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Some Explanations to "Aigoo"

Annyeong Hye Syeo :D Assalamualaikum peeps ! I'm posting this entry to clarify some things regarding my current post "Aigoo". I've re-read the post a few times and I noticed some clarifications are needed so that there should be no misunderstandings about what I've written.

Thank you Shekkey for being the first to comment :D Siap dua comments lagi hihi I appreciate that. No, this entry is absolutely not my reply to your comments - mcm melebih la pulak kan nak reply dgn post baru berjela (mcm nak debate jeeh) - Nooo! Definitely not! (Your comments I'll reply later. Got somethin wrong with my acc so x boleh reply dgn baik = ="" ) However, this entry posted to , just like I mentioned above, for more detailed clarifications : )

Ok, here is one of the last passages that I wrote before in "Aigoo" -

"At the end of this drama, one could assume that US memang ustaz yang sesat and terpesong but one who doesn't truly understand Islam will never understood why so and so happened i.e the stoning scene, the usage of quranic verses and hadeeth in wrong occasions, etc . At the end of the drama, there was only a hadeeth quoting about the Prophet said that about one of the indications of doomsday. No explanations. Nada. I personally think that the director should insert explanations of the important scenes occured in every last shot of every episode so that the audiences would understand why and clearly explain about the wrong pictures of some of the scenes and then the image of Islam wouldn't be tercalar. It's true that the director's aim is to make an Islamic drama, which is absolutely 10 times better than other non-Islamic malay dramas. But we are betting on our religion. It's absolutely a crucial thing to be precised with when we are putting our religion at stake. They should learn more about Islam and its teachings so that they could make a very good outcomes from it. I'm just saying that we should be more careful when Islam is put as the 'main actor on the red carpet'. With the hot ongoing current issues of our country and hudud, of Islam and other religions, those who opposed hudud will never understand about the valuable Islamic Law and will look at it as vicious acts. Those who opposed Islam will look down on our religion if they know that some of our muslims who only have muslim names and not a true believer, who uses quranic verses and hadeeth as excuses for covering their mistakes"

Please re-read this passage a few times so that my next clarifications will make you guys more clear. Better if you guys read the whole entry (hihi kalau mahu la). Ok, honestly I felt wrong, because I mentioned at the beginning of the post : "....So this drama only have 13 episodes. This clearly explains why they only air once a week. (and it's good also because the more I watch this, the more frustrated I am). " I'm sorry but I shouldn't have said that. I know it's my opinion of the drama, but the word 'frustrated' is absolutely offensive. I'm truly sorry. Because the way I put it as if the drama is truly terrible, which is not 100 %. Of course there're flaws like what I've mentioned in that post, but there's also its good qualities that one can benefit from.

Next, I would also like to make myself clear that I really thought that the ending baru menunjukkan dgn jelas bahawa Ustaz Shauqi tu sesat. I mean of course to most of the Muslim audiences they would know from the beginning US tu sesat, terpesong. But to non-muslim audiences or muslims who are not well clear of Islam's teachings, they would be very confused. That's why I stated " ..I personally think that the director should insert explanations of the important scenes occured in every last shot of every episode so that the audiences would understand why and clearly explain about the wrong pictures of some of the scenes and then the image of Islam wouldn't be tercalar" . Because I think that by doing that people will be more clear and not confused. But again, it's an opinion. My opinion. You guys deserve to give your opinions as well. In addition to this, if it's really true the drama is portraying clearly that US is terpesong, then during the rejam scene, the wives or Soleh should point out that his action is wrong, because rejam bukan hukuman untuk berkhalwat. But there were no protests, so I assumed that this drama have a bit flaws in the aspect of Islamic Law. And actually banyak lagi la, sebab ada scene berpelukan, although in the drama they're supposedly husband and wive, but in real life they're not right? And dalam scene tu, siap bermain dgn hadis lagi. Sepatutnya jika kita nak menujukkan suasana Islam yang sebenar, walaupun kena memegang watak suami dan isteri, bersentuhan itu tidak wajar. Sebab dlm drama, kita berkomunikasi dgn menggunakan ayat suci Quran and Hadis, sedangkan it's CLEARLY stated in the Quran and hadis that toucing a woman who is not our muhrim is haram and vise versa. Also, showing the aurat to those who are not our muhrim is haram. So, these are some of the weaknesses of the drama. But, the consideration to produce this kind of drama should be supported. Cuma ada yang perlu diperbaiki. Of course, it's hard to obtain perfection.

Maybe you guys might also thought, 'dah kau rasa cerita ni mcm lain sket, x betul, yang kau pergi habiskan sejam kau setiap jumaat malam tu kenapeee?' Haha. Well, unfortunately everytime I go downstairs to watch tv at 9, my sisters and mom already infront there to watch TC. But then, after few episodes watched, and when I finally saw some shortcomings, I decided that I should watch until the end so that I could see how really 'Islamic' is this drama and so that I could make an entry and try to make clarifications on their behalf. (Macam lah kau banyak ilmu?) Oh tidak. Saya ni cetek je sebenarnya ilmu agama saya. Memang x layak sebenarnya untuk memberi nasihat atau membetulkan kesalahan. But, I've encountered a hadeeth of the Prophet (PBUH) , if we have the knowledge, we should spread it. So, whatever that I explained in my previous "Aigoo" post on some hukum2, it's not pandai2jesayabuathukum, the laws are based on what I've learned from what my ustaz and ustazah have taught. So, whatever that I mentioned about hukum2, of course its not an opinion of mine but it's the real deal .  'Aaaaah! Banyak alasan kau!' - Nak buat mcm mana?

Last but not least, I also tibaTIBA je mentioned about Klip 3G at the end of the post. 'Aiyaaa, lu kata kritik TC je, ni tetibe masuk klip tu nape?' Well, because I found it as a good example of movie that xtengokpunxpe. And I also mentioned a list of some good movies that we could benefit from. I know that from the Klip 3GP trailer wants to show that the hi tech smartphones right now should be used wisely and we must be careful. But entahla, memangla pelakon tu 'berlakon' je tetapi.. tetapi.. TETAPI !! I'm tired to explain more. Just that, from my point of view (MY point of view) , tak tgk pun tidak mengapa. Ada banyak lagi cerita berfaedah yang boleh ditonton. But again, it's MY point of view. I'm sure all of you have different point of views concerning this and other related malay movies.

Finally, 'Dah puas bebel dah?' Dah. Hihi. Klah, nak asar dah ni. Hope you guys would become more clear after reading this. And that you guys tak jump to conclusions melulu after reading my "Aigoo' post. Thanks again for taking your time to read my blogggg. merci beacoup <3

ps. I am soooo addicted to Josie kat bawah ni. Stop and Stare dia seemed to be better than One Republic (Ooops! Again, MY view)

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