Friday, January 29, 2010

A Cinderella Story (2008)

CINDERELLA. She's a dreamer.
My story begins with my character as Cinderella, a typical fair lady who lives with a wonderful aunt that provides the family with full of TLC- tender,loving ,care, and a very very close friend that could not be compare with, Giselle. One day, Cinderella met a very handsome looking young man, riding his rich golden-brown horse with his group of his own kind- vicomte de chagney, and notice that the man wasn't just any ordinary man, he is the son of a ruler of all kingdom, rich with many lands and horses. He has a lovely, strong and distinctive looking face, the owner of a very brawny sculpter-build figure, he is a prince. I don't know why I just observe his existence 'till that day one of his royal associates stuttered playfully which to me, foolishly- "Hey, his name is Edward!" to me and my friend, Giselle, to which of course we know him, he is the son of the royal highness, or maybe just me, knowing him, since Giselle is still new in this place. But, I didn't know at that time that the words were the exact explanation for my anxiety on the answer – who's his lucky maiden? I had fall in love with him on that day. And of course, the feelings grow fonder and fonder. I was too stubborn to find out, feeling so proud and dreamily dreaming that he is into me. However, his mind wasn't into me, clearly I'm out of question. I wasn't the lucky maiden. It felts like a papercut on my heart, it hurts badly, leaving it throbbing in pain after acknowledge that Prince Edward is in love with Giselle, my close friend, instead of me. Why would he fall for me? I'd ask myself in front of the mirror with my cheeks wet. Because I'd thought so! His smiles, his replies towards my letters, his advices on my major educational test, the words he used in the letters he'd replied, I thought he care about me, I thought I'm his lucky maiden, that could take care of his heart, I thought I could be his One. However, his heart, he let it be taken care by Giselle. Truly I'd been envious with her, they write letters to each other behind people's acknowledgement, Prince Edward's associates have told me for the hundreths of time he fonds Giselle, he likes her, so much. The feedbacks were too much for me to handle and I'd thought to start over, my love life I mean. I know no gents could compare with him, no, not his power and wealthiness, but his beautiful soul inside him. I know that I would miss him, badly. But, I couldn't possibly compare with my close friend, she isn't any ordinary woman I can say. She has her own kind of things, beautiful things. His last word about the truth of this drama has come to an end, I felt a knife stabbing my heart, when he confessed he loves Giselle. I asked him of course and after a few hesitation, the words spluttered out from his lips. I 'd truly wish I shouldn't have asked that question. I was being so foolishly anxious. Even though I still love him right now but my love story has put to an end. Cinderella let go of Prince Charming, Prince Edward to her beloved friend, Giselle. And they live happily ever after. THE END.

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