Friday, January 29, 2010

Assalamualaikum to my respectful readers.

Dear Mr. Twenty Ten,Peace be upon you! Eheh, I am absolutely looking forward for your arrival at 12. 01 a.m. tomorrow. I understand that we earth people must wait for only about 4 hours and ten minutes from now and we could wait, don't worry! Just that, I hope that your arrival in our lives will make us even more grateful to Allah, our creator for giving us the opportunity to eventually meeting you tomorrow. You see, tomorrow will be a whole new year for all of us. Some actually have got a whole new changes in their lives like have made their 'azam' or resolutions. And like some other people I've got mine too ... Before that I would want to share with you that I'm a SPM Candidate 2010. Yeahh, I've got to like be focus, hocus focus, throughout the year! I just want to give my parents the gift of straight a's + (thanks to muhyiddin). I know, I just need to study study study more to achieve those a's. Huh! My parents really put high expectations in me, and I should, at least make them feel vey well proud of their own daughter, of their eldest daughter. And I should show good examples to my sisters too. and not to mention my lil annoying brother :P Okay, maybe I'm sounding a bit formal here but we are talking about going to create a new resolution right?? Okay, here goes my RESOLUTION TWENTY TEN :DD

1) I am going to be a daughter who made their parents happy. This could also mean that I shouldn't complain if I have got to bathe my 8 year old soon-to-be nine year old brother or arguing with my sisters of who's turn of bathing Razeen (my brother), or getting ready his meals, or helping him cleaning himself after he used the toilet (yeahh, tell me about it :P). This also mean that I must increase my grades and scores (even tho this will be getting tougher than you think bcz nxt year I'll be in the most competitive class, GREAT!!).

2)I am going to be a sister who actually act like a sister. Ehem. It's not like I've never acted like one. But I'm those kinds who like to yell when things does not in it's appropriate or rightful place. For example, I couldn't stand when my sisters let Razeen, shouting asking for people to clean him after he's done with his 'toilet business' and they would call me to go and clean him up. I will also yell when my sisters or brother yell at me back. But, this will not happened anymore. I should not yell, because my dad cannot stand yelling. Besides, my mom would be grateful because she kept saying that I shouldn't "berkira" with my sisters and brother, because I'm an older sister. Haihh!!

3) I am going to be a more observant, diligent, and a student with higher goal. I'm inspired with these ppl, take notes readers! I present you; Baba [ a 44 year old man also known as my Baba. He's an architect, a very hardworking man. I adore him. He got schollarships to study overbroad, to Florida, Miami. He said to me that if you want to study to England, then you should be studying hard to get those schollarhips], Mama [ a 44 year old woman (who does not look like a 44 year old, mama likes to be consider herself as forever 21, haha), also known as my dearest Mama. She's a senior manager in TNB Jalan Timur, a also very hardworking hot momma. and I adore her as well. She got to study overbroad too, in Athens, Ohio. She never scolds me if I get the not so good grades, but all that she can say is that " study hard ye kakak. make sure you get higher marks next time"], Rayyan Nabeelah [ also known as Rayyan or Rayyan (my sister actually), a fourteen year old, soon to be fifteen next year (yepp, a pmr candidate 2010), I know you must be wondering why she's my inspiration. Well, I'm very darn proud of her ya know. She's one amazing girl. She got number 1 since kindergarten (while I'm always top 5 or 6), alhamdulillah yess, she's gifted. My parents are very proud of her as well. well, with all of us actually. Anyway, she always got the Student Awards from school and the Principal actually once given her a personal remarks to her ( a very darn proud one) and also my grammar corrector (pfft!), and seriously sis, even tho we like to shout at each other (which is also like our hobby) but I will always love you, so get those grubby 9 a's!!], Raihan [also known as Raihan or Baby (dnt tell her that, HAHA, ppl actually calls her that before Razeen coming along!), my sister who is actually can be annoying sometimes, but she is one helpful sister (she helps my mom to find her lost things quite a lot! oh yeahh, she can actually find lost stuffs in our house!), an immitator (she likes to immitate cartoons, an sometimes when my parents talk funny she would like to immitate that!) a real joker, and it's not a bad thing sis!, and she inspired me is because that she also managed to control her sense of humor during exam months. Yepp, she is also a number 1 kid in class, or at least straight a's student. Even tho I always be mad at you for being so annoying (and i mean, annoying), I still love you sis, so stay... as you be (tho, I really hope that you'd be more...mature, okay)], Razeen [ my typical 8 years old lil annoying yet irritating brother. He inspired me by his cuddly attitudes. Yess baby, keep hugging and smother me with your kisses,ehe], and then these ppl, who got me inspired by their tremendously hard working attitudes, excellent in studies and school, and not to mention wonderful characteristics, meet ; Sarah Naima Ibrahim, Nurul Husna Yusof, Nur Anis Azmi, Muhd. Zaid Jamaluddin, Muhd. Rizwan Saiful Raslin, Azri Azmi, Aliyyah Khuzaini, Atiqah Khuzaini, Nadiatul 'Afifah Ismadi, Ahmad Khalis Khuzaini, and Luqman Bazlan. and all of you my buddies out there with a highlight for Nur Aisyah Abd. Rahman, Aqilah Kamarulzaman, Nur Alia Niza, Teratai Nadia Mohd. Zamri, Nur Hanani Damiri, Fatin Naqiya, Aisyah Nordin and Mohd. Hanif Zonkifle.

