Wednesday, October 26, 2011

RYN! You Deserves VIEWERS!

Just a short post to all of my beloved viewers, friends and GUESTS. Please, have a dip in my sister's cool blog : Trust me, you guys could improve your english, and if you viewers happened to still schooling, I guess her posts can also aid you guys to improve your essays, and I'm pretty sure you guys could enjoy yourself reading hers as much as you guys did with mine. (Okayyy, you guys takde cakap pun korg enjoy reading my blog - -"" PERAAHHSANTANN!) hehe = ="

Oh kalau nak cepat lagi view blog dia, go to my 'I SPY THEM', my sister's blog is entittled "IT'S REALITY"


ps. RYN, babe, sorry la, akak kena bagi tau satu dunia. I know you never told me to do this, but it's devastating just by looking at your teeny-miny viewers! Although it is still sucks with the reality that your english is better than mine, and you can 'pull-off' I mean,tell good stories in fun and sassy ways,
I'm still you kakak and RYN,yes, you deserves VIEWERS.
Lots and lots of them : )

Belajar sungguh sungguh! Get excellent results okayh!
Ehem bukan senang akak nak post pasal adik akak neh :P