Thursday, June 24, 2010

Can You Stop Talking Like A S*** Please? Thank You!

When you look at someone's blog, there'll be it. When you look at someone's facebook's status, there will be it. When you hear someone's talking about something to other person, there will be constant it. When you hear songs, there will also be it. When you read someone's article or whatsoever reading material there will also have it or at least a slight it. What do it means? It is for swearing like a s***!

And I am absolutely loathing it.

Come on people, it is as if you can't put away the "How f***ing s*** he can be? Haha, That is such an a**hole" . It is the most absurd-iest, irritatingly, so uncool, so downgrading and so low- way of talking.

Well, I admit that I use "heck" and "bloody" sometimes, but at least it is way better than "WTH" or "WTFH??" And I'm only use them as an expression when I greet my long haven't seen firneds such as : "Hey Babe! Long time no see! HOW THE HECK ARE YOU??" or like "I miss you girl bloody much". I know that is somewhat harsh but I'm trying to reduce it for time to time. Well at least I tried.

How about you? No matter what kind of swearing you said, no matter whether it is in bm or bi, the words are still going to be a loathing thing towards the community, the bright minded community.

Take it as this way. Shouldn't we be thinking of our condition when we are being ask by Allah, how had we been using our mouth to speak in the world before we die? Wouldn't it be humiliating when we answered all those swearing words?? Think again people. Just that, I don't like, I don't respect and I loathe whoever swears. I'm sorry but I think you don't deserve to talk if you swear.

Would You Do Me A Favour?

It's 23rd of June already. And July is coming. And my trial is less than three months. And I'm not well heck prepared yet. And I don't want dissapointment. Also, a regrettion is another thing that I'm afraid of.

Can you do me a favour?

From today onwards (well mostly during weekends during balik bermalam), I only allow myself to online, to online FACEBOOK OR YM OR MYSPACE OR whatsoever for only ONE HOUR for my leisure. So, any of you are allowed to remind me nicely, or shout at me harshly or whatsoever IF you see me online MORE THAN ONE HOUR. YOU CAN SAY TO ME ; "RAI, IT'S OVER LAH. GO BACK AND STUDY BABE" or "RAIHANAAAA! WHY THE HECK ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE? GEESH! SPM IS LIKE FOUR MONTHS AWAY?!" or something like that.

Haha. I know. This is well heck of asking for help. But I really am looking forward for your help. So don't be selfish yeah people? I also want to be as successful as you ;)

I'm Baaaaack! :D

Alhamdulillah, managed to come home safely on Thursday evening, thanks for all the prayers people! ;) Oh btw, I'm sorry for this 'quite' late update, because after I got home I got to do this add maths folio thingy. Oh well. I'm just glad that I can write again~

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Freedom Flotilla

Today is Thursday. It has been the third day since the shocking news of Israel's monstrous acts on the ships of aids for Gaza. Alhamdulillah there were some good news as what had been stated today in NST that I read this morning was 12 Malaysians were saved from the Israel's prison. And if you look at the front page of the paper, there is a bold-capitalized words of "It Was A Pure Hell" - a comment by a Astro Awani reporter, he was also among those who has been held in prison. The two ships - I forgot the names- among others that are trying to help those Palestinians, who fyi, have suffered terribly in 4 years! Four years of disaster mornings, and sleepless nights! I could feel myself burn with anger as I read about how the Israels act towards those people. Now you can see many Pro-Palestinians stand up, and voice out their piece of their mind. They voice out to the US Ambassador in Malaysia, voice out for Israel's violation and abuse of violation, and even to Barrack Obama.

If 12 of our citizens, willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of others, for the sake of our friends in Palestine, why don't we take part on that? The least thing to do is we could boycott Jewish products such as Tesco and Marks & Spencer and be prepared to back up the others who had die for the sake of Islam.

Last fortnight my school had conducted a solat hajat and doa wahdah for the Palestinians and the those who had risk their life for the Palestinians. I could feel the spirit of Jihad among us.