mnjalankan hukum hudud.

    Erma fatima mmg saje kut nk buat scene tu yg menampakkan lg ustaz sesat tu mmg sesat ... hihi