4) I am going to be a better muslimah. This means that read more Al - Quran than reading novels, Pray Solat Sunat frequently than doing other stuff which is unimportant, and be a better muslim. I'm going to turn 17 in sya Allah, by Jan 24th. My God, I've lived for almost seventeen years! I don't even know when am I going to die. So I should at least be a great muslim, bcz I dn't want regrets. I don't want regrets. I don't want regrets.

5) I'm going to be more alert with the upcomings or outgoings around me. I should be. My dad says that I'm lack of knowledge when it comes to general news. He said I shouldn't spent my time infront of the pc to play (that's what he thinks, well, actually I was commenting ppl, or viewing ppl's blogs or profile or okay. Not care enough to type and view, sorry dad!). He also said that I should know something which actually related to us, like some president's just died or sick or some countries just invaded other countries. Well, something like that.

So, all in all I should not be oblivious to my surroundings but be more alert or observant .So, what do you think Mr. T?? I guess, it's all for now. I mean, if I have more resolutions, I would always going to inform you. Besides, you are going to be my partner all year long right?hehe. Just that since I write to you abt this, I would like you to do me a favour. Well, more likely a shoutout to all of the people in the world, who happened to know a typical 5 feet 7 inches tall malaysian girl, Raihana Nadhira Rafidi. Okayh, here goes my shoutout. Don't worry, I'll write it with bold colours so that you could put away those Ray Ban glasses of yours. Ehem, I would like to apologize to all of you wonderful, remarkable peeps out there, to Mama and Baba, thank you for everything, I'm sorry for all my wrong doings to you Ma, Ba, I love you and in sya Allah, I will study hard to achieve my dream, my goals, thank you, to my remarkable, unimaginable, annoying & irritating yet warm and supportive siblings, thanks guys, for being my sisters and brother, I love you guys, thank you to my dearest teachers of SRIP, Setiabudi, Sri Aman and SMKAKL, thank you loadsss for giving the rightful knowledge to a once unintelligent girl, to my girlfriends and guyfriends, thank you for being the most wonderful friends I've ever known, I miss you guys and I hope we could meet each other soon(but make sure before kawen aa, we should at least make a reunion or something, so don't give tht crap of meeting during kenduri kawen, promise me, will youu??haha), and to all of you ppl out there who maybe, accidentally knew me in myspace. Thank you guys, and mintak maaf fr anything, and please do halalkan makan minum that you stuffed me, and halalkan the debts if I owe you guys (but you can just walk straight to me and say that, "Rai, u hutang I," I can still accept that.

Sorry for the long favour Mr. T, I hope you don't mind. Oh well, I gtg now. Hope that you will look handsome tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and like the whole year. Ahh, time passed by too quickly, I've got to make Razeen's milk! Oh well, please reply soon! 'Till then, Mr. T~

With Love,
Raihana Nadhira Rafidi. xxx

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