Thursday, June 24, 2010

Would You Do Me A Favour?

It's 23rd of June already. And July is coming. And my trial is less than three months. And I'm not well heck prepared yet. And I don't want dissapointment. Also, a regrettion is another thing that I'm afraid of.

Can you do me a favour?

From today onwards (well mostly during weekends during balik bermalam), I only allow myself to online, to online FACEBOOK OR YM OR MYSPACE OR whatsoever for only ONE HOUR for my leisure. So, any of you are allowed to remind me nicely, or shout at me harshly or whatsoever IF you see me online MORE THAN ONE HOUR. YOU CAN SAY TO ME ; "RAI, IT'S OVER LAH. GO BACK AND STUDY BABE" or "RAIHANAAAA! WHY THE HECK ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE? GEESH! SPM IS LIKE FOUR MONTHS AWAY?!" or something like that.

Haha. I know. This is well heck of asking for help. But I really am looking forward for your help. So don't be selfish yeah people? I also want to be as successful as you ;)

